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Subject: [PAWESTMO] Greensburg resources for Westmoreland County
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 12:07:08 -0400
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I will be going out to Greensburg sometime in next couple weeks, would be
glad to do a reasonable number of index lookups, but since time limited,
could only use their index. I will not have time to look at their
microfilms. I am not sure just what time frame the index includes, but
certainly 1840 since I found what I was looking for.

I have been using the Historical Society library quite often in past several
months, and joined their Society. One could write or call them (Google for
address) and see what they might be willing to do. Imagine it depends on
number of volunteers they can get. I think they are on West Pitsburgh
Street?? They are right across street from courthouse annex.

I would also recommend the courthouse, if you live close enuf to get there.
Other than having to go thru those machines at the doors, the experience has
been positive. And, there is a great hot dog shop across the street for
lunch. They have excellent early files of all sorts of court documents. I
went to the Prothonotary last week, and found two court cases involving the
farm property my ancestors owned for generations, really gave me a sense
that they lived in the real world. Both cases were ridiculous, but happened
nevertheless. In one, it looked like someone tried to steal their property
ownership by using the Sheriff Department as a go between. Sort of sounded
like someone was trying to "sell the Brooklyn Bridge", as the saying goes,
but in the 1860s. I feel these "real-life" situations make your ancestry
much more than just a list of names and dates and locations. All your
ancestors were real, live, people, with real, live, feelings, not just data
in a FTM file.

By the way, if anyone out there can afford it, the County Records Management
Department could use a sizable grant of money to microfilm more of their
records. They have to give me the originals of early tax records, which are
in horrible shape but still quite readable. They need saved!!! They will
not be readable in a few more years.


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> If fact, someone there has
> indexed obits , marriages, etc., from early newspapers, and I found the
> 1840
> obit of my George Francis Johnston of Allegheny Township. They then put
> the
> microfilm in their reader and made me a copy. This way, using their
> index,
> shortcuts the guesswork particularly for the earlier years.
> Do you know if this is available for those of us who live out of state.
> Is
> there anyone there willing to do look ups?
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