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From: "Richard A. Pence" <>
Subject: Pence - Brandt of Cumerland Co PA and Fairfield OH
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 08:48:55 -0400

Dear Bobbi:

I was not aware of the Brandt genealogy, but the material you quote from it
seems to mesh with what I have collected on this family (which I have
appended to this message. I do not believe this family was related to your
John Pence. Note that John Pence apparently came from Virginia to what is
now Hocking County in the late 1790s and the Brandt/Pence-Bentz families
came to Fairfield County (parent of Hocking) shortly after 1800. I believe
these latter families were in York County prior to moving to Cumberland
County. In the York County material I recently posted on my web site, there
is mention of a Brandt/Bentz connection in Cumberland County.

There are several others working on the origins of John Pence of Hocking and
I hope they will chime in here. Also, I think at least one person is a
descendant of the Brandt/Bentz group, or at least has information relating
to them.

I did have the Wells County, IN, information on George O. Pence, son of
Peter Pence.

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From: Glenn Dodge <>
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Subject: Pence Info

> I just wondered if you have the following two sources for Pence

> 1. "Some Descendants of William Coulston/Some Descendants of Ludwig
> Brandt." Don't have author's name. I have this information because I
> have a Brandt line that I research.
> It is a letter from David & Martha Brandt of Greenfield Twp., Fairfield
> OH, dated 22 May 1837 to John Brandt of Logansport, IN. In part, it says,
> "Marriages there have been some. John Albright is married to Eliza
> Gierhart, Squire Gierhart's daughter; Joseph Pence is married to Frances
> Havens...Jacob Brandt, Adam Brandt Senior and Jacob Pence are all well
> excepting your aunt Barbara Pence, who still labours under considerable
> by times with that complaint in her face; it is reducing her bodily
> considerably.

> There is an explanation of the people at the end and says "Joseph, Jacob
> Pence = The name Pence also occurs in an 1856 letter from May Coulson
> to her sister Rebecca (Mrs. Waitman) Willey. A Henry Pence had apparently
> moved to Iowa, possibly near the Willeys. Jacob Pence seems to have
> John Brand'ts Aunt Barbara, David's sister. Was Joseph their son?"

> Also, in "Standard History of Adams & Wells County, IN," by Tyndall &
> 1918, is a biography of George O. Pence b. 5 Feb 1851 in Harrison Twp,
> Co., IN, a son of Peter & Sarah J. (Sloan) Pence. Peter b. in Hocking Co,
> OH 15 Jul 1817, a son of John Pence. John Pence was a Virginian who
> in Hocking Co., OH, as early as 1798, four years before Ohio admitted to
> Union."

> This John is my ancester, as you know, and where I am deadended in the
> way!

> Bobbi Dodge

>From my "working file" on this family (surname spelled both Bentz and Pence
by these families):

Q1 DAVID PENCE m Barbara Brandt 4 Oct 1797 Cumberland Co PA (she was b 12
Sep 1778, d 7 Apr 1850, dau of Adam Brandt and Eve Metzger; after David's
death in 1802 she married Jacob Pence (his brother, Q2 below). Children:

Q11 MICHAEL b 30 Aug 1798 Cumberland Co PA; d 16 Sep

Q12 JACOB b 30 May 1800 Cumberland Co PA; d 15 Aug 1854;
to Fairfield Co OH.

Q13 ADAM b 6 Mar 1802 Cumberland Co PA. Child:


Q132 ELIZABETH (BETTY) m _____ Pennington.

Q2 JACOB b 5 Apr 1774 Cumberland Co PA [a (JOHN) JACOB PENCE, son of PHILIP
& Agnes (Opp) was b 1 Apr 1774 York Co PA]; d 27 Aug 1852 Fairfeld Co OH; m
Barbara Brandt 1802; from Cumberland Co to Fairfield Co in 1802. Children:

Q21 EVA b 7 Jun 1805 Fairfield Co OH; m John Cook.

