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Subject: [PAYNE] Fwd: Payne burials
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2008 10:59:09 -0800 (PST)

Payne Cousins,
I got this from a McPherson cousin that always sends info to me.
I don't know these Paynes below but it may help someone.
My website with my Paynes are at the bottom of this mail.

This info came from "Mary McPherson" <>
To: "David S Payne" <>
Subject: Payne burials
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 22:10:29 -0500

Luncinda Harman Payne
Wife of Dewey C. Payne

Dewey C. Payne
May 13, 1906
Dec. 22, 1984
Husband of Lucinda Harman Payne

Uziet Payne
Sept. 19, 1939
Aug. 19, 1995

CARTER COUNTY, TN - CEMETERIES - The Williams Cemetery
Located at Milligan College
Rosa Lee Fagan payne b. 1884; d. 1929
Vena Williams Payne b. 1863; d. 1919
William H. Payne b. 1885; d. 1919

CARTER COUNTY, TN - DEEDS - W. G. and Vina Payne to George T. Williams
Land Deed Between W. G. and Vina Payne and George T. Williams
of Milligan, Carter Co, TN

This indenture, made this 12th day of July A.D. 1909, between W. G.
Payne and wife Vina Payne of Milligan, Carter County in the State of
Tennessee of the first part, and Geo. T. Williams of Milligan, Carter
County, Tennessee of the second part. Witnesseth, that the said parties
of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of $50, Fifty
dollars to them in hand paid by the said party of the second part the
receipt of which is hereby acknowledged I have granted, bargained, sold
and conveyed and do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said
part of the second part, the following described premises, to-wit,
situate in district no. 5 of Carter County, Tenn. Bounded on North by
Campus ground of Milligan College, on the South by the old graveyard, on
the East by Isaac Shupe and on the West by A. A. Taylor. Beginning on
the North West corner of the old graveyard. Thence North 9 4'5 West 12
pole & 11 links to a stake in campus line. Thence with said line North
81 5'5 East 6 poles 22 links to a stake Shupe line. Thence South 9 4'5
East 11 pole 19 links to corner of old graveyard. Thence South 75 West
6 poles and 22 links to beginning containing ½ acres and 3/1000 more or
less. With the hereditaments and appurtenances thereto. Appertaining,
hereby releasing all claims to homestead and dower therein. To have and
to hold the said premised to the said part of the second part, his
heirs, and assigns forever. And the said parties of the first part, for
themselves and for their heirs, executors and Administrators, do hereby
covenant with the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns,
that they are lawfully seized in fee simple of the premises above
conveyed and have full power, authority and right to convey the same,
that said premises are free from all encumbrances and that they will
forever warrant and defend the said premises and title thereto against
the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever.

In witness whereof, the said parties of the first part have hereunto set
their hand and seal they day and year first above written.

Signed, Sealed and delivered in presence of George T. Young, State of
Tennessee, Carter County

W. G. Payne, L.S. Vina Payne, L. S.

Personally appeared before me George T. Young, a notary public in and
for said county, within named bargainors, W. G. Payne and wife Vina
Payne with whom I am personally acquainted, and who acknowledged that
they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained.
And Vina Payne wife of the said W. G. Payne having appeared before me
privately and apart from her husband, the said Vina Payne acknowledged
the execution of the said deed to have been done by her freely,
voluntarily and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from
her said husband, and for the purposes therein expressed. Witness my
hand and official seal at office, this 12 day of July A.D. 1909.

(Seal Attached) George T. Young, Notary Public

The foregoing deed with certificate came to hand for registration August
9, 1909 at 7 a.m. Noted in notebook 2, page 17 recorded in Deed Book
27, Page 368 of the Registers Office of Carter County, Tennessee.

T. A. Dugger, Register

CARTER COUNTY, TN - MISC - Letter, Payne to Hopwood
Letter of W. G. Payne from Milligan College, Carter Co, TN to Josephus
and Sarah LaRue Hopwood at Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA. The
original letter is in the Hopwood Papers in the Milligan College archives.

Milligan Tenn.
March 17, 1913

I will write you a short letter as you will not write to me and
tell how you are getting along. It must be that you are afraid I will
want to come too, and you may be thinking correctly. Hope you are
having a school such as your hearts desire and that makes you feel young
as if you were starting life again with the knowledge experience and
other forces gained so as to accomplish so much more in a given time but
after all training the young is a slow process and takes great patience
as well as tact and faith and then so many disappoint us at last. My
but this life problem is one that is mystery at each end and known only
as it is ruled off. Faith is the one thing above all other that keeps
this life boat struggling against the tide. It furnishes the forever to
move and keeps the needle of the compass toward the goal and the light
in God's light house never goes out or grows dim as long as our eyes of
faith kept good and not allowed to dim.

