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Here is what my dad sent me. It seems I have orgin in Orangeburg, S.C. via my granddad, Theoff Pendarvis...

I did a little field research over five decades ago. I physically came across a whistle stop (small abandon town) along a set of railroad tracks in SE Georgia. That was near Brunswick, GA. Newspaper clippings indicated that those Pendarvis folks, obviously white, were stately folks from England.

My father had a co-worker who upon visiting London, England, saw a castle with the name on it. It seems that the name's origins is from Greece (Mediterranean). It's original spelling is in two parts. Hence the reason why I started spelling my last name as Pen Darvis.

Unfortunately when I did that, computers changed my last name to Darvis and my middle name to Pen. So I added the hyphen (-) to keep computers from completely changing my name. Hence I use

As far as I had been told, we got the name Pendarvis from our slave masters. That of course is another way of white folks trying to cut us off from our true heritage.

Anyway, I was more interested in the root of the name than in our for-bearers because of my assumption that we were just descendants of slaves. That assumption may be wrong especially in light of recent DNA connections between USA blacks and African royalty blacks.

However, you appear to be not so much interested in the name origin as in our for-bearers. That may require some boots on the ground researching throughout Georgia and especially in and around the midlands of South Carolina.

>From time to time I Goggle my name just to see what comes up. Once there was a white teenager with my first and last name in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, your grandfather's name was Theoff. Sometimes the system spells it with one "F." Your grandmother's name was Agnes Ann Edwards. Theoff was from Orangeburg, SC and Agnes was from Erhart, SC. Your uncle's name is Christopher Theoff Pendarvis and your aunt's name is Valerie Ann Serrette.

Theoff had seven brothers and one sister. His father's name was Camlin Pendarvis. I don't recall Camlin's wife's name. He died before I was born.

Agnes also came from a brood of nine siblings. Her mother's name was Carrie Edwards. Her father died when she was a toddler. As far as I remember Agnes had at least three sisters and the rest were brothers. Some of my uncles and aunts had a rather colorful life, bordering on some unlawfulness but nothing serious.

As far as I know, still living, you have a grand aunt and uncle outside of DC, with different last name than Edwards, due to marriage and a grand aunt, my god-mother Gussie Pendarvis and her daughter, Dr Clastine Pendarvis, living in Brooklyn, NY.

I'll see what else I can find out. I'm also curious as to what you find out. Take care, love Dad

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