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From: "Kevin Borland" <>
Subject: [PEDIGO-L] Ark & Dove Prices: Will extracts of some family members
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 09:08:59 -0500

Baltimore Will books (extracts) [My notes are in brackets]
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I marked as not connected the ones that I can't piece into my tree yet,
maybe you can help. Also, of particular interest is the will of Benjamin
Price, who appears to be the son of Mordecai Price and Mary Parsons!
However, the dates don't seem to fit. If this is indeed the correct
Benjamin Price, then he probably was not the father of Bejamin (husband of
Millicent) and the old genealogies may be correct. I am very interested in
your opinion on the matter. You'll see I marked that one up pretty good ,
hoping to spark some discussion.

NOTE ESPECIALLY FOR OHHARRIS: The Wheelers and Coles below are the same
Wheeler and Cole family that settled Jefferson and Harrison Counties

NOTE ESPECIALLY FOR OHCARROL: The Prices are the same Price family that
settled Orange County

NOTE ESPECIALLY FOR PEDIGO: These families all married into the Peregoys
multiple times, so I thought this may be of some interest to some of the
list members.

- -------------------------------------------------------

[Here they are, in no particular order. There is a lot to digest here. I
am anxious to hear your comments]

PRICE, MILLISON [daughter of Abraham Vaughn II and Edith Gist, wife of
Benjamin Price]12-9-1784
Children: John, Rachel, Thomas, Christopher, Edith, Benjamin, Mordecai,
Millinda and Gist Price; brother Christopher Vaughan, who is named Executor.
Wit: John Brown, Benjamin Vaughan and Benjamin Merriman. 5-26-1787.

PRICE, JOHN Sr. [Son of Mordecai Price and Mary Parsons, husband of Rebecca
Wife, Rebekah; children: Benjamin, Mordecai, Isabella, Rachel Wooden,
Ketura Bell, Ann Stevenson, Mary Parish, Elizabeth Price, John; grand
daughter Leah Price daughter of son Aquila Price, dec'd. Executor: son,
Benjamin. Wit: William Tipton Sr., Nicholas Merryman Jr., and William
Harvey. 5-8-1790

PRICE, JOHN (son of Mordecai) [Son of Mordecai Price and Mary Hiatt]
Legatees: Uncle Benjamin Price; brothers and sisters, aunt and cousin,
namely, Jessee Price, Ester Tipton, Mary Price, Phebe Price, Ann Price,
Isable Price and Mary Stephenson. Refers to land in Jefferson County
Virginia. Executor: Uncle Benjamin Price. Wit: Nehmiah Underwood,
William Lynch, and John Kemp. 11-10-1790

COLE, THOMAS [Son of Thomas Cole, husband of Sarah Price, also married
Elizabeth Merryman]8-27-1792
Legatees: grandson Thomas Cole, son of late son, Salathael Cole; daughter
Sophia Price, Rachel Bond, Sara Ford; grand children Eleanor, John, Mary and
Joshua Ford; daughter Ann Bosley; son, Mordecai Cole; son, Thomas; daughter
Rebecca Cole; grandson Thomas Wheeler; all land in Kentucky to grand sons
Stephen, Elisha, Micajah, Salathael and Aquila Cole. Executors: son,
Thomas Cole. Wit: Abraham Scott, Mordecai Price, Abraham Cole Jr., Daniel
Bosley and Thomas Cockey Dye. 1-9-1793. Tracts: Peggy's Delight,
Quartermans Choice, Cole's Desire, Price's Good Will, Conclusion.

WHEELER, WILLIAM Sr. [I can't connect him yet, descendents of this line may
have migrated to Belmont, Ohio]4-12-1794
Wife, Mary; sons, William and Greenbury, Brien; son-in-law Stephen Deaver,
Joseph Hart, Phillip Parks, Patrick Cummings, Thomas Hooper, Henry Cramlet
and William Traplin; grandson Aquila Wheeler, son of Greenbury and grandson
John Deaver; Executors: sons William and Greenbury. Wit: James Kearney,
Michael Boblits and Charles Boblits. 3-17-1795

WHEELER, NATHAN [son of William Wheeler II and Constant Horne]8-1-1796
Children: Joseph, Stephen, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Anne. Anna Wheeler,
wife of Joh. Mentions wife, but not by name. Tracts: Wheeler's Addition,
Constent Persuasion, Tiptons Adventure, Wheeler's Chance and Bachelor's
Neck. Executors: sons, Joseph and Stephen. Wit: Edward Owings, Abraham
Green and Thomas Cole. 10-12-1797

WHEELER, JACOB [I can't connect him yet]6-9-1799
Children: Thomas, Francis, Harriett, John, Sally, Benjamin, Healen, Jacob.
Wife, Ann. Refers to land sold to Benjamin Amoss of Harford County. Refers
to the estate of wofe's father. Executors: wife, Ann and son Thomas. Wit:
John Whitely, Isaac Harvey and Bartholomew Connell. 7-6-1799

