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From: "Fred G. Powell" <>
Subject: Re: "a place called "Geasher"
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 11:17:54 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Marjorie

I know this off the "Geasher" subject and is a shot in the dark, but I
notice you are researching the FISHER name. So am I. My maternal
grandfather was a FISHER, and through a cousin I have traced in detail the
family back to 1740 when my gggggfather Wi lliam and his brother Samuel
arrived in Londonderry New Hampshire from Londonderry Ireland. A book
about Janet Fisher Archibald, Samuel's daughter, says "These Fishers came
originally from Stirling; from there they went to the parish of Irvine, on
the Wes t coast of Scotland, before they reached Ireland, some time about

The info my cousin sent me on their lineage up to the time William and his
brother Samuel went to Londonderry New Hampshire is very sketchy.

1 William FISHER