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Subject: Re: [PEASE-L] Great Baddow Peases
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 09:30:41 -0000
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I am an English Pease, by marriage, and over here there is also belief of
the name being derived from a) a grower or farmer of peas, spelt pease
historically, and b) a peaceful or gentle man. It must be remembered that
surnames were not used except in families with land to pass on, until the
thirteenth century, and even then they were often changed. So a man born to
a blacksmith called Thomas in a village called Stratford, might start life
as Thomas Smith, but he went on to grow vegetables and became known as
Thomas Pease to differentiate him from his father. Later he moved from his
home village and became known as Thomas from Stratford, and that would
become his surname and be passed down the family. As long as people who
needed to knew who you were they didn't worry about it then. Similarly the
Thomas above might have been called Thomas Smithson, i.e. son of the smith.
Over here the names Pease and Peace are interchangeable, and I have also
found Peas, Pays and even Paice in the same family.

May I also say that over here we never say Essex county, it is either the
county of Essex, or just Essex. There are a few counties with towns of the
same name, when county of would be used, but never Essex county. The only
exception is County Durham, which has always been so called to tell it apart
from the city of the same name. When I see Essex county on a message I know
it is from an american.

I know that we use town and city differently from americans, so here goes.
Apart from some very newly created ones, a city is a town with a cathedral
in it, a town used to have it's own council, and was of a reasonable size,
often with several parishes in it, a village was smaller, usually a single
parish, sometimes a part of a parish, sharing the church and priest, parish
council etc. and a hamlet was a small settlement of a few houses with no
parish church.
Therefore a very big area can be a town, unless, and this is rare, it is
granted city status by the Queen. This is normally done to mark a special
occasion such as the recent jubilee. Equally there are some very small
cities because historically a cathedral was built there, usually pre


Bev Pease

Chichester UK

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Subject: [PEASE-L] Great Baddow Peases

