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From: Patrick Payne <>
Subject: New Data- Part 2
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 16:45:45 -0500

William (chr. 2 Dec. 1565) was the son of Anthony PAYNE "of Manor NOWTON in
Bury St. EDMUNDS" and Martha CASTLE (CASTELL). William's brother, John PAYNE,
chr. 1558, buried Nowton 28 Oct. 1597 married Frances, daughter of Robert
SPRING. Sister, Anne PAYNE, chr. 13 Jan. 1560, married William WESTON- whom I
believe was a member of the WESTON family so heavily involved in the
colonization effort.
Anthony's parents were William PAYNE "of Market Bosworth, Leicester" and
Margery, daughter of Thomas ASH. William PAYNE was the bailiff of the Manor of
Hengrave, Suffolk for Edward STAFFORD, Duke of Buckingham, executed in 1521.
His son, Henry PAYNE, Esq., was appointed to the position of bailiff in place
of his father, by STAFFORD'S successor, Sir Thomas KYTSON and the title
BUCKINGHAM then passed to the VILLIERS family in 1616. Henry was also the
Attorney for the Earl and the Countess of BATH (BOURCHIER), a family that
intermarried with the PAYN family of Jersey in the Channel Islands and the
CROMWELL family. These connections between the PAYNE'S, HOWARD'S, BOURCHIER'S,
KYTSON'S, CROMWELL'S- and their successors to the title's they held, become of
CRITICAL importance to understanding the later network. Also see Derek
Wilson's, "The King and the Gentleman, Charles STUART and Oliver CROMWELL
1599-1649," St. Mary's Press, 1999.] Again, the page regarding Sir PAYNE De
ROET, provides details on these relationships which connect the
Leicester/Suffolk family to him as does that interesting fact the in the will
of Henry PAYNE, Esq., he mentions "My CHAUCER, written on vellem and
illuminated in gold." This "CHAUCER" owned by Henry, has been confirmed to
been that which is now on display at the Huntington Library, and is known as
the ELLESMERE Manuscript. Perhaps this fact, rather than his associations,
lends more to the notion of there being a connection to Sir PAYNE De ROET from
his family.

Henry's brother, Thomas PAYNE, b. abt. 1540 in Suffolk, died 14 Apr. 1631 at
age 90/91 years of age. He married in July 1578 Cooklie "near HALESWORTH,"
Blything, Suffolk, Katheren, daughter of Thomas HARASANT De CRANSFORD. Their
son, Thomas, Jr., born 11 Dec. 1586 "of Wrentham, Suffolk and of Salem,
died 10 Apr. 1638, Weaver, married Wrentham 22 Nov. 1610 Elizabeth (possibly
Elizabeth Margaret PULTENEY). Their son, Thomas PAYNE, born prob. Wrentham 18
Jan. 1612/13, died Dedham, Mass. 3 Aug. 1684, Proprietor of Dedham 8 Nov.
married Rebecca WARE. Matthew BRANCH, born Henrico County, Virginia 1661, died
Henrico 1726, married Frances WARE, born Henrico County, about 1665. Here we
find a connection from the Leicester/Suffolk PAYNE family to another in county
BERKSHIRE. Matthew was the son of Thomas BRANCH, chr. Jamestown May 1620, died
Varina Parish, Henrico County 1694/95, married Henrico about 1650 Elizabeth,
daughter of Matthew GOOCH. Thomas BRANCH was the grandson of Lionel BRANCH
18 Aug. 1566 London, chr. Abingdon, Oxfordshire 20 Aug. 1566, died 1605, and
Valentina SPARKE (SPARHE). Lionel was the son of William BRANCH, born Abingdon
1524, died Abingdon 7 Feb. 1601/2, who had married St. Helen's, Abingdon in
1556 Katherine, daughter of Thomas JENNINGS and Alice BRIGHT.

