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From: Florence Cannariato <>
Subject: Re: [PAWESTMO-L] New to list and at a road block
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 15:49:38 -0800
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donna payne wrote:

> Hi.
> My name is Donna.
> Ive been only at this for a year.
> I have made alot of porgress expcept for one area.
> I cant get past my ggggrandfather. I have no dates or a first name for his
> parents. I know his dad was born in england and his mom pa
> I did recently learn that the county my grandfather was born in Washington
> county Pa, came out of westmoreland in 1781. My grandfather was born in
> 1819. Im wondering if possible that my family might of orginally been in
> westmoreland before washington county was formed.
> Im trying to find info on HEY.
> Does anyone have acess to census and would be kind enough to search for the
> surnmae in westmoreland for me.

Donna: Don't forget to try other spellings such as Hay, Hays, Hayes, Hoy.
Lots of people were pretty creative spellers in those days. Florence

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