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In my Westmoreland county book there is a mention of Capt David Kilgore.

Early Settlers of Mt Pleasant Township

Capt. David Kilgore emigrated from Cumberland County before the Revolution.
He had been married in Cumberland to Miss Sarah Mickey. Her services are
to be traced up in the history of the Eighth Pennsylvania Regiment, of
which he was a captain. His descendants were (1) James, who moved to Ohio;
(2) Daniel, married to a daughter of Joshua Reynolds, and sister of the old
Capt. Reynolds settled on a part of the old farm, where he died at a great
age. He left a large family. (3) William; moved to Ohio (4) Ezekial, moved
to Kentucky (5) John, married a daughter of Alexander Hunter, Mout Pleasant
township; died, leaving four sons and one daughter. (6) David, moved to
Ohio, and there died (7) Jessee, married several times, resided on the old
place, died at the age of sixty-eight; (8) Elizabeth, married to James
Gaff, moved to Ohio; (9) Jane, married to John Edgar, moved to Ohio (10)
Sarah, married to Gresham Hull, She and Ezekiel were twins.

Hope this helps

Renee Kerr

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> Subject: [PAWESTMO-L] New member checking in KILGORE Westmoreland
> To introduce myself, I have been working on the Three Brothers Kilgore
who settled in Cumberland CountyPA in 1734: James, Charles, and Samuel.
> James had a son Col David Kilgore who came to Westmoreland County around
1769, bought land in Sewickley Manor at the headwaters of Sewickley Creek.
He was married to Sarah Mickey of Cumberland County in Cumberland Co PA
> They had the following children: Daniel Kilgore who m. Rachel Reynolds,
Jesse Kilgore who m 1.Hall 2.White and 3. Jane Baxter Hull, John Kilgore
who m. Nancy Hunter, David Kilgore who m. Hanna McBriar, Ezekiel Kilgore,
spouse unknown, his twin Sarah Kilgore who m. Gershom Hull, William
Kilgore, spouse unknown, James Kilgore, spouse unknown, Betsy Kilgore m.
James Gaff, Jenny Kilgore m. Edgar, and Martha.
> David Kilgore raised a Company of 58 men in Westmoreland Co in 1776 "for
the defense of the western frontier." The Company became part of the 8th
PA. in January of 1777. David Kilgore also served as a Ranger and a member
of the militia. He attained the rank of Colonel. His name is associated
with the Hannastown Resolution and also the siege of Hannastown
> David Kilgore resided in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County until his
death in 1814. He and many members of his family are buried at Mt.
> I would be pleased to exchange information with anyone who is also
interested in David Kilgore. Paula Thayer and I corresponded a while back
on this subject, but I have lost track of her. If anyone knows her email
address, I would be happy to receive that information.
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