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Subject: RE: [PEDEN-L] MacFadyen Tartan
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 00:31:48 -0500

Hello Clare,

The relationship of Peden to MacFadyen is:
1. -Mac or Mc means "Son of"
2. -MacFadyen in Gaelic is "MacPhaidein" meaning "Son of Paidin"
3. -Gaelic is the Scottish Highlands Language.
4. -Therefore Peden and MacFadyen are the same name.
Look at the website and on the History page will explain more. Peden is spelled many different ways. And we originated on the Isle of Mull.

A Sept is a branch or division of a family or clan. Means at one time or another we asked for protection from that clan and fought with them or we married into them and became a part of the Clan.

With the Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie: When Hector Maclaine went to claim the lands given to him by the MacDonalds, he found the lands already under the possession of the McFadyens. For mutual protection (from various raiders and neighboring tribes), the McFadyen Chief granted him permission to build a fort at the head of Lochbuie. After the castle was completed, Maclaine used the Castle to wage war on the McFadyens! Legend says that Hector
climbed to the top and shot an arrow through a bone that the McFadyen Chief was eating. Not being foolish, the McFadyen Chief removed himself from the scene. Whether Maclaine was aiming for the bone, and hit, or at McFadyen, and missed, is a matter of speculation (and perspective). So basically they ran us off our land and offered us dwelling and protection. Very nice of them huh? Anyway that's how we became a Sept of their clan. But, I was like Cousin John from Wisconsin, who just knew there was something out there on us because we were such and old family deeply rooted in Scottish tradition. Thanks to the Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie, they helped us find what we were searching for by telling us we were the Clan MacFadyen. Not a very big one, but a very old and honorable one. The MacFayden Dress and Hunting Tartan was registered in the 19th century, but the woman registered it with a piece of the original ancient pattern, which gives us the actual pattern they wore. The !
Crest Badge is a different story. To date, I have found none, but John has came across two Coat of arms. One Peden and one Fadden. The Clan Crest Badge uses the top portion of the arms. We know that Peden was a very religious family and the Fadden arms have 3 crosses in it which is probably correct for our badge. But as you know, Coat of Arms was given specifically to a certain person and can only be displayed by that particular family. We have to do more research on this, but to be correct for the moment, you use the Maclaine of Lochbuie badge with the MacFadyen Tartan.

The other clans are the same way. We asked for protection or married in. And are allowed to wear their Tartan and Badge if we choose.

As a Sept of a clan, we are allowed to wear their Tartan and clan badge. Maclaine of Lochbuie was our main Tartan. But after the further research a Peden cousin from Wisconsin, John Gambrell who's mother was Peden, had been researching our Scottish background for sometime, and called the 26th Chief of the Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie "Lorne Gillian Iain Maclaine of Lochbuie" from South Africa, and he gave him the records the Clan had on Peden/MacFadyen. Also, he told him to call Keith R. Peden Assistant Washington State Commissioner, who is an Officer in the Clan. He called Keith and he verified the information given by the Clan Chief, and said the MacFadyen was the correct Peden Clan because Peden spelled in Gaelic is MacFadyen. "Son of Paidin" and there are many spellings of the name. He said all the Mac's and Mc's are "Son of" such as : MacDonald = Son of Donald, MacGregor = Son of Gregor etc.... In certain Clans such as ours, the phonic Gaelic spelling came into play!
. It's why you have so many different spellings of the name. Such as : MacFadyen = Son of Paidin, Maclaine/MacLean = Son of Gillian, etc..... Most of the Highland Clans used the Mac or Mc prefix to their names. With all the evidence I have seen in books and talking to researchers at the Highland games and talking to several clan chiefs, my interpretation was that using the Mac/Mc prefix was a basically a fad of the time.

As for Peden:

This is the earliest documented history of the Peden family which is located on the Clan PEDEN International website under Peden of Scotland History page :

James Beton (Petun) a Presbyterian minister converted Hector
of Lochbuie to the covenant of new faith. He was the first of the
MacLeans to become Protestant. Hector changed his last name to
the phonic spelling of Maclean which is MacLaine and since then his
family is known as Maclaine of Lochbuie. James Petun also went
phonic and became James Pethein. The feud that developed between
the two branches of MacLean-MacLaine went on for years and to
this day they remain separate families. Both were involved in Scotland
troubles and wars through the years.