> I will be posting almost daily excerpts from my book to the list in the
> hopes of promoting discussion, comments and questions. I guess the best
> place to start is at the beginning. So in the next few weeks, I'll try to
> cover the early generations of the Pease family. We'll start with the four
> generations prior to the emigration of Robert & John. A lot of this is
> in the two earlier Pease genealogies, which I would like to call from here
> on out the 1869 and 1982 books:
> The Pease name is common in Eastern England. One theory is that the name
> its' foundation in the Latin language, and was originally written as Pise
> the Italians. The family was also found in Germany in 972, where the
> spelling of the name was Pies or Pees. A coat of arms of the Saxon
> was granted during the reign of Otto II, Emperor of Germany from 972-981.
> The crest has an eagle's head erased, the beak holding a stalk of pea
> The family name motto is Optiome de Patria Meruit. Making their way into
> England, members of the family made the name conform to Anglo- Saxon as
> Pease about the year 1000. In 1333 Peter de Middleton was "murdered on the
> high road near Dacre Grange in Nidderdale at sun rise on the Wednesday
> before Michaelmus", by Thomas Pease and another. The murderers stabbed
> victim with barbed arrows, and robbed him of a purse, 10 s in money, a
> silver seal, a silk girdle, and his sword and buckler." Other than the
> Baddow Pease family, the earliest English vital record found, was in Hull,
> England of John Pease marrying Jun 09, 1583, at Holy Trinity Church in
> Margaret Wilson. It is not known whether this family is related to the
> family from Great Baddow. The earliest records of the Pease family from
> Great Baddow, county Essex, England start with:
> -4 Robert Pease; b. about 1485 in Great Baddow, England; d.1547 in Great
> Baddow; m. Joan who was buried Feb 25, 1552 in Great Baddow. He was known
> "The Smythe". Children of Robert and Joan Pease born in Great Baddow,
> England:
> -3 John b. ca. 1510 bur. Oct 13, 1556 Great Baddow
> Joan b. ca. 1512 bur. Apr 05, 1540 Great Baddow
> Margaret b. ca. 1514 bur. Jan 09, 1545 Great Baddow
> -3 John, son of Robert and Joan Pease; b. about 1510; bur. Oct 13, 1556 in
> Great Baddow; m. Ann who died 1591 in Great Baddow. He was also known as
> "The Smythe". Children of John and Ann Pease born in Great Baddow,
> Margaret b. ca. 1536
> Robert b. ca. 1537 bur. Apr 26, 1552 Great Baddow
> Lettis b. ca. 1539 bur. Jun 11, 1567 Great Baddow
> -2 John b. ca. 1540 bur. Nov 09,1612 Great Baddow
> Edward b. ca. 1542 bur. Jul 28, 1580 Great Baddow
> Alice b. ca. 1544
> Margaret, daughter of John (Robert) and Ann Pease; b. about 1536; d.
> probably in Great Baddow; m. Jan 23, 1564 in Saint Mary's Church, Great
> Baddow, John Byekinir.
> -2 John, son of John (Robert) and Ann Pease; b. about 1540; bur. Nov 09,
> 1612 in Great Baddow; m. Jun 23, 1560 in Saint Mary's Church, Great
> Margaret Hyckes, who was buried Oct 25,1612 in Great Baddow. He was known
> "The Clothier". Children of John and Margaret (Hyckes) Pease born in Great
> Baddow, England:
> Richard b. ca. 1563 d.
> -1 Robert bpt. 1565 d. Apr 16, 1623 Great Baddow
> Mary b. ca. 1567 d.
> Thomas b. ca. 1569 d.
> Joan b. ca. 1571 d.
> Alice b. 1573 d.
> John b. 1575 bur. Oct 05, 1615 Great Baddow
> Alice, daughter of John (Robert) and Ann Pease; b. about 1544 in Great
> Baddow; m. Jun 09, 1560 at St. Mary's in Great Baddow, John Taft.
> Richard, son of John (John, Robert) and Margaret (Hyckes) Pease; b. about
> 1563; m. ____ Prott Feb 04, 1591 and had a son Thomas, who was baptized
> 03, 1591 at Saint Mary's. His first wife died Feb 02, 1604 in Great
> Richard married (2), Nov 12, 1604 at Saint Mary's, Great Baddow, Susan
> Wither.
> -1 Robert, son of John (John, Robert) and Margaret (Hyckes) Pease; b.
> 1565; d. Apr 16, 1623 in Great Baddow; m. 1586 in Great Baddow, Margaret,
> daughter of Francis King, who also emigrated to America. She was born
> 1574, and died Sep 01, 1644 in Salem, MA. Robert was known as "The
> Locksmith". His will was dated May 10, 1623, and proved Jun 12, 1623. In
> he mentions his wife, Margaret, sons Robert and John, daughter, Elizabeth,
> son-in-law, Abraham Page, and brother-in-law, Francis King. Children of
> Robert and Margaret (King) Pease born in Great Baddow, county Essex,
> England; William, John, Mary, Elizabeth and John were baptized in Saint
> Mary's Church in Great Baddow:
> Margaret bpt. Dec 10, 1587 d.
> 1 Robert bpt. Oct 08, 1589 d. Oct 27, 1644 Salem, MA
> William bpt. Sep 26, 1591 d. Jul 1623 Great Baddow, Eng.
> John bpt. May 24, 1593 d. Jan 1600 Great Baddow, Eng.
> Mary bpt. Jan 10, 1602 d.
> Elizabeth bpt. Sep 1602 d.
> Richard bpt. Apr 04, 1607 d. Apr 05, 1607
> 2 John bpt. Nov 20, 1608 d.
> Mary, daughter of John (John, Robert) and Margaret (Hyckes) Pease; b.
> 1567; m. 1586, Benjamin Carter
> Thomas, son of John (John, Robert) and Margaret (Hyckes) Pease; b. about
> 1569; m. Sara. Children of Thomas and Sara Pease born in Great Baddow,
> England:
> Sara bpt. Mar17, 1611 bur. May 31, 1613
> Thomas bpt. Feb 02, 1614
> Sara bpt. Apr 1616
> Luke bpt. Jun 1618 bur. Dec 21, 1619
> Deborah bpt. Apr 09, 1627
> Elizabeth bpt. Feb 02, 1629
> Daniel bpt. Nov 1632
> Alice, daughter of John (John, Robert) and Margaret (Hyckes) Pease; b.
> 1573; m. Apr 16, 1627 in St. Mary's Church, John Clarke.
> Elizabeth, daughter of Robert (John, John, Robert) and Margaret (King)
> Pease; bpt Sep 1602 in Great Baddow, England; m. Abraham Page. One of her
> sons emigrated to Salem, MA.
> Rick in Taunton, MA
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