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From: William Pennington <>
Subject: Re: [Pennington-L] Re: Grp 10 cousins with this Grp 3 member
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 15:15:09 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Cousins,
My grandmother Gladys, was a Menefee, and the male line was unbroken right up to her father, DeWitt Clinton Menefee. Of course she changed her name after marriage.

William Menefee Pennington
Group 3

Nicholas Penington <> wrote:
Bill's Menefee connection is a maternal one so it is not
represented at all in the Y-chromosome. If it is a direct maternal line of
Bill's mother (unlikely) then one could determine the mitochondrial DNA
signature of Bill's grandmother (Menefee) but remember that she may have
been a Menefee by marriage only (actually at some point all female lines
have their surname only by marriage). Anyway the Y-chromosome tells us
only about Pennington direct male lines. By the way Rene'e we have group
3's DNA covered, although it is not up to me to tell you by whom ;-) Stay
tuned for an interesting result since group three traces back to the UK in
the early 17th century!!!

"Rene'e Davis"
09/08/2005 07:24 PM
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cc: (bcc: Nicholas Penington/Downstate)
Subject: [Pennington-L] Re: Grp 10 cousins with this Grp 3 member

Hi Wiliam,
Do you know or has anyone asked about doing a Pennington/Menefee DNA
test? The results will surely be interesting. We might ask Nick, (DNA
Master) if getting a DNA sample from a Pennington and Menefee, would their
sequence show the approximate time of the merge that William has come up
with on paper? (Of course, this questions is "in a perfect world and no
breaks in the line)
Just curious..

Rene'e Davis
ARD, Family Groups
PRA - Group 9
Pennington Research Association, Inc.
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From: William Pennington
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 8:53 PM
Subject: [Pennington-L] Grp 10 cousins with this Grp 3 member

Hi Cousins,
For any interested Grp. 10 cousins. Nimrod Hurst b. abt. 1802 who
married Mary "Polly" Pennington b. abt. 1802, was my second cousin 6 times
removed. It seems that Nimrod Hurst's mother was Martha "Pattey" Menefee.
My Grandmother's maiden name was Menefee and both she and Martha "Pattey"
were descended from John Menefee Sr. b, abt. 1656. So we are both
Pennington & Menefee cousins. I'd love to exchange data.

William Menefee Pennington
Group 3

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