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Subject: Braden Research-This Might Help!
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 16:24:14 -0500

I did some CANNON-BRADEN research for someone in Michigan last year.
This is the Braden info that I sent. These folks all lived around
Bradenville and Mechesneytown, which as mentioned by someone earlier are
located between Latrobe and Derry, PA.
This first section of info is from "History of Derry Township",
published 1952. It was from an account recorded by E. J. Braden:

4 Braden bothers came from County Derry, Ireland around 1790 (John,
James, William, and Edward). They owned about 1000 acres between them.

John Braden, Sr. (probably one of the above brothers) bought land in
1798 from Jacob Dawson (who was a brother-in-law to one of my husband's
ancestors). John Sr. then bought land from Peter Knight in 1807.

Bradenville, (formally St. Clair City) was sold in lots starting in
1850. William Braden (Jr.?) built and kept the first store. He was
also appointed the first postmaster (hence the name Bradenville), ans
was appointed the first ticket and freight agent rom the railroad
station by Isaac Pershing who was either the grandfather or ggrandfather
of General John J. Pershing. John Braden (Jr.?) wa the first cabinet
maker and undertaker.

It is mentioned that Nataniel Braden and James Braden were in the Civil

The rest of this info is from my own research, consisting of census
records, wills, marriage-birth-death indicies, etc.

1800 US Census, Derry Twp., Westmoreland County, PA:
Listed are Braden, Edward
Braden, John
Braden, William

1810 US Census, Derry Twp., Westmoreland County, PA:
Listed areBraden, Edward....1 male (1-10), 3 males (10-16),
1 male (>45), 2 females (16-26),
1 female (>45)
Braden, John......4 males (1-10), 1 male (>45),
1 female (10-16), 1 female (26-45)
Braden, William...1 male (1-10), 1 male (26-45),
1 female (16-26)

Marriage: William CANNON married Jane BRADON, daughter of John, on
December 20, 1820.

Will of John BRADEN, Sr., vol 2, page 087
(year listed in dedex was 1818, but 1823 was written in the will)

Two eldest sons.........Willian BRADEN
Daughter................Jane BRADEN
Four younger daughters..Margaret BRADEN
Isabella BRADEN
Witnesses were William D. BRADEN and Edward BRADEN,
January 28, 1823.

Marriage: Isabelle BRADEN married HILL(?), song of John on
October, ?, 1824, in Derry Township.

Death: William D. BRADEN of Derry Township dies Thursday, age 29
(Dated of paper was December 22, 1825)

Will of William BRADEN, vol 2, page 134

Daughter................Polly BRADEN (aka Mary?)
Youngest................Rosanna BRADEN

(Probabaly drawn up on August 11, 1825 (date given in will), and
executed August 30, 1825 (other date in will).

Marriage: Edward BRADEN of Derry Township and Lydia HURST of Unity
were married on Wednesday, April 19, 1826 by Rev. Patterson.

Marriage: Andrew SHOLL and Joanna BRADEN, both of Derry Township were
married Thursday, November 11, 1832 by John Gibson.

Death: William BRADEN, son of James, married to Elizabeth WYLANDS,
of Derry Township, died November 14, 1833.

Death: Martha BRADEN, widow of William Sr. died in Derry Township on
January 21, 1834 at age 48.

Death: Lydia BRADEN, consort of Edward, Mount Pleasant, PA died
September 8, 1835 at age 34.

Marriage: Jacob STRICKLER married to Margaret BRADEN, both of Derry
Township, on Thursday, February 8, 1838 by John Gibson.

Death: William BRADEN, native of PA, emigrated from Westmoreland
in 1814, settling in Warren County, died December 15, 1845 at
home near Lebanon, Warren County, age 59 years. Was orphaned
when a child.

Marriage: John M. BRADEN married Anna M. PERSHING, second child of Isaac
PERSHING in 1847.

1850 US Census, Derry Twp., Westmoreland County, PA:

Listed are :Braden, David26b:PA1824
Jacob 31847
Lydia 11849
William Shaw 41846

Braden, Elizabeth561794
Absolom Shaw171833

Braden, John (a farmer)431807
Elizabeth 71843
Margaret 51845
David 21848
Joseph 11849

Braden, John (a farmer)401810
Isabella CANNON 211829
Nancy (Cannon?)201830David (Cannon?)121838

Braden, William391811
Mary 71843
Sarah 31847
Martha 31847
William 11849
Susanna HARMAN171833

Will of David BRADEN, vol 6, page 396, executed 1879:

Wife....................Eliza Ann
Sons....................Harrison BRADEN
George Lincoln BRADEN
William BRADEN
Daughter................Polly BRADEN (aka Mary?)
Youngest................Ann BRADEN
Grandson................David (Harrison's son) BRADEN
Granddaughter...........Merte Eliza (Harrison's Daughter) BRADEN

From another researcher, I have:
David BRADEN b: 3-17-1821
Married on 1-7-1847, Eliza Ann OFFNER, b: 4-18-1823.

1880 US Census, Derry Twp., Westmoreland County, PA:

Listed are :Braden, Edward (carpenter)25
Nancy M.25 Wife
John B. 2Son

Braden, Eliza A. (keeps house)55
William D.22Son
George L.18Son
(George died 1-15-1890)

Braden, Eliza (keeps house)49
Charles H.10Son
George K. 4Son

Braden, Harrison (dry goods merchant) 32
Myrtle E. 3Daughter
David L. 1 Son
(Martha's maiden name :TRAUGER, her father
was George TRAUGER of Mt. Pleasant)

Braden, John M. (carpenter)56 (Father b:Ireland)

This small tree was given to my by another researcher:

Father: James BRADEN had 2 sons: David Braden and George Lincoln BRADEN

David married Eliza OFFNER and they had 2 sons: William D. BRADEN
Harrison BRADEN
and a daughter: Anna H. BRADEN

William D. married Hulda L. BURD
Harrison married Martha TRAUGER
Anna married J.K. ELLWOOD

William D. and Hulda had 3 daughters: Delia E. BRADEN
Ann Eliza BRADEN
and a son: Dayton Earl BRADEN

Well that's IT! :)

I know this doesn't exactly answer the original post, but maybe will
shed some light somewhere on the origins of the David Braden in
question. My guess is he would either be a brother, cousin, etc of the 4
Braden brothers of Derry Township. He certainly is about the same age.


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