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From: "Ruth Walsh" <>
Subject: [PERRY] William Perry son of Hugh Perry Sr.
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 16:47:06 -0400

I'm seeking information about William Perry b. ca 1772 son of Hugh Perry Sr.
b. 1749 Charles Co., MD removed to Fairfied District, SC. I believe William
Perry, posit son of Hugh Perry Sr., to be the father of James W. Perry b.
6-19-1818 in Fairfield District of SC died 11-6-1852. Does anyone know what
happened to William? Who was his wife? Names of his children? Here's some
data that pertains to these families.

1820 Census for Fairfield District, SC revealed
p. 143 William - I misplaced the numbers but discounted this William
p. 147 Lewis - 000101/00101
p. 147 Rachel - 101100/10100
p. 147 Isaac - 230010/02010
p. 148 George - 000010/00000
p. 149 Elizabeth 000100/00011
p. 152 Hugh Sr. 000101/01101- (if over 45 may be 1st wife or wife before
Margaret if there was one.
p. 153 James 000010/10001
p. 153 William 110010/10100 - is one of these sons James W. Perry?
p. 153 Hugh Jr 000100/10100
p. 154 John 010101/01101
p. 155 Makr. 000020/00000

The 1830 census for Fairfield District, SC revealed these Perry households:
p.359 Isaac 1211200100000/1011001000000
p.359 Lewis 110000000a000/1100010001000
p.392 William 0111100100000/0110201000000 - is one of these sons "our" James
W. Perry?
p.398 Hugh (Jr) 0100010000000/1110010000000
p.402 Hugh (Sr) 0000000010000/0000110010000 -***
p.402 Joseph 2000100000000/0000100000000
p.402 William 0000100000000/0000100000000

1837, April 1 Hugh Perry purchased 2 plots of land in Pickins Co. one for
40.04a and the other for 40.04 a.

1837 April 10 Solomon Perry purchased 40.06a of land in Chambers Co., AL -
not from Fairfield SC Perry fam

1837 April 10 Hiram Perry purchased 2 plots of land each for 39.8875a in
Chambers Co., AL -- ot from Fairfield SC Perry fam

1837 April 8 William Perry of Chambers Co., AL purch'd 80.18a. of land in
Chambers Co., AL - this is William son of Hugh Sr.

1837 Aug 5 James Perry of Calhoun Co. Co., AL purch 80.2a of land in
Randolph Co., ALĀ - this is not James W. Perry but James Perry bro. to
William (- both sons of Hugh Sr.)

1838 Aug 17 James Perry purch 36.55a of land in Randolph Co., AL -- this is
not James W Perry but but James Perry William (- both sons of Hugh

An 1837 Land office record for land in Randolph does give James W. Perry's
home as "Chambers Co., AL". (See. Accession #AL3030__.249. There is another
James Perry (perhaps) who also purchased land on the same day, also in now
Randolph Co., gives "Randolph Co." as home. William Perry of Chambers Co.,
AL, bought land in Randolph Co. in 1839. A William Perry and a James Parry
also bought in Chambers Co. in 1837. Source: Book titled - Ancestor Trails
to Georgia and Alabama, Featuring Clay and Randolph Counties in Alabama per
researcher Elisabeth Green Streeter <>

1837, August 5 - James W. Perry purchased 2 plots of land in Randolph Co.,
AL - one for 40.01a and the other for 80.18. James was shown to be living
in Chambers Co., AL at time of purchase

1839, August 1 William Perry purchased 2 plots of land in Randolph Co. - one
for 79.69 and another for 80a
1839, October 10 William Perry purchased another plot of land in Randolph
Co. for 14.35a

