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From: "Charlene" <>
Subject: RE: [PAUNION] Micheal/Cornelius
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 09:17:49 -0500
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Redemptioner is a new term for me. Can you give me a little history lesson?

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From: Marguerite Crist Calvin [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 8:50 AM
Subject: [PAUNION] Micheal/Cornelius

For years I have been searching for anything about Corrinius MICHAEL,
who came to America in early 1700's with 2 daughters. History says
they were in Lancaster co, PA. Terence Quin saw the daughter Mary who
was a redemptioner, and bought her contract and married her. They
lived in Northumberland/Union co area. Since I can find nothing about
a Corrinius, I have wondered if his name was Cornelius, and NOW I
wonder if it could have been Michael Cornelius instead of Corrinius

Does anyone have anything that would help solve this puzzle? I so far
haven't located any records on redemptioners,. nor n the girls. I did
locate information which indicates the younger sister married a

This is a very solid brick wall. Thanks for any help, suggestions or
theories!!! Margaret Calvin in Ohio

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