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How wonderful! I hope we can get a computer to put information like this
into a database, but have to wait until the building is ready before taking
that step.
I have been collecting birth/birthday announcements from the Latrobe Bulletin
for them. My main project however has been the census of all headstones in ALL
cemeteries in the township. Two are up on our website and I am getting ready
to upload the third. >>
Coles and Pershing Cemeteries, too? YAY. I have copies of Clausson's books
of cemeteries, but not the actual headstone inscriptions other than for the 7
earliest cemeteries.

I didn't know you were part of the society. That's great. My MOOREs are from
there. Johannes Conrad MOHR settled in Derry Twp. 1838 and promptly built a
cooper shop where he trained his younger sons to be coopers. His older sons
had already left for IL where they set up their own cooper shops and one
became very wealthy with it. That's Daniel Moore.
Johannes Conrad MOHR/John C. Moore on the 1850 census, was in the War of 1812.
I plan on sending what I have of his records, too. Not too much, but he did
leave a hand written letter telling of his injury--torn in half, durn it, but
thing to have.
The index is finally completed and proofed, but needs to be "cleaned" of
typos. 32 pages. Yikes. All single columned, tho, because my index program
was too complicated for that large a file. I'll have something better when I
start the Derry Twp. history book. (It hasn't been indexed yet, has it?)

My MOOREs are:
Magdalena "Margaret A." Moore married James B. BROWN and stayed in Latrobe.
Benjamin More [sic] married Catherine S. ALBERT and died in Pittsburgh.
Sarah Ann Moore married Peter BECK and moved to Hickman, NE.
William A. Moore married Charlotte STAPLES in Tazwell Co., IL.
Mary Ann Moore married Unknown MYERS.
Johans More [sic]died young in Lebanon Co., PA.
Samuel Moore married Anna B. MARTIN and stayed in Latrobe.
Johanns Conrad Moore, Jr. married Mary Busse HILL and stayed on Chestnut
Daniel Moore married Ruth Elizabeth CULVER in Decatur, Macon Co., IL.
Cornelius Moore, the first to be born in Derry Twp., married Mary Agnes
and moved after the CW to Fayette Co., IA.
George Moore married 1) Martha MARTIN, divorced; 2) in Clinton, DeWitte Co.,
Susan WARR/HARR of Derry Twp.; 3) Carrie Virginia BLACKMER. Died in
Clinton where mama, widow of Johannes Conrad Mohr, Susannah NAGEL,
also died and is buried.
Alexander Moore married Emma Harriet BARNHART (Westmoreland Co. Barnharts)
in Prairie du Chien, WI. Died in McGregor, IA.
James B. Moore married 1) Celesta MARTIN; 2) Martha MARTIN MOORE, 3) Sarah
Agnes MILLER, 4) Elizabaeth Salone TOMS/THOMS/TOMBS/DUMS.
Joseph Moore, unknown. Born 1846, named in 1865 estate papers for Johannes,
disappeared from family history.

I went by the 72-year Privacy Act so anyone alive and under 72 will not find
themselves in this book.

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