The connections here, between the BRANCH and JENNINGS families, gives us many
leads to previously unknown connections between various branches of the PAYNE
family. John PAYNE, born about 1615, died 1689/90, married Margaret ROBINSON,
who probably had married a JENNINGS prior to her marriage to John. It is also
believed that John PAYNE had a previous marriage. In any case, Richard
confirms his relationship to John PAYNE by naming him as his "closest
John JENNINGS married Margaret PAYNE, thought to have been the daughter of
PAYNE. More research needs to be done here, but I am fairly sure that here we
will find a place for the family of John PAYNE- and possibly for Thomas PAINE
of St. Mary's County, Maryland as well. There are many angles to be considered
here for which I will reserve for a later time to conserve space.

Briefly, however, of great interest to PAYNE researchers are a number of
connection's here. Martha BRANCH, daughter of William and Katherine JENNINGS
BRANCH, married Robert PAYNE, born about 1570 "of Abingdon, Berkshire"
(Abingdon was in Berkshire prior to the 1974 county restructuring and now lies
in Oxfordshire), died 3 May 1628. Upon Robert's marriage to Martha BRANCH, her
brother, Thomas, deeded the BULL INN, Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames, Abingdon,
to Robert. Robert passed the BULL INN to his son, Richard PAYNE, who is listed
as its proprietor in 1624. In 1639, Richard PAYNE was made Attorney for Thomas
MAYHEW and Jane GALLION of Massachusetts. Jane GALLION was the widow of Thomas
PAYNE, born London 1608, died England about 1634 "late of London, Merchant"
toghether they has son Thomas PAYNE, Jr. who married Hannah BRAY 25 Aug. 1659
"of New Haven, Connecticut." Thomas PAYNE, Sr. is believed to have been the
of Thomas PAYNE, chr. 13 Apr. 1574 "of Lambourn, Berkshire" and the brother of
Robert PAYNE who married Martha BRANCH in Abingdon. This would explain why
MAYHEW and the widow of Thomas PAYNE obtained the services of Richard PAYNE of
Abingdon as their Attorney to oversee the lands in Northamptonshire bequethed
to Thomas PAYNE, Jr. by "his ancestors" [see Thomas Lechford's Note-Book
1638-1641, Picton Press]
Robert PAYNE, Jr., son of Robert and Martha BRANCH PAYNE, and brother of
Richard (Attorney for Gov. Thomas MAYHEW and widow Jane GALLION PAYNE) was the
Headmaster of Abingdon School and Rector of St. Nicholas Church in Abingdon.

At this point, I have shown connections between several PAYNE branches- from
Leicester/ Suffolk, Berkshire/Oxfordshire, Virginia, New England, and Jersey.
But there are still many more to follow.

Getting back to the family of William PAYNE and Margery ASH (I deviated at
their son Thomas who married Katheren HARASANT De CRANSFORD), I want to make
some other associations before moving along. Son Nicholas PAYNE, born
Suffolk, after 14 June 1568 marrief Anne BOWLES "of Baldock, Hertz County"
(another prominent name of interest). Their son William "of Worlington,
and devisee of the Manor of Netherall Tindalls in Soham" married 8 Nov. 1585,
Ann CHENERY (still another name of interest). Daughter Dorothy PAYNE married
Thomas NICHOLS, a surname associated with the PAYN'S of Jersey, much like the
BOURCHIER family (also CARTERET and others as I will soon address)- both of
which appear to have been ancient families of Jersey with roots in Normandy
connections to the knights of the same name who served William I and his son,
Robert, Duke of Normandy. Another daughter, Ann PAYNE married John HOWARD, yet
another connection which provides another link back to friar Hugh PAYNE
his relationship to the HOWARD family as mentioned above. The HOWARD family
held (and still hold's) many title's in England, including: Earl BERKSHIRE
1626, Baron FIZT-ALAN 1627, Viscount HOWARD of MORPETH 1661, Baron HOWARD of
1604-1614, Earl NORWICH 1672-1777, Viscount STAFFORD 1640-1678, Earl SUFFOLK
1603, and Earl SURREY 1483, among many others- all of which hold some
importance in relation to the PAYNE family throughout this history. The
associations with the HOWARD family within the netwotk and the PAYNE family
very deep indeed, beginning with the associations of the Leicester/Suffolk
family and Hugh PAYNE of Hadleigh, Suffolk.

