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From: "Paul" <>
Subject: [PAWESTMO] Moorhead Family of Westmoreland County/Michael, William
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 15:51:00 -0400

I have concerns about some online genealogies I have found for the Moorhead
family of Washington Twp (also other Twps?). Some of them are in the Poke
Run Cemetery. The submitters claim that their ancestors were from Franklin
County, and indeed there is a Michael Moorhead b. perhaps 1730s in Ireland,
living there. The online sources connect that Michael with the Michael and
William in Westmoreland Co, but I cannot find the connection, in fact, the
connection appears either incorrect or very weak, to me. Michael b. 1730s,
and his wife, are buried in the Falling Springs Presby Church Cemetery in
Chambersburg. HOWEVER, also buried with them is their son William, born
1769 according to that church's burial records which I obtained.

Unfortunately for accuracy, the William found in W'moreland Co is also
claimed to be born 1769, and it appears that the W'moreland researchers are
ignoring the apparent fact that William, the son Michael in Franklin County,
lived and is buried there, NOT in W'moreland at Poke Run. Cannot be two
Williams, born 1769, in two parts of PA, both sons of the same Michael the
immigrant. What gives?

My prime question. What is it that links the W'moreland Moorheads to the
Franklin County Moorheads headed by Michael. There were lots of other
Moorheads in central PA in the earlier 1700s. Why attach our county's
William to a Michael in another county that appears incorrect. What am I

I do not know which online genealogical family tree is the first one that
placed this connection, because it appears that most of the other ones are
just "me too's", that is, just blindly accepting what the first genealogist

Bottom line, I hope someone can clarify all this for me, because it appears
that I am descended in some fashion from the W'moreland Moorheads
(evidently thru a connection in nearby Butler County).


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