Q22 NANCY b 8 Jul 1807 Fairfield Co OH; d 24 Jan 1888 OH; m
Samuel Graybill 21 Sep 1830 Lancaster, Fairfield Co OH.

Q23 PHILIP [M.D.] b 30 Sep 1809 Fairfield Co OH.

Q24 MARY (POLLY) b 2 Jan 1812 Fairfield Co OH; d 24 Dec
1832; m Hezekiah Brooke c1829.

Q25 JOSEPH b 9 Jul 1815 Fairfield Co OH.

Q26 EFFIE b 21 Dec 1817 Fairfield Co OH; m Reuben Alspaugh
28 May 1838 Fairfield Co.

Q27 HENRY b 7 May 1820 Fairfield Co OH; bur Page Co IA; m
Louise M. _____ [she b 1823/4 OH, called Maria L. in 1860
census, Louise M. in 1900]; in Linn Co IA in 1860; to Nodaway
Co MO; in 1900 census of MO with wife & "son" Arthur C.
Cobden, b - Jan 1862 WI; they living with son-in-law Putnam R.
Lawrence in Nodaway Co in 1910. Children include:

Q271 CALISTA MINERVA b 29 Oct 1846 Fairfield Co OH; m
Putnam R. Lawrence.

Q272 LUELLA b 1857 IA.

Q28 LAMPSON b 7 Sep 1822 Fairfield Co OH; d 22 Feb 1863
Young's Point LA of disease while in Union Army; m Mariah L.
Cavendar c1850 [she b 1828 NY; probably her mother, Julia
Cavender, 73, b Ireland, with the family in 1860]; in Linn Co IA
in 1860 census. Children [from 1860 census]:

Q281 ISAAC NEWTON b 22 Mar 1851 Fairfield Co OH; d 25
Sep 1940 Glendale, Los Angeles Co CA; m Emma Alice Gray
c1883; lived in Linn Co IA, many years in Jewell Co KS & in
1892 to Wheatland, Platte Co WY; but was in Sheridan Co KS
in 1900. Children [from 1900 census; said to be five; one son
m Ruth Garlock & lived CA 1955]:

Q2811 W. M. b - Aug 1884 KS.

Q2812 EDNA LEO b 22 May 1886 Jewell Co KS; d 21 Jan

Q2813 G. N. b - Feb 1889 KS.

Q2814 F. L. b - Feb 1891 KS.

Q2815 _____.

Q282 ISMELDA b 1854 IA.

Q283 NORMAN D. b 1856 IA; probably the Norman Pense, b -
Oct 1857 IA, who m Phebe _____ c1882 and was in Caswell
Co KS 1900 with these children:

Q2831 MILTON b - Nov 1883 KS; probably the Milton G. who
married Mary Leola Roberson c1910 and had daughter:

Q28311 NINA GRAY b 28 Sep 1912; m Harold Hendricks
Hale 1 Jul 1933 Logan UT [b 1 Oct 1901 Marysville ID].

Q2832 NINA b - May 1887 KS.

Q2833 STERRIS [?] b - Nov 1893 KS [son].

Q284 EFFIE E. b 1859 IA.


Note: Also in Fairfield County in the period 1800-1810 were Frederick Pence
and John Pence. The latter was in that part of the county that became a part
of Hocking Co and the former may also have been. Frederick could be related
either to the family above or to John Pence of Hocking County.


Cumberland Co. PA

1790 census lists PETER PENCE & PHILIP PENCE.

1800 census:

PHILIP - one m 10-15, one 16-25, one 26-45; two f under 10, one over 45;
Allen Twp.

PHILIP - one m 10-15, two 16-25, one over 45; two f under 10, one 10-15, one
16-25, one 26-44; West Penns Borough Twp.

JACOB served as ensign in Cumberland Co brigade 28 Aug 1793.

PETER [3rd Bat] & JACOB [age 18-45, 4th Bat] listed in Cumberland brigade 4
Feb 1793.

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