The board of control of the college has bought the Anderson Mill
property including the land between the road up through the farm
parallel with the race and road about 20 acres and expects buy the A. A.
Taylor place and the Sam Williams or Utterback place. They paid 4500
for Mill property and to get that we bought the whole farm of 228 acres.
Mr. Hardin and myself took the 200 acres the college did not want. We
have been offered 2800 for the timber as it stands and will get more as
it has been estimated by some to be 500000 ft. We expect to sell in
lots and tracts to suit the buyers at 100 pr. Acres and more homes and
people to the place. You know the pike runs through giving nearly one
mile of front on each side. We had to pay Anderson 16200.00 for the
farm and mill all together. 4500 for mill and 20 acres and 3000 for
timber=7500 leaves the 200 or more acres at a cost of 8700 or about 40
pr. Acre. I may fail to sell it out at that but I believe that I can do
it. Many are talking now and seem to want to buy and if Mr. Hardin
doesn't me I will come out right.

The school is doing good work and having a smooth school year. I do not
know who will be president as there has been no one elected yet. Bruce
Kershner and wife are here and there is talk of making him president.
Miss Ellis, Mr. Cole, and Mr. Garrett will stay. I like Kershner and
his wife. They seem to have the right spirit and have the work at
heart. They are in S.S., Church, and prayer service always and Mrs.
Kershner makes splendid talks. Do you know him or know of him? If so,
what about him? The SS, Prayer, and church service are all good. SS
from 90 to 140. Preaching every Lord's day.

Ethel, Sylvia, Tempie, and Ceslar are at the store and farm the others
are here. I am there a good portion of the time. Hay, rye, barley, and
wheat are looking very well. I have my corn ground potatoe ground
and about 10 acres as onions, lettuce, and beans are growing.
I have three fine red short horn cows. One of them now fresh. I have
given most of my time last months at the college matter getting money
and work up the trade for farm. Alx is married. He married a Bowman, a
daughter of a brother Wesade and Will Anderson's wives and is farming.
He does not like the store. Sylvia attends the store. Ethel Steefs is
my farm and a good boy. You see I write as bad as ever so I

Frank Taylor died Saturday morning. Will bury today at 11.

W. G. Payne

1850 Federal Census Carter County, Tennessee (the 1st Civil District: File 1 of 1)
4 15 15 Payne James 32 M W Farmer NC
REMARKS: Married 1841. Farming marked through.
5 15 15 Payne Terzia 22 F W SC
6 15 15 Payne James H. 5 M W SC
7 15 15 Payne Mary M. 3 F W Tenn
8 15 15 Payne Sarah E. 1 F W Tenn

1850 Federal Census Carter County, Tennessee (the 3rd Civil District: File 1 of 1)
REMARKS: Married 1832
38 40 40 McKinney Delila 38 F W NC X
39 40 40 McKinney Wilson 17 M W farming NC X
40 40 40 McKinney Henry 15 M W Tenn X
41 40 40 McKinney John 13 M W Tenn X
42 40 40 McKinney Samuel 11 M W Tenn X
1 40 40 McKinney Nancy 10 F W Tenn X
REMARKS: Written Page No. 345
2 40 40 McKinney Mary 8 F W Tenn X
3 40 40 McKinney Judy 7 F W Tenn X
4 40 40 McKinney Olly 6 F W Tenn X
5 40 40 McKinney Sarah 4 F W Tenn
6 40 40 McKinney William 2 M W Tenn

1850 Federal Census Carter County, Tennessee (the 5th Civil District: File 1 of 1)

11 99 99 Payne Nicholes 39 M W farmer 850 VA
REMARKS: Married 1825
12 99 99 Payne Mary 38 F W Tenn
13 99 99 Payne Margarett 21 F W Tenn
14 99 99 Payne Jane 18 F W Tenn
15 99 99 Payne Elizabeth 16 F W Tenn
16 99 99 Payne William 13 M W Tenn X
17 99 99 Payne Emeline 10 F W Tenn X
18 99 99 Payne Edny 8 F W Tenn X
19 99 99 Payne James 5 M W Tenn
20 99 99 Payne Joanna 2 F W Tenn

1850 Federal Census Carter County, Tennessee (the 9th Civil District: File 1 of 1)

24 66 66 Paine Anderson 53 M F farmer 400 Tenn
REMARKS: Married 1830
25 66 66 Paine Rhoda 49 F W Tenn
26 66 66 Paine Nancy E. 19 F W Tenn
27 66 66 Paine Martha R. 17 F W Tenn
28 66 66 Paine Lavina P. 15 F W Tenn
29 66 66 Paine William A. 12 M W Tenn
30 66 66 Paine Sarah C. 5 F W Tenn

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