James Pethein's son Alexander Pethein petitioned James VI of
Scotland for lands formerly granted in Ayrshire, and toward the end
of the 16th Century moved to Sorn in the eastern part of Ayrshire
from the Isle of Mull at Lochbuie and became known as Alexander
Pethein, The Laird of Aucheniongford, a minor baron land holder and
friend to the Boswells. He married Margaret Hamilton, a cousin of
James VI and daughter of Sir James Hamilton III and Janet Beaton
(Petun). Sir Alexander Pethein must have had 5 sons, for in the early
part of the 17th century there were 6 farms in Ayrshire owned by
them, Auchentoigh, Auchmannoch, Blindburn, Hilhead Burnshields
and the one of Aucheniongford. Only 3 land owners could be found
through records: Hugh, James and Alexander. Hugh in 1611 was heir
in Sorn, Alexander in Helhead,and James in Burnshield. Now a big
problem arises which it seems each of the 5 sons had sons named
James and Alexander. So we end with 5 Alexander's, and 5 James,
which is almost impossible to trace a particular one except for Hugh.
Hugh Pathin, of Sorn, a Martyr of the Covenant, oldest son was
Alexander "The Prophet". He was named after his grandfather, Sir
Alexander Pethein, The Laird of Aucheniongford. A second son was
named Hugh and he went to Ireland during the period called the
plantation (mid 17th century during the reign of James VI of Scotland
and James of England). Hugh settled in Dunminning, County Antrim
and was listed as Hew Pethein and Hew Patrick of Padric. A third
son William (the London baker), Another son named Mingo who
remained in Scotland, and his youngest son named James where
Alexander Peden the Prophet died in a cave on his land in Sorn.

If your name is spelled Peden-Paden-Padin-Pedan-Pedden etc... you descend from Hugh because when Alexander the Prophet was in college, he spelled his name Peden, and all his brothers started spelling their name this way.

If you trace your ancestry to PA, you descend from William. If you trace your ancestry to VA or SC, you descend from James.

Hope this explains a little bit, but there are many books on the Clan System of Scotland and the different Clans, and many websites on them. I have several on the Clan PEDEN International Website links page. The PEDEN is a very honorable and very religious family. Scott to the core. They were always willing to give their life for truth and their beliefs. Something you can be very proud of.

Bellow is the known spellings of our Surname:

Paidin, Phaidean, Patrick, Paton, Padraig Padan, Padon, Padyen,
Patein, Pateman, Paten , Patone, Patonson Patonsoun, Pautoun,
Patoune, Patoun, Patowne, Patovnson Pattinson , Patynson, Patten,
Patton, Pattoun, Pattoune, Pattounsoun Pattowsone, Pawton,
Pawtonsoun, Pawtoun, Pawtoune, Pedan Peden, Pedin, Pedden,
Petensen, Pethein , Pethin, Patenesone Peathine, Petun, Peathine,
Paden, Padyn, Patrick, Padric, Padden Pothein, Pothoin, Pothin,
Pethine, Petein, Pathin, Beton, Beaton, MacFadyen, Fadyen, MacFadin,
MacFadion, MacFadwyn, MacFadyean , MacFadyon, MacFaddien,
MacFaddin, MacFadzan, MacFadzean, MacFadzein, MacFadzeon,
MacFayden MacFeyden, MacPaden, Macpadene , MacPhadden,
MacPhaiden Makfadieane, Makfadzane, McFaddan, McFaddin,
McFadzen McFayeane, McFydeane, McKfadyean, McPhadan,
McPhaddion McPhaden , McPhadzen, McPhaiden, McPyden,
McSpadden M'Faden, M'Fadzean, M'Fadzeane, M'Fadzeans ,
M'Fadzeon M'Faggaine, M'Fedden, M'Phaden, M'Phadden,

Most of the above information on the MacFadyen is on the Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie Website just follow the "Septs and Tartans of the Clan" Link:

If anyone is interested in ordering the family Tartan just use the information in my earlier post. It is a great deal in a quality Tartan, if you know what Tartans actually sell for.

Special thanks for information:

John Gambrell - WI
James Mark Paden - SC
Keith Peden - WA
George Peden - OH
Henry Peden - MA
Chief Lorne Gillian Iain Maclaine of Lochbuie - South Africa
Lyle MacFadyen - British Columbia
James Maclaine - GA
Warren Maclaine - VA
Wilbert A. McClain, Jr. - MI
Robert W. Patton - SC
Rogan Hart Moore - PA
Randall G. Brown - GA
Matt & Tom - Scottish Tartan Musem - NC

Take care Peden,

Terry G. Peden
Dalton, GA
Webmaster - Clan PEDEN International
Member -
Member - Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie

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Terry, what a beautiful tartan!! Now I'm confused, though, what is the
relationship of Peden to MacFadyen ? On your site, it says PEDEN is a
sept of the Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie Also MacDonald of the Isle,
MacBeth, Boyd, Lamont (Pethein), And MacLaren (Pethein). Can you
explain this more fully for those of us who don't understand any of it
<G>?? How do we know if we "belong" to this tartan?
near Fresno, CA

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