William PAYNE (husband of Margery Ash, above), was the son of Edmund PAYNE,
born before 1540, "of Market Bosworth, Leicester" and his wife, Elizabeth,
daughter of Robert WALTON. Edmund was the son of Sir Thomas PAYNE and Margaret
PULTENEY, ancestors of the later Earl of BATH. Apart from the PULTENEY'S, the
reader should note that the title BATH was also held by the BOURCHIER family
(as noted above) and also the GRANVILLE family. The GRANVILLE'S intermarried
with yet another family of the Peerage with roots in Jersey- the CARTERET
family. PAYNS and CARTERETS had been intermarrying in Jersey since at least
early 1300s as recorded in the records of the island- and these associations
can be found in nearly every century of the islands recorded history- right up
to the last century.

George CARTERET was a close associate of Samuel PEPYS and Lord Edward MONTAGU
(another Peer closely associated with the PAYNE family)- all officers of the
Admiralty. In fact, Samuel PEPYS arranged the marriage between George
CARTERET'S son, Philip, to Jemima MONTAGU, daughter of Edward. PEPYS also
employed several PAYNE'S in his household and as "watermen." [see the diary of
Samuel PEPYS] Derek WILSON, a well known biographer, states that Sir Robert
PAYNE of Huntingdonshire, the home of PEPYS, was a "friend and protege" of the
CROMWELL and MONTAGU families. Sir Robert replaced Oliver CROMWELL as MP for
Huntingdonshire in 1625. Again, I refer the reader to showing the connection to yet
another PAYNE family to the CROMWELL'S, as the Protector's grandmother was
Catherine, daughter of Thomas PAYNE, Esq., "of Castle Acre, Norfolk." The
reader will also recall the involvement of the CROMWELL family (Sir Thomas
CROMWELL) with Hugh PAYNE of Hadleigh, Suffolk as related above. Oliver
CROMWELL himself married Elizabeth BOURCHIER, whose ancestors held the
title of
BATH, and had employed Henry PAYNE of the Suffolk family as their Attorney's,
calling him their "beloved friend" and leaving him bequests in their wills.

Sir Robert PAYNE was the great-grandson of Robert PAYNE of St. Neot's,
Huntingdonshire. His father, also named Robert, was responsible for reporting
to the monastery to the Commissioners appointed under King Henry VIII to
confiscate the Church lands. Sir Robert's great-grandfather is thought to have
been the son of Sir Thomas PAYNE "of Market Bosworth"

Below, I will bring together all of the facts which bring these various PAYNE
branches, all of whom had arrived in America prior to 1650- under one family,
where we find the following links between them:
Sir Robert PAYNE b. about 1589 "of St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire," knighted
Greenwich 22 May 1605; married Elizabet, daughter of George ROTHERHAM "of
SOMERYS, Bedfordshire"; MP for Huntingdonshire 1614-1625, "Merchant of London
and subscriber of the London Company of Virginia 1609 and again 1612"; "friend
and protege of Edward MONTAGU and Oliver CROMWELL." [see correspondance from
Major Algar Howard, Esq., M.C., Norroy Kings College of Arms and Registrar of
the College of Arms in London in "PAYNES of Virginia"; also Derek Wilson, "The
King and the Gentleman"]

