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From: "David Payne" <>
Subject: Paynes of Franklin Co. GA
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 20:53:04 PST

Hi David and Naomia,
Barb said you might could help with this because of the name Polly
Thanks, David

I wander if anyone can help with the fathers of these Paynes? I am
almost sure of these.

....3 THOMAS PAYNE, Jr.b: April 06, 1812 Franklin Co Georgiad:
September 03, 1861age at d: 49f: Res. Franklin CO GAf: Married Mary
Adcock in Franklin Co GAf: Married Mary Ann Canady secondFact
5: 1861 Will makes Nacy M. PAYNE, wife Mary PAYNE his executors
........+MARY Adcockb: June 25, 1814 North Carolinam: December 18,
1831d: June 28, 1851age at d: 37Father:Mother:

....*2nd Wife of THOMAS PAYNE, Jr.:
........+Mary Ann (POLLY) Canadyb: 1830-1838 GAm: August 14, 1856
Franklin Co GAd: September 29, 1881age at d: 51 est.f: res. Franklin
CO GAFather:Mother: FARMER
........4 JAMES JACKSON PAYNEb: February 28, 1858 Georgiad:
October 07, 1918 buried at Hendry's Cemetery, Royston, GAage at d: 60
f: Lived in Franklin Co GA in Sandy Springs Community 1880-1900f:
Moved to Hart CO GA in 1899/ 1900--1910
...........+FRANCES Henrietta HENSONb: March 20, 1858 Georgiam:
December 26, 1880 Franklin Co GAd: October 28, 1942 buried at Hendry's
Cemetery, Royston, GAage at d: 84Father: JOSEPH Lumpkin HENSON
Mother: Mary Ann (POLLY ANN) Addison

...........5 JOHN THOMAS (TOM) PAYNEb: November 27, 1886 Possibly
close to Toccoa, Georgia, (Hall Co.)d: April 28, 1933 Home, E. Whitner
St., Anderson, SC, buried at Old Hendry's Cemetery, Royston, GAage at
d: 46f: No one else ever owned the Payne land except the Creek Indians!
...............+ELLEN PEARL HALEYb: July 02, 1885 Franklin County,
Georgia, near Trinity Methodist Churchm: October 11, 1908 Franklin
County, Georgiad: December 23, 1962 Home,108 Shirley Street, Anderson,
SC, buried at Hendry's Cemetery, Royston, GAage at d: 77f: going to
pick cotton, make her a sack to pick cotton, he said she didn't need o
f: he sent someone else to get marriage liscence because he was busy in
fieldsf: His father told Granny that she him to think as much of her as
he did the horsesf: she would be alright. They always had a pretty
..............6 Ralph Ludy (LUDIE) PAYNEb: September 16, 1916
Royston, Georgia
..................+Mary RUTH FOWLERb: June 20, 1918 Anderson, South
Carolinam: December 24, 1935 Orrville Baptist Ch. Parsonage, S. Main
St. Anderson, SC,Father: Robert Frederick (FRED) FOWLER,Sr
Baptist PastorMother: REBA Esther ALLISON

.................7 DAVID Sheldon PAYNEb: May 27, 1942 Anderson,
South Carolina
.....................+JUDY Anne Pattersonb: June 07, 1946 Anderson,
South Carolinam: March 03, 1961 Hartwell, GeorgiaFather:
Thanks, David

David S. Payne

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