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Subject: Another Roxborough, PA RIGHTER
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 20:41:35 EDT

Peter RIGHTER (d.1819) was married to Elizabeth TINUS on October 30,
1759...Peter was the son of Bartholomew RIGHTER and Elizabeth. Bartholomew was a
brother to Michael RIGHTER who's will and family info I sent earlier.

Here is his Peter RIGHTER's will that I found at

Peter RIGHTER, Roxborough Township. Phila. Co.
October 2, 1817. June 26, 1819.
Book 7, Page.30.

To my wife, Elizabeth RIGHTER, and after her decease, estate to be sold
and proceeds to my nine grandchildren, the children of my son, John
RIGHTER, deceased, son, Joseph RIGHTER, granddaughter, Hannah JONES,
daughter of my daughter, Mary JONES, deceased, granddaughter, Elizabeth
RIGHTER, daughter of son, Anthony RIGHTER, deceased, daughter-in-law,
Rebecca RIGHTER, widow of son, Anthony, daughter-in-law, ____, widow of
son John RIGHTER. Exec: Friend, John LIVEZEY of Roxborough Township,
Phila. Co., miller. Witnesses: Joseph LIVEZEY, Thomas LIVEZEY.

Notice the surnames LIVEZEY and JONES....

Now providing that the information that I have pieced together from the
internet is correct...

1. I do have a Thomas LIVEZEY in my family info. He was married to Martha
KNOWLES born April 23, 1723. Martha was the daughter of John KNOWLES and Ann

Thomas LIVEZEY and Martha had a daughter Martha who was born June 03, 1755
in 'Glen Fern', Roxboro, Philadelphia Co., PA.

Martha (the daughter) married Peter ROBESON who was born in Philadelphia, PA
on November 30, 1748. Peter is of the same ROBESON family that married into
the POTTS family.

2. I have an Evan JONES that was married to Elizabeth KNOWLES.

Elizabeth was Martha (KNOWLES) LIVEZEY's sister.

I really do think that the RIGHTERs are connected somehow to the RUTTERs and
POTTS of Colebrookdale, PA. These surnames are all intertwining. I have a
few JONESes and LIVEZEYs in my family tree that connect to the
ROBESON/RUTTER/RAMBO/POTTS families in some way.

Any thoughts?

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