Robert PAYNE, AKA DAVIES, d. 4 Nov. 1675; married Elizabeth, b. 1652, daughter
of Epaphraditus LAWSON and Elizabeth MADESTARD; Clerk of the Rappahannock
County, Virginia Vestry 1662-1666. Son of Sir Robert PAYNE above; Robert named
in his will Warwick CAMMOCK b. after 1635, prob. of Boreham, Essex, who
Margaret (POWELL?) in 1667 who m2. Silvester THATCHER. Warwick was the
of Thomas CAMMOCK "of Layer Marney, Essex, d. 1602 Maldon, Essex; married
Francis, daughter of Robert RICH, 2nd Baron RICH, son of Robert RICH, Earl of
WARWICK. Their daughter, Martha CAMMOCK married Sir Richard SALTONSTALL,
chr. 4
Apr. 1586 Halifax, Yorkshire, d. bef. 25 Oct. 1661 Crayford, Kent; Sir Richard
was the Provisional Governor and leading supporter of the Massachusetts Bay
Company. Another connection here is that Elizabeth PAYNE, daughter of John
PAYNE, Jr. and Anne WALKER, daughter of Col. John WALKER and Sarah ?, married
Henry THATCHER, b. 19 Aug. 1663, son of Henry THATCHER and Eltonhead CONWAY.
Eltonhead CONWAY was the granddaughter of Edward Lord CONWAY, 1st Viscount
CONWAY, and the Secretary of State for England. [see PAYNES of Virginia;
Records of Rappahannock County held at Tappahannock Court House] Richard
SALTONSTALL partnered in 1645 with William PAYNE "of Ipswich, Mass." on an
expedition to the Deleware River seeking the "Great Lake" and to secure
monopoly of the beaver trade. [Bailyn, "New England Merchants, p. 53]

Capt. George PAYNE, b. abt. 1606, "Merchant of London," who "married 15 July
1634 Saint John, Hackney, London, Rachel, sister of London Merchants Joseph
Nathaniel HAWES"; son of Sir Robert PAYNE above. Another brother-in-law of
George was Randall MAINWARRING, by his marriage to Elizabeth HAWES.
MAINWARRING'S cousin was Matthew CRADDOCK, who was also a partner of George
PAYNE. Gov. Thomas MAYHEW (step-father of Thomas PAYNE below) paid taxes in
Medford for Matthew CRADDOCK [see Brenner "Merchants and Revolution"; Bailyn
"New England Merchants"]

Catherine PAYNE, daughter of Thomas PAYNE, Esq. "of Castle Acre, Norfolk" who
married "about 1564 Castle Acre, Norfolk" William STEWARD "of Huntingdon and
also of Ely, Glamorganshire, Wales" and was the grandmother of Oliver
CROMWELL married Elizabeth BOURCHIER- a name prominent in Jersey and who also
held the title of BATH. The Earl and Countess of BATH of the surname were "the
beloved friends of Henry PAYNE" of the Ipswich branch of the family. The
GRANVILLE family also came in the title and they intermarried with the
family, also from Jersey. The PULTENEY family then followed in the title of
BATH, and I have already shown the intermarriage with that family. [see

Thomas PAYNE, b. 1608 London, d. about 1634 "Late Merchant of London" who
married 15 Oct. 1620 Wantage, Berkshire, Jane GALLION and had son Thomas
Jr., b. 16 Feb. 1632 "of London" who married 25 Aug. 1659, Hannah BRAY b.
1638 "of New Haven, Connecticut"; upon the death of Thomas PAYNE, Sr., widow
Jane married 1634 Medford, Mass., Governor Thomas MAYHEW, b. 31 Mar. 1592
Tisbury, Wilts., d. 25 Mar. 1681 Martha's Vineyard, Mass. [see Thomas
Note-Book 1638-1641]

Robert PAYNE, b. about 1570 "of Abingdon, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), d. 3
1628 who married Martha, b. 1 May 1568 "of Abingdon", d. 9 Dec. 1626, daughter
of William BRANCH b. 1524, d. 7 Feb. 1601/2, buried "North Aisle, St. Helen's,
Abingdon, Berks." and wife Katherine, daughter of Thomas JENNINGS and Alice
BRIGHT. Robert and Martha's son, Richard PAYNE, was named in 1639 as the
Attorney for Thomas MAYHEW, Jane GALLION, and Thomas PAYNE, Jr.; Richard's
brother, Robert PAYNE, Jr., was the headmaster of Abingdon School and
rector of
St. Nicholas Church, Abingdon. As previously mentioned, Gov. Thomas MAYHEW was
also closely associated with Mathew CRADDOCK, the cousin of Randell
who was the brother-in-law of Capt. George PAYNE, son of Sir Robert of St.
Neot's, Hunts. [see Thomas Lechford's Note-Book 1638-1641; Records of Abingdon
School, St. Nicholas Church, tablet held at "Our Lady's aisle of St. Helen's,