1840, June, Fairfield Dist., SC, Will of Hugh PERRY, Sr. - ". . . I Hugh
PERRY of Fairfield. . . to the four children of my dec'd son, Joseph PERRY,
to John Fletcher PERRY, Joseph Holmes PERRY, Elizabeth Frances PERRY and
Mary Ann PERRY four hundred dollars to be equally divided. . . executor to
lend said money at interest until children reach age of 21. . . and from
interest that Mary Ann PERRY is to have $50.00 more than other children of
Joseph. . . in the third place my negro Jerry to be sold and the money to be
equally divided between my four children, James PERRY, Hugh PERRY, Mary
GLADNEY and Jane HODGE. . . in the fourth place to dau. Lettice Eleanor
PERRY I bequeath all my land. . .real estate. . . two negroes. . . if
Lettice Eleanor marry. . . one hundred acres. . . be sold. . . and 1/3 of
the proceeds of the Sale thereof be applyed to the use benefit and support
of my daughter Margaret PERRY; the remaining 2/3 to be equally divided among
James PERRY, Hugh PERRY, Mary GLADNEY and Jane HODGE. . . during the
continuance of Lettice Eleanor in an unmarried state. . . comfortable. . .
support of my dau. Margaret must be taken. . . Executor to act as guardian
for Margaret. . . to . . . children of my dec'd son William PERRY I bequeath
two dollars and fifty cents. . . appoint my trusty friends Wm. HOLMES and
Dan'l B. KIRKLAND extrs. Book 19, page 8. This estate was appraised at the
sum of $6,646.

1840 census for Randolph Co. listed these Perrys: James, James W., William
& Hugh. -
p. #191 James W. Perry = 1m 30-4; 1f 30-40
p. #193 William Perry = 2m under 5; 1m 30-40; 1f under 5; 1m 30-40
p. #193 Hugh Perry = 1m under 5; 1m 5-10; 1m 15-20; 1m 40-50; 1f 10-15; 1f
15-20; 1f 20-30
p. #198 James Perry = 1m 5-10; 1m 50-60; 2f under 5; 1m 20-30; 1f 60-70
(this is James son of Hugh Sr.)
p. # 192 James W. Perry = numbers same as p. 191 (apparent dupl perhaps
caused by his owning 2 separate sections of land in different parts of the
farm next to James W. Perry was owned by Richmon Noel, father of Martha A.C.
Noel wife of James W. Perry. James Brown and Jesse Brown were both
neighbors living next to James W. Perry's farm on p. 191. F.M. Brown is
belived to have son of one of them. F.M. Brown married the widowed Martha
A.C. Noel Perry. (research note to rahw: get names from 1850 census for
both Brown families)

NARA has two commercial indices for AL's 1840 census. One compiler used one
set of p.#'s and another used another set of p. #'s -- both #'s appear on
the original census so it just added to my confusion unitil I realized what
had happened.-- see comments about William Perry in 1860 listing of Richmond
below. Martha's tombstone at Antioch Cemetery in Randolph Co., AL confirms
the 2nd marriage to F.M. Brown. Martha is buried beside James W. Perry.
F. M. Brown also died before 1860 census so Martha was widowed 2x between
1852 and 1860. Richmond N. Perry and his wife are buried next to his

1845, May 18 Willie Perry purchased an additional 39.99a of land in Randolph
Co., AL

1845, May 1 Hugh Perry purchased 40.24a of land in Clay Co., AL

1850 Census Randolph Co., AL h/h of James W. Perry, age 40 born SC; Martha
Perry age 26 born GA; Richmond Perry age 7 born AL; George Perry age 6 born
AL; John Perry age 4 born AL.

1850 May 1 James R. Perry purchased 40a of land in Randolph Co., AL --
Source: Lew Griffin <> James R. Perry (aka James
Roger Perry) was in Pendelton S.C. - 1823" was recorded in the
"GRAND-PARENTS" section of the Bible of a grandson, L. M. Perry. This does
not say that J. R. Perry was BORN in SC in 1823. The record
which follows records that "Grand Mother (Ester Perry) was born in Pendelton
S.C. in 1813." This would seem to suggest that the family did not know when
and where James R. Perry had been born but did know that he was in South
Carolina at least by 1823. The following is from L. M. Perry family Bible
under "IMPORTANT INCIDENTS About Ancestry, Birth, Education, Early History,
etc., etc.": James R. Perry was a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal
Church thirty six years and was a travelling preacher six years.

