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From: Carol Stevens <>
Subject: RE: [PENNY-L] Return to Genealogy of JC PENNEY
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 18:28:57 -0500

Line per the book "Penney and ALlied Families" published
1963 goes like this:

Rev. John Penney, born Nov. 10, 1759 Hanover Co, Va.
MARRIED Frances White of Hanover Co. VA in 1785, then
they moved to Kentucky.

Rev., Eli Penney, born APril 6, 1799, near Lawrenceville
(Then Mercer Co), now Anderson Co KY. MARRIED July 1821 to
Mary , called Polly Burris. They eventually moved to

Rev. James Cash Penney born Dec. 29, 1841 near Mirablile,
Caldwell Co, Missouri MARRIED Sept. 28, 1862 in Anderson
Co. KY to Mary Frances Paxton.

James Cash Penney, born Sept. 16, 1875 near Hamilton
Caldwell Co., Missouri MARRIED 3 times, first Berta A.
Hess by whom he had 2 sons, Roswell and JC. JC. died
young, Roswell died just months after his father (if my
mind is remembering the dates correctly) in Florida.

Roswell and his brother are 3rd cousins 3 times removed to
my 3 sons, via Berta. <GGG> If you follow that you get
bonus points.

My suggestion, get a copy of the book, I got through the
LDS FHC. It is on film.

Cheers :-) Carol

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From:bill Penny [SMTP:]
Sent:Sunday, February 14, 1999 3:48 PM
Subject:[PENNY-L] Return to Genealogy of JC PENNEY

Hi Folks--

Like many of us on this list, I have come across several
relatives who
"thought" they were related to the retailer JC PENNEY. I
was curious enough
some years ago to check out a biography of him to see what
his family
history would tell. Then I figured that he was not
connected to my PENNY

But I recently received a copy of a letter that JC PENNEY
wrote in 1969, in
response to a query from a cousin of mine. In the letter he
said that his
father was JCP (Sr.), his grandfather was Eli PENNEY, b.
KY, and his
great-grandfather was John PENNEY of VA--and that John was
a veteran of the
Rev. War.

I had not seen reference to a John PENNEY before in the JCP
line, but I
have a John P. b. ca 1742 ( in PA?) who married Margaret
____ ca 1769. I
expect some of you readers have more definite information
for the genealogy
of JC PENNEY, and I would appreciate extra information.


Bill Penny
(Once in awhile the clerk at Penney's will notice my
name--but do you think
he / she will give me a discount?!?)

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