John PAYNE, b. about 1615, d. 1689/90 on the Patuxent River, "of Rappahannock
County, Virginia; married Margaret ROBINSON; [John is the subject of Col.
Brooke PAYNE'S, "PAYNES of Virginia."; see also Colonial Records Project,
Library of Virginia]

Thomas PAYNE, b. about 1612, d. 1673 of St. Mary's County, Maryland; married
Jane SMALLPIECE [Maryland Archives; "Early Mariners of Maryland"; Colonial
Records Project, Library of Virginia"]

William PAYNE, b. 1598/9 "of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk and Watertown, Mass.",
d. 10 Oct. 1660 Boston, Mass., married Ann ?, father of John PAYNE, b. 1632,
died "at sea" 1675, married Sarah, daughter of Richard PARKER; Proprietors of
the Iron Works at Lynn, Mass. on the Saugus River. Descendants of Sir Thomas
PAINE "of Market Bosworth, Leicester" and Margaret PULTENEY [see "Iron
Works on
the Saugus; "PAINE Genealogy- Ipswich Branch"; "PAINE Family Record, vol. II;
WINTHROP PAPERS; "Great Migration Begins"]

Stephen PAYNE, b. abt. 1603 Great Ellingham, Norfolk, buried 21 Aug. 1679
Rehoboth, Mass. "Merchant of New England"; maried Alice Elizabeth ?, widow of
William PARKER d. 5 Mar. 1659 "of Taunton, Mass.," believed to have been the
brother of Richard PARKER above; Stephen m1. Neele (Neale or Nell?), chr. 20
Feb. 1602/3 Attleborough, Norfolk, daughter of John ADCOCKE and Elizabeth
ELDRED; Decendant of Thomas PAYNE b. abt. 1485, d. bef. 4 Oct. 1555, buried
James Church, Great Ellingham, Norfolk and Margaret ? [Thomas Lechford's
Note-Book 1638-1641; "Great Migration Begins"]

Moses PAYNE, chr. 23 Apr. 1581 "of Frittenden & Tenterden, Kent", d. 21 June
1643 Braintree Mass., m1. 2 Nov. 1615 Mary, d. 6 Mar. 1617/8, daughter of John
BENISON; m2. Elizabeth, chr. 26 Oct. 1589 Cranbrook, Kent, buried 11 Oct. 1632
Tenterden, Kent, daughter of Richard & Margery SHEAFE. Elizabeth m1. ?
m3. Judith, d. 29 Mar. 1654 Boston, Mass., daughter of Edmund QUINCY. Judith
m1. ? PARES. Moses is found in the records of William and John PAYNE of
Watertown, Mass and also invested in the Iron Works at Saugus; Descandant of
Richard (Stephen?) PAYN, m. Agnes ?, Chamberlain of the Bishop of St. David's
and of John PAYN b. abt. 1420 Frittenden, Kent and wife Joanne ? [see
"Decendants of John PAYN"; "Iron Works on the Saugus"]

Tobias PAYNE, chr. Bitton, Gloucester, 12 Mar. 1649 "of Fownhope,
Herefordshire", d. 12 Sep. 1669 Boston, Mass., m. Sarah, b. 1638 Plymouth,
Mass., d. 9 Apr. 1726 Boston, daughter of Pilgrim John WINSLOW and Mary
"of Droitwich"; Tobias was the granson of Tobias PAYNE, Gent., d. 8 Feb. 1649
"of Kings Scaple, Herefordshire and Joan (SCUDAMORE?), d. aft. feb. 1649 [see
Mayflower Families, CHILTON/MORE/ROGERS, Book 2; "Great Migration Begins"]