1850 May 10 Hugh Perry purchased 39.88a of land in Randolph Co., AL

1851 Dec 1 Hugh Perry purchased 2 plots of land in Randolph Co., AL - each
for 39.88a

1854, July 15 Hugh Perry purchased 40a of land in Randolph Co. wife Sara

1850, Nov James W. Perry purchased 40.09 a of land in Randolph Co., AL

1851, Dec James W. Pery purchased 40.1 a of land in Randolph Co., AL

1858, June 1 John W. Perry purchased 160.44a of land in Shelby Co., AL

1859, Jan 1 Hugh Perry purchased 40a of land in Randolph Co., AL

1860 Feb 1 Arcada Perry purchased 79.9a land in Randolph Co., AL

1860, Feb 1 John W. Perry purchased 39.96 of land in Randolph Co., AL

1860 Census Randolph Co., AL h/h Martha A. C. Brown, age 35 born GA;
Richmond N. Perry, 16 born AL; George W. L. Perry, 14 born AL; John F.M.
Perry, 12 born AL; Rhoda A. M. Perry 8 born AL; Aryeann Perry 3 born AL.
Editor's Comments: Aryeann's surname should have been Brown.

1860 Census Randolph Co., AL, Richmond Perry, age 16 born AL, enumerated in
h/h Rhoda W. Noel, 60, female. Rhoda and her husband were living on farm
adjacent to William Perry in 1840 census. Richmond was "counted" twice in
the Randolph Co. 1860 census.

1870 Census Randolph Co., AL h/h Richmond Perry, age 26 born AL; Julia A age
25 born GA; John W. age 2 born AL; Thomas 11/10, C??? Robison (idiotic) age
27 living in h/h. Next door neighbor was Martha C. Brown, 44 born GA; with
dau Rhoda A. and Ara A. 12. Editor's Comments: Rhoda's surname should have
been Perry.

1870 Census Randolph Co., AL h/h George W. Perry, 25, farmer, born AL; Susan
J. age 22 born AL; Jamias Morris, 15, born AL.

1880 Census, Clay Co., AL , Beat 1, Delta Twp, h/h Frank Perry 38, AL; Mary
27, AL; Martha Perry 11-NR AL; Budd Perry 9-NR AL; Lelah Perry, 7-NR AL;
Dosiah Perry 5-NR AL. These children's parents have not been identified.
But, Frank M. Perry's cousin

1880 Census Randolph Co., AL h/h Richmond Perry, age 37 born GA; Julia W.
born AL; John W. 12; William F. 10; Emily A. 10; Ella M.C. 9; James P. 7;
Allan R. 5; Charles M. 4; George R. 1,, Roberson Crease, 50.

1880 Census Calhoun Co., AL h/h George Perry, age 35 born AL; Susan age 32
born A;, Viola age 9; Mary age 6; Richmond age 5; John age 4; Benjamin age
3; Lumus, age 3/12

1900 Census Randolph Co., AL h/h Richmond Perry, age 56 born 1843 in AL,
wife Juleyan born 1841 in GA. No other persons listed in h/h. - note:
this is the Uncle Rich who came visiting to TX wearing a frock tail coat.
Unfortunately, while riding the train from AL to TX he'd gotten a little too
close to the pot belly stove and burned off one tail. Not to worry
so-far-as Rich Perry was concerned, the rest of the coat was "just fine" so,
unaware of the "odd" glances and stiffled giggles Uncle Rich wore that coat
whereever he went. Rich's appearance was very much like the colonel in
the Colonel Sanders advertisements complete with goatee and and broad
brimmed flat-top hat. Until her death, Sula Perry Hasten told this story
at every family gathering. She told it with such delight (laughting until
she cried) that her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren never
tired of hearing it.

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