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From: "Heather " <>
Subject: Re: [Penfold] WILLIAM PENFOLD
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 13:12:16 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
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Hello Julie
Noticed the Penfold info. Would you know anything of William Penfold and
Sarah Duffel married 1749 Shipley.
John 1749
Sarah 1752
Mary 1759 married William Carter 1782 Nuthurst

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From: Julie Martin
Date: 02/09/06 12:56:07
Subject: Re: [Penfold] WILLIAM PENFOLD

Hi Fran

I was interested to read this email re James of Newdigate's parentage.
I do not believe he is the son as James of Shipley as you suggest. I
Believe him to be the son of William and Lucy of Kirdford born c1741. I
Have no firm evidence for this, not even a baptism but my reasons are
Outlined below:

1) James died Mar 1801 Newdigate aged 59
2) He was legally settled in Newdigate from Kirdford in 1 Jan 1769 with
His wife Mary and two children (they were probably already living there
As both their children had been baptised there.
3) An Elijah Penfold was also living in Newdigate at this time. He is
Almost certainly the son of William and Lucy bap. Nov 1749 Kirdford.

Incidentally (again with little solid proof as yet) I believe this Elijah
To be the father of James (mar. Jemima Vaughn)
1) Elijah had Newdigate connections - had lived in Newdigate, had family
In Newdigate and died in Newdigate.
2) James (marr. Jem. Vaughan) is the most likely candidate to be the
James P. Recorded on 1851 Census at Hogs Hill, Crawley as born Horne.
3) Elijah had children born Horne (though no bap. Found for James, nor
His sister Sarah (marr. William Finch Newdigate 1807)) Thomas of
Twickenham Farm, Newdigate is also almost certainly Elijah's son.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this plus any evidence for or
Against this theory which you might have.

Best wishes
Julie Martin

> Dear Heather,
> I think I can help and you may have helped me!
> I have not been researching my mother's side of the family for very long,
> having spent some years on my fathers'. Herbert Penfold was my Grandfather
> my mother's side.
> I have taken the tree back on paper to James Penfold, born 9.12.1770, in
> Newdigate. I think James's father may well have been James Penfold born
> 24.7.1726 in Shipley in Sussex, who married Mary.
> James's (1726) parents were William Penfold who married Sarah Bail (Ball?)

> 16.5.1717.
> As your William was born in Shipley and his children's names tally, I
> he is almost certainly the son of William and Sarah, my lot have links to
> Newdigate and Nuthurst as well.
> Hope this helps, do get in touch if you agre that we are probably related!

> Cheers
> Fran
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