Thomas PAYNE, b. 18 Jan. 1612 Kent, England, d. 16 Aug. 1706 Eastham,
Mass.; m.
July 1650 Eastham, Mass., Mary b. abt. 14 Dec. 1630 Plymouth, Mass., d. 28
1704 Eastham, Mass., daughter of Nicholas SNOW d. 15 Nov. 1676 Easham, and
Constance HOPKINS d. 15 Oct. 1677 Eastham, daughter of Pilgrim Stephen HOPKINS
and Elizabeth FISHER; The HOPKINS, DOTY, WINSLOW families shared a close
association. [see Mayflower Families, HOPKINS, Book 6]
and some mysteries still remaining, although the connections are clear:
William PAYNE, b. about 1612 Stepney Parish, London, d. Virginia; he married
and had son William, but little more is found about him. However, we do know
that by 1632 a William PAYNE was building ship's for William CLAIBORNE'S Kent
Island Fleet, including CLAIBORNE'S pinnace, LONG TAYLE, and the FIREFLY,
Captain was Thomas COLE. The PAYNE'S of Virginia were very closely associated
with CLAIBORNE, his kinsmen and followers. MATHEWS, THOMPSON, JAMES, BENNETT,
TAYLOR, COLE, STONE, WEST, LAWSON, FLEETE- surnames very which intermarried
with PAYNE'S were also kinsmen of CLAIBORNE, who with him, established
themselves in Kent, Accomac, and on the Northern Neck in areas such as
CHICACONE. All areas where PAYNE's are also found. In fact, CLAIBORNE and his
associates made a bid to become the Proprietors of the entire Northern Neck of
Virginia in association with the SOMERS ISLAND Company. This should be of
particular interest to PAYNE researchers for there is much history to be
learned from the networks involvement in BERMUDA (also known as the SOMERS
ISLANDS. A name given the island by Sir Thomas GATES when he arrived there in
1609 with the wreck of the SEAVENTURE. Two of "his camp" were Henry PAINE and
John ROLFE, later husband to Princess Pocahontas. Another associate of theirs,
who nearly met the same fate (of execution) as Henry PAINE, was none other
later Pilgrim Stephen HOPKINS, who became the grandfather of Thomas PAINE of
Eastham, Mass. with his marriage to Mary SNOW. Robert PAYNE (AKA DAVIES- see
above) used the alias for several years. John ROLFE named a Robert DAVIES in
his 1621 will. [see "Virginia Venturer"; "Records of the Virginia Company of
London"; "Henry FLEET"; "Isle of Devils"; Records from Rappahannock County at
the Tappahannock Courthouse]

William PAYNE, who was a founder of the colony at St. John's, NEWFOUNDLAND. In
1626, Dr. William PAYNE is found in correspondance with Lady Katherine CONWAY,
wife of Edward Lord CONWAY, Secretary of State for England, urging her to
invest in the colony. Also in 1626, Dr. William PAYNE petitioned Lord CONWAY
himself, regarding "several inventions" of his developed for use in the
colonies. One of them being a means to "produce tobacco of the same quality as
the Spanish variety" - a bit of history attributed to John ROLFE, whose
was Robert DAVIES- the Alias used by Robert PAYNE of the Rappahannock County
Vestry! [see "Coldest Harbour in the Land"; Memorial University of
Archives; Records of Rappahannock County at Tappahannock Courthouse]

William PAYNE, who in 1673 came to Dorchester County, Maryland as a head right
to Mr. John LEE of Virginia. His grandson, Thomas PAYNE, moved from Dorchester
County in about 1765 with the many of the descendants of Thomas PAINE of St.
Mary's County, Maryland. After settling in Rowan County, North Carolina (a
colony still largely under the Proprietorship of the CARTERET Family) for
little more than 20 years, both families again removed together to Greenville
District, South Carolina. Along the way, Anne PAYNE, daughter of Thomas,
married Archibald MACMAHAN, a Revolutionary War soldier who also drove the
wagon for Thomas from North Carolina. In the Revolutionary War Pension
application of Aaron PAYNE, a descendant of Thomas PAINE of St. Mary's,
Maryland, he stated, that he "knew Archibald MACMAHAN in North Carolina" and
that his wife was his "Cousin." Thus establishing yet one more link between
PAYNE'S of Virginia and Maryland.

