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Subject: Children of Nehemiah Payne??
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 02:56:17 -0500
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Judy & others -

I'd be very careful in accepting this info about Nehemiah
Payne's children from Patsy Todd Bradbury. Several Payne
researchers have strongly questioned this before. I think
Bradbury mixes or confounds Payne branches. For example,
she lists my ggg-grandfather Joseph Payne (b. ~1760 Kershaw/
Camden, SC, m. Mary Brassfield and d. in LA) as a child of
Nehemiah. His father, instead, was a Philip Payne. I believe
that there were two distinct lines of Paynes out of the early
VA/NC counties who migrated into SC in the mid/late 1700s. One
line (mine) included a number of Payne brothers and nephews who
settled in the Kershaw/Camden area (in the town of Camden now
and south of it 10-20 miles toward the "high hills" of Sumpter.
Some in this line moved around 1800 to east-central GA
(Wilkinson, Laurens, and counties to the south -- some to AL).
The other line of Paynes came from counties to the west in VA/
NC, settled for a while in the Greenville, SC area, and then
filtered down into counties in GA such as Hall and Franklin.

In general, I'd question the individuals in this list of
Nehemiah's offspring who are shown as being in the Kershaw/
Camden, SC area. Perhaps the similaries of some first names
in both lines (Josephs, Isaacs, etc.) confused some early
Payne researchers. There seems a lot more previous attention
to the line associated with Nehemiah and the Hall/Franklin
Co. Paynes than with the line of John (the blacksmith),
Philip (his brother), and other brothers and nephews who
moved into the Kershaw/Camden area starting in the late 1740s.

I've been trying to figure out the VA/NC roots of my line
for the last four or five years, but I hardly have enough
good evidence yet to do more than speculate. My DNA profile
seems to suggest, based largely on info Patrick's shared, the
likelihood of some Huntingdon/Southoe English roots, and
perhaps a linkage to those (such as John or Robert Davies
Payne) from that line who immigrated in the 1630s or so into
southern VA. I think it will take, though, more work with
VA and NC records for me to be able to situate firmly my line
of Paynes among the others. That's why I've been interested
in re-examining the papers in the Col. Brooke Payne collection.
As some of us get much more familiar with the complexities and
gaps of info about the early VA Paynes, what seems initially as
overwhelming and almost impossible might become quite possible
to handle. I hope so, due to the tremendous time investment.
--- Steve

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>Subject: [PAYNE] Children of Nehemiah Payne
>For those who may be interested, here are the children of
Nehemiah Payne, and
>a little about him, from the book, The Paynes, by Patsy
Bradbury. I have no
>idea of sources or what documentation is available, except
census records which
>are mentioned. In other words, I don't know how much of this is
correct. This
>is from page 15 and is not verbatim:
>NEHEMIAH PAYNE was born 15 Dec 1733 in Dorchester Co., MD and
died aft. 7 Apr
>1841 in Hall Co., GA; was a resident of Orange Co. NC in 1775
where he
>enlisted and served with the North Carolina troops in the
American Revolution. After
>the war, he was in Greenville, SC before 1790 since he and his
>appear in the 1790 Greenville, SC census. His brother, Isaiah,
didn't come to
>Greenville until after the 1790 census. They show up in the 1800
census of
>Greenville, SC. On 7 Jan 1824, Nehemiah and some of his children
moved to Hall Co.,
>GA. The name of his wife is unknown.
>1. JOSIAH PAYNE, b. abt 1755, died in Davidson Co., TN, Jan.
1806; m. Sarah
>2. JOHN PAYNE, b. abt 1755, died Green Co., GA 1828; m. Mildred
>3. JOSEPH PAYNE, b. abt 1760. Was in Wilkinson Co., GA. Died
Claiborne, LA in
>1850; m. Mary?
>4. WILLIAM PAYNE, b. 1763 in NC; died in AL. He and his family
moved to
>Marengo Co., AL in 1819.
>5. ARCHIBALD PAYNE, b. 1755-1757 in MD or NC; died in Kershaw
Co., SC 1840.
>Was in Hall Co., GA with his children 1810-1820.
>6. ISAAC PAYNE, b. abt 1765; died in Smith Co., TN 1844.
>7. ZACHARIAH PAYNE, b. 1767; died in Pontotoc Co., MS 1852
>8. GEORGE PAYNE, b. 1771-1775, died in Laurens Co., GA 19 Nov 1830
>9. ABSALOM PAYNE, b. 1771-1775; died in Laurens Co., GA abt
>10. NEHEMIAH PAYNE, b. 1771, died in Hall Co., GA
>11. DANIEL PAYNE, b. 1778, died Tattnall Co., GA in 1805
>12. LINDSEY PAYNE, b. abt 1775, moved to Overton Co., TN in 1820
>13. THOMAS PAYNE, b. abt 1777. Was in Hall Co., GA in 1830 census.
>14. SAMUEL PAYNE, b. unknown. Was in Kershaw Dist., SC in 1800.
>There is no will for Nehemiah in Hall County. Church records
were being
>searched when the book was published. Nehemiah and his family
were Primitive
>(End of information from book)
>Here are the Payne heads of household in Hall Co., GA in 1830
from Ancestry's
>online census images. You can see they carry predominantly names of
>Nehemiah's children and are probably descendants:
>Page 74: Isaac B. Paine, age 30-40 (born 1790-1800)
>Page 81: William Paine, age 20-30 (born 1800-1810)
>Page 84: John Paine, age 30-40 (born 1790-1800)
>...............Lindsey Paine, age 30-40 (born 1790-1800)
>...............Margaret Paine, age 15-20 (born 1810-1815)
>...............Achabald Paine, age 20-30 (born 1800-1810)
>Page 95: Nehemiah Payne, age 90-100 (born 1730-1740). Also
female, age
>90-100; male, age 60-70; female, age 30-40
>Page 97: Thomas Paine, age 50-60 (born 1770-1780)
>Page 124: Femmon Payne, age 20-30 (born 1800-1810).
>Later censuses show Fleming was born abt 1801-1802. Where his
given name came
>from is beyond me. Perhaps it comes from Thomas's wife, if
Fleming was,
>indeed, his son. Personally, I will have to do much more
research before I can
>accept this lineage as being correct. At least I have a
direction in which to
>Am open to more discussion. (Still not getting Rootsweb mail but
I can check
>the archives each day.) Wally Smith was nice enough to forward a
message from
>the list to me earlier today. Thanks, Wally.
>Judy K in Newnan, GA
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