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From: "Carmen M. Johnson" <>
Subject: [PENNINGTON-L] Some Group 7 news...
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 20:34:50 -0700

Dear Listers,
Today I have received info about two interesting documents. The first
is a transcription of the document from Benajah Pennington giving power of
attorney to Zephaniah Bell to take care of the details of his father's will.
It is dated 19 Jul 1813. This transcription is from Barb Temple...I will
put the document on the Group 7 website as soon as receive it in the mail...

This is from Barren County Kentucky Deed Book C, Page 252. Begin

Know all men by these presents that I Benajah Pennington of the County of
Barren and State of Kentucky do constitute
and appoint Zephiniah (sic) Bell of the same State and County my lawful
Agnt and Attorney to do and transact all my business of every
description, and act in my place and Stead in ever thing wherein I may be
interested or concerned in the State of North Carolina and especially to
sue for or otherwise Collect, all claims, dues, demand rights of any or
description, Legacies, Inheritances etc etc to which I may be entitled in
said State from the representatives or from the estate of my deceased
father Micajah Pennington or from any other person and I do impower my
said Attorney to sue and
act in every in every (sic) respect in the same way in the aforesaid
business as I myself could, and his acts shall be
obligatory on me Witness my hand and Seal this 19th July 1813


Benajah X Pennington ( al) (sic)


State of Kentucky Barren County To Wit I William Logan Clerk of the
County Court for the aforesaid County of Barren
being duly authorised by Law to receive the acknowledgment and proof and
admit to record in my office Deeds and
other writings do hereby certify that Benajah Pennington a party
(Grantor) to the within or foregoing Power Power (sic)
of Attorney personally came before me and acknowledged the said Power of
Attorney to be his act and Deed for the purposes therein Specified In
Testimony whereof I have hereunto Subscribed my name and affixed the the
Seal of my Office this 19th day of July 1813

W. Logan clk

End of transcription.

The second piece of info is a letter from Daniel Pennington to his son John
Wesley Pennington. The info that we had from before had put Daniel as a son
of Levi, Sr. (son of Micajah) the info in this letter leads me to believe
that he should be Levi, Sr's grandson through his son Levi. Here is a
transcription of this letter. (I transcribed it just as I saw it) It is
from Wayne King...and I will post the scan on to the website within a few

State of Tennessee, Johnson County
April 11, 1884

der son itake this opertunity wrighting you a few lines to let you now that
i am well at this time hopeing these lines find you all well i will in form
you that i'm at your unkle Andrew Pennington to ...and James Kins is sout
here and well and hearty and we are going to your unkle Levi pennington and
i do not now hwen we will go back now iwil right to you when i take another
to ? and right to me and let me now how your all giting along and if you are
all wel you ned not to be uneasy on bout me for iam with my friends and ilik
to be with them and i want to to answer me as soon as you can and tell all
the good news that you here and how all ? is giting along in our county a
few lines to ? from James King I want you to take good care of my mare and
sheep til i come home and do the best you can and i will be satisifed and
wil be glat to her from you all we come from shelby penningon in three days
and we go on the home at Mossy Creek and got it at? so I will close at this
hoping to her from you soon to Mr. John Wesly Penington from Daniel
Penington and we in ? friend A. W. Penington.

Let me know any comments or questions...
Carmen Johnson
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