Charles and Abraham PAYNE, of the Jersey PAYN family, who fled England to St.
Kitt's Island in the Caribbean as a result of their involvement on the
side of the English Civil War. They undoubtedly were a prominent family in the
Caribbean from the time of their arrival and would have associated with the
Merchants of the family network so invovled in those islands. One of their
descendants, Lord LAVINGTON, was granted Arms that are identical with the Arms
claimed by the PAYNE'S of Virginia- "two Lions passant argent." We must
that there is some legitamacy to this claim, even if it turns out to be the
right family, but the wrong coat-of-arms. This may be attributed to the fact
that Ralph and Thomas PAYNE settled in Virginia near to John PAYNE of
Rappahannock County. The name RALPH occurs within the Jersey branch of the
family that removed to the Caribbean and no other. It was this branch of the
family that had intermarried with and otherwise been so closely associated
the CARTERET'S of the island from at least the 13th century, where they are
found in deeds together.
Additionally, from those early days throughout this history, the following
surnames of interest to the family network are found frequently in the records

Most of these names are found throughout the history of the network. The PAYN
family is known to have had connections in the West County, particlarly in
Devon and Cornwall. They can also be found in London and, significantly, in
neighboring villages where Sir Robert PAYNE of St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire and
Tobias PAYNE of Kings Caple, Herefordshire held lands and conducted business.
Guilles and Peter PAYN, for example, are found in living by the early 18th
century at Tempsford and Blunham- just to the south of St. Neot's. More
significantly, however, is the fact that a member of the CARTERET family,
George CARTERET, was the boss and close friend of Samuel PEPYS, the Treasurer
of the Navy, of Huntingdon. They worked for Edward MONTAGU and Sir Robert
of St. Neot's, as I have shown, was a "close friend and protege" of the
MONTAGU'S and the CROMWELL'S- men well known to both CARTERET and PEPYS. [see
"Samuel PEPYS diaries"; "An Armorial of Jersey"; "The King and the

These last mysteries are not coincidences- and we PAYNE reseachers should
endeavor to discover the answers that still surrounds these events- by working
together. For 400 years ANY kinship between the various PAYNE branches
throughout colonial America have been denied by genealogists in their works-
and those unfounded claims have been defended, often with great zeal, by
taking them at their word for it. With this research, I have shattered the
that these families had no relationship. In nearly every case, the families
that arrived in America prior to 1650, are found in business ventures and
intermarrying within the same group of families. The trail doesn't even begin
with the America in fact, but extends back to at least the beginning of the
15th century. Over a period spanning more than 300 years (1500-1700), I have
shown how they remain associated. There is still much work to be done to
establish the exact nature of many of these relationships however. That is the
purpose of the PAYNE Family History Society. The purpose of the Domesday to
America Society is to establish the network of families associated with them.
Much of the remaining research, that will ultimately resolve the nature of
these relationships, can only be obtained thorough and carefully executed
search of the records held in England. I have done my best to complete as much
of that research as my financial situation would allow but it is now
After two trips to England for this purpose, and numerous trips within the US,
I regret to acknowledge that there is so much remaining to be done. But we
the foundation we need to continue the pursuit and I am confident that the
remaining questions will be answered. I encourage the reader to actively
support the continuation of this research by joining and contributing to the
Society I have established for that purpose. The time for independent research
is past. The expense is to great for any one researcher to accomplish and will
best be achieved through the combined resources of the Society.

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