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From: "McCreary, Barbara" <mccreary#m#>
Subject: John C. Payne
Date: 18 Mar 1997 06:49:35 U

Dear Robin,
I am not sure you got this, so I am sending it again on both your line and the
discussion list.

You wrote:

Dear Payne researchers:

I am searching for more complete information on John C. Payne. He was born ca
1795 in Middlesex or Rappahanock County. He married a Jane or Susan Jane Walls
of Pamunkey descent; a granddaughter of Powhatan. If anyone has more complete
information on his forefathers, I'd sure appreciate the enlightenment. Thanks.

Robin Yakhour ()

You belong to my family! John C. Payne was the brother of my gg grandfather
Thomas Payne. I have quite a bit and would love to share with you. I have the
names of all of John C.'s children, plus his lineage all the way back to Ralph
Payne of Rappahanock Co., Virginia before 1650.

In searching my own Indian heritage (on both my Payne and Monday sides), I ran
across a couple of John C.'s children's applications for benefits as a result
of a law suit filed by the Cherokee Nation against the Federal Government in
1906. They claim their Indian blood through Jane Walls. Susan Jane (Jincy)
Walls was the daughter of Henry Walls and Suse (Susan), the daughter of

Both John C. Payne b. 1795 and Thomas Payne b. 1792 were born in Franklin
County, Georgia. Also, their two younger proven brothers Greenberry and
Benjamin were born there. I do have legal transactions which prove that the
four were brothers and the children of John and Nancy Payne of Franklin County,

I also have the names and addresses of a couple other John C. Payne descendants
who are currently working on him.

I have so much, but would like to know if I am getting through to you before I
start sending it. The enclosure shows the lineage all the way back to Ralph.

Please let me hear from you soon!

Barb McCreary

<<<<<< Attached TEXT file named "Ralphdwn" follows >>>>>>
Ralph Payne
Old RappahannoK Co. VA before 1650
Thomas Payne (I)
b. after 1660, Old Rappahannok Co., VA d. 1698, Middlesex Co., VA
m.#1 Mary Montague in 1682
m.#2 Elizabeth Elliot
Issue: 1) Francis Payne
2) John Elliot Payne
3) Thomas Payne (2) b. before1686 in Middlesex Co., VA d.
Essex Co., VA 1761
m. #1 Catharine Lydford (b. 1691) in 1715
m. #2 Jane Bush
Issue: 1) Philliman Payne
2) Reubin Payne
3) John Payne
4) William Payne
5) Lettice Payne
6) Francis Payne
7) Catherine Payne
8) Mary Payne
9) Thomas Payne (3)
b. 1721 in Middlesex Co., VA d. after 1811 in
Franklin Co., Georgia
m#1 unknown (possibly older sister of wife #2)
Issue: 1) John "Red Bank" Payne b.1754
2) William Payne b. 1755-1758
3) Nancy Payne b. 1752-1758 d. 1821
m. John Payne (her first cousin)
was son of one of Thomas III's
Proven Issue:1) Thomas Payne (4)
2) John Carroll
3) Bendict

4) Greenberry
m#2 Yanaka (Anica) Ayers
Issue: 4) Thomas Payne Jr. 1761
5) Nathaniel Payne b. ca 1762
6) Moses Payne b. ca 1764
7) Champness Payne b. ca 1768
8) Shrewsberry Payne b. ca 1769
9) Poyndexter Payne b. ca 1770
10) Ruth Payne b. ca 1773
11) Zebediah Payne b. ca 1782
12) Cleveland Payne b. ca 1783

I have assigned numbers to the Thomas' in order to keep track them. They do not
necessarily indicate linear descent from one Thomas directly to the next, i.e
Thomas (3) and Thomas (4) were grandfather and grandson rather than father and

Thomas Payne (4) was born in Franklin Co., GA ca 1792 then moved to #1
Habersham Co., GA by 1830, to Monroe Co., TN before 1840, to Cherokee County, NC
after 1840, to Van Buren Co, TN in 1850 thorugh 1860, then died in Ballard Co.,
KY in 1867. Brother John C. Payne moved along with him, but returned to Monroe
Co., TN after 1850 and died there. Benedict and Greenberry stayed in Georgia.

Thomas (4) married #1 Elizabeth Dobbs in Franklin Co., GA in 1812 and #2
Elizabeth Cavett in Madisonville, Monroe County, TN between 1827 and 1832.
Thomas IV's children
Those born in Franklin County, GA:
1)Martha Payne b. ca. 1813 m. Elisha Meeks in Monroe County, TN
2)Arminda Payne b. Oct. 1815 m. James Loudermilk in Monroe County, TN
3)Greenberry (Green B.) Payne 1817 m. Louisa Brannon in Monroe Co., TN
4)Unknown female b. 1821-1823 (may have been named Josephine)

Those born in Habersham County, GA:
5)Elizabeth Jenetta Payne b. ca 1825 m. Wilkinson Cain. Known by her middle
name - Janetta.
6)Nancie C. (Cleveland?) b. ca 1826 m. Solloman A. Perry

Those born in Monroe County, TN:
7)William Riley Payne b. ca 1834 m. #1 Margaret Adaline Monday & #2 Nancy
Evaline Monday d. in Jack Co., TX in 1892 - buried in Bridgeport, Wise County,
TX. Both wives were the daughters of James Monday Sr. of Cherokee County, NC.
8)James Whitaker Payne b. ca 1837 m. Louisa (?)
9)Victoria Payne 1839 m. J.M. Summerville in Van Buren Co., TN

Those born in Cherokee County, NC
10)Elizabeth Payne b. ca 1840 m. Archibold Nunly in Van Buren Co., TN
11)Alexander Payne 1845
12)Jefferson Payne 1849

Those born in Van Buren Co., TN:
13)Jasper N. Payne b. ca 1851
14) George Washington Payne b. Feb 1855 m. Belle (?) in Ballard Co., KY
15) Benjamin Franklin Payne b. ca 1857 d. prior to 1870
16) Mary Emma Payne b. ca 1860 m. Joseph Parsons in Ballard Co., KY

John Carroll Payne 1795 m. Jane Walls
1)Polly Ann (Pop) Payne 1814 m. Isaac Tate
2)Charlotta Payne 1815 m. Simon Newman
3)John F. Payne 1817 d. 1863 (Civil War) m. Mary Ann Hammontree
4)George Washington Payne b. 1819 m. Nancy Hooper
5)Malissa S.C. Payne b. ca 1821 m. Jacob Doyle
6)Susanna Payne 1823 m. Goldman Bryson
7)Nancy J. Payne 1824 m. William Malone
8)Preston Payne b. Ca 1833 d. 1863 (Civil War) m. Margaret Bowden
9)Benjamin Franklin Payne 1833 m. #1 Jane Bryson #2 Jane Kilpatrich
10)Julia A. 1842 m. John Douglas

The descendants of Thomas (2) ended up in NC, SC, TN and KY that we know of.
The names George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas, John, Benedict,
Reubin,Greenberry (Green B.), James, Francis Marion, Elizabeth, Rhoda, Nancy and
Arminda were very common in our line. They were not real original with names;
instead they named their children after their parents and siblings and generals
that they fought under during wars.

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