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Subject: Re: [PENNA-DUTCH-L] Meaning of "Wos Wit"
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 10:56:24 EST

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> Thank you to "Pa. Dutch Bill" who indicates that "Wos Wit" means "What do
> you want". I am someone stumped by this as the Pa. Dutch (German) word for
> "want" is "wille" (pronounced "willa") or "wolle" (pronounced "wolla") or
> a form of these. For example, you would say " Sie will ihn gaar net
> sehne." meaning "She doesn't want to see him at all."
> Could it be that the word "wit" as in "Wos Wit" is Pa. Dutch slang?
Dennis, Just a guess but might Wos Wit actually translate to "what's with
you?" which would in effect have the meaning of "what do you want?"


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