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From: "Terry G. Peden" <>
Subject: Re: [PEDEN] James H. PEDEN, GA/MS/AR
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 03:16:30 -0400

Hello Margaret,

Yes, I very much would like a complete extraction of the 1850 Tishomingo
Co., MS Census including children. The 1860 too if possible. Any info
that you can come across will be very helpful. Need to see if any
others are born in GA. I have identified the ones you sent below:

William Paden married Jane McCalla with children: John, Laurens, Baxter,
Jeanette, Adolphus, and Belle. He was a son of Robert W. Peden [page
249 Pedens of America]

David M. Peden married Susan E. Settle chidren: Mary Isabell, Guilford
Reynolds, Joseph Frank, James Porter, Robert Marcus, Bettie Mc., Sarah
Jane, and Mattie S. He was also son of Robert W. Peden. They moved to
Missouri in 1857. [page 251 Pedens of America]

Alexander Peden was probably Robert W. and Dan's brother.
Alexander Peden married Sarah McCalla children: William D., David
Ramsey, Mary J., Eliza, and Thomas G. [page 257 Pedens of America]

There isn't a Pleasant Paden/Peden listed so this must have been a
middle name used of one of the children.

If your James was born in Georgia in 1828 (his census age), these are
the Peden's who were on the 1830 census with a son 0-5 years old:

Gwinnett Co., GA
Page Line Name
362 1 Jas. D. PEDAN
359 5 S. D. PEDAN

Coweta Co., GA
372 25 William PEYTON

Madison Co., GA
103 21 Cornelus PEYTON
118 26 Moreah PEYTON (female)

Hopefully, we will be able to figure this out soon. Keep in touch!

Take Care,


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Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 8:14 PM
Subject: Re: [PEDEN] James H. PEDEN, GA/MS/AR

> Hi, Terry. Thanks for writing. I think you may very well be right, and
> James H. Peden may just have been staying with kin in Tishomingo
> although it's impossible to tell at this point. Aside from that
> record, the only other mention I have found so far of James H. was
that he
> was called for jury duty in 1851.
> I've been doing a lot looking around the Tishomingo County and other
> sites. There are just a lot of Paden (Peden) records in Tishomingo. I
> called the Family History Center in Carson City, and they said they
> order some records for me, so I'm getting the 1850 census, the
> listings, the court and probate records, the will book, and the deed
> index. I'm hoping from all of that I can find some clue as to what
> relationship was to these Pedens. If you are interested in info on the
> of the Pedens there, as well, I'll pass it along.
> At any rate, just from what I've found and what I received from a
> volunteer, James was not the son of Robert. Robert had James M. Paden,
> b SC on the 1850 census, but this James was also on the 1860 census
and his
> mother, Elizabeth, 70, was living with him.
> William Paden was appointed executor of Robert Paden's will in Dec
> and he has this listing on the 1850 census:
> PEDEN William 32 farmer SC
> Jane H. 32 SC
> John H. 9 MS
> Samuel L. 7 MS
> Robert B. 5 MS
> Jennette E. 1 MS
> So, William may have been a son of Robert. There is also David M.
> with this listing:
> House 641
> PEDEN David M. 29 farmer SC
> Susan 18 TN
> This David was appointed guardian for someone in January 1855, so
> another son of Robert. Anyway, the probate records and will, if there
> one, should help define some these relationships.
> There is also a Pleasant Paden mentioned as posting surety for a bond,
> an Alexander Peden, 48, b SC, on the 1850 census.
> Thanks again for writing. Please let me know if you want info on these
> other Tishomingo County Pedens and if you find anything more on where
> James may have come from in GA.
> Margaret

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