GORSUCH, CHARLES [son of John Gorsuch and Elizabeth, husband of Margaret]
Wife, Margaret. Children Norman, Henry, Abarilla Wheeler, Susannah,
Margaret Pindell and Rachel Warrell, John, Elizabeth Lane; children of Ann
Jones, children of daughter Ruth Barton. Executors: son, Norman. Wit:
Joshua Jones, John Bond and Thomas Cockey, son of Edward. 4-30-1806

WHEELER, BENJAMIN [son of William Wheeler II and Isabella Price, husband of
Keziah Murray, this will was also probated in Harrison County, Ohio]
Children: Nicholas, Benjamin, William, Rachel Murray, Elizabeth Bosley,
Isabella Hall, Mordecai, James, Richard, Kezia. Mentions land on the Ohio
River in the District of Stuebenville. Wit: Samuel Price, Daniel Bosley
and John Price. Executor: son, William. Tracts: Wheeler's Fancy, What's
Left, Matthew's Venture and Prices Enlargement [see note in Richard Wheeler
extract below]. Codicil names the children of son, Nicholas and Eli Wolf.

Murray, John [son of Josephus Murray and Ruth Hawkins, husband of Rebecca
Wife Rebecca. Children Richard, John, Thomas, Harriet, Elizabeth, and
Rachel. Executors: wife and friend Richard Colegate. Wit: Nathaniel
Cromwell, Mordecai Hammond and John Reyster. 10-4-1785

WHEELER, SOLOMON [son of J. William Wheeler and Martha West]3-12-1783
Children: Agness Crage, Sarah Ann Hart, Rachael Pearce, Joseph, Thomas
Taylor Wheeler. Wit: Samuel Coale, Richard Gott, Philip Coal and James
Beasing. 3-14-1787

WHEELER, WILLIAM [I can't connect him yet]12-3-1807
Wife, Mary. Children: Sary Thompson, Kitty Wheeler, George Wheeler, Ruth
Wheeler, Elizabeth Wheeler, Mary Wheeler, William Wheeler and Ann Wheeler.
Wit: Nicholas Bull, John Jarrett. 2-3-1808. Tract: White Rickes Balls

WHEELER, RICHARD [son of Benjamin Wheeler and Keziah Murray, husband of
Rachel Bosley]1-22-1808
Legatees: children Caleb, Richard, Kezia, Poleya, Rebecca. Brother
Mordecai, who is named Executor. Wit: Michael Armacost, John Murray Jr.,
Henry Myers and another whose name is illegible. Tracts: Cornhill,
Wheeler's Purchase, Wheeler's Enlargement [this is the same tract that his
father called Price's Enlargement above; the real name of the tract is
revealed in the Harrison County Probate of Benjamin Wheeler's will as Friend
Enlargement], Shillings Meadows, Borings Folly, Borings Chase, Coxes Ketch,
Elijah's Lot and Sports Hall. 3-16-1808

COLE, THOMAS (son of Thomas.) [I can't connect him yet]8-18-1810
Legatees: Wife, Rebecca; Thomas and Wiliam Basley, son of the late John
Basley, Thomas Wheeler and Abraham Cole, son of the late Mordecai Cole, all
my lands in Baltimore County on the West side of the Western Run; Daniel
Basley (Bosley) and Belinda Wheeler, daughter of Benjamin. Executors: wife
and Daniel Basley. Wit: Thomas Love, William Wheeler and Thomas Scott.

PRICE, BENJAMIN [son of Mordecai Price and Mary Parsons?, husband of
Elizabeth Hewitt?; that would make him 105 years old, according to my
information on this Benjamin's birth date!]4-18-1814
Legatees: sisters Elizabeth and Isabella Price, tract called Sepesis Town;
nephew Benjamin Wooden [John Price, son of Mordecai Price and Mary Parsons,
had a daughter Rachel Price that married a Wooden; this is evidence that
this is indeed the son of Mordecai and Mary]; Micajah and John Tipton, all
my lands in the State of Kentucky [The land James Price was born in in
Lexington was probably a nearby tract, but this can't be the same piece of
land since it was all given away to a different family member; conversely,
if this is the progenitor of Christopher Price's family, son Thomas' land in
Kentucky came from somewhere else; more likely this Benjamin is not the
progenitor; the question remains as to whether this is the son of Mordecai
and Mary!]; nephew Nicholas Stevenson [John Price also had a daughter Ann
Price that married a Stephenson, more evidence in favor]; Benjamin Price,
son of Mordecai; Benjamin Price. Executor: friend Walter Worthington.
Wit: John Matthews, Jacob Willson and Joshua Griffen. 4-26-1814

MURRAY, WHEELER [son of Jabez Murray and Mary Wheeler]12-11-1812
Legatees: Son Jonias, tracts called Murrays Ridge, Murrays Chance, and
Rocky Ridge; daughters, Averilla Cox, Cassandra Wheeler, Mary Cox, Rebecca
Marshall and Jemima Christman; granddaughter Elizabeth Richards; daughter
Kezia Murray. Executors: Sons William and Jonas Murray. Wit: John
Murray, Jr., Michael Fowble and Frederick Fowble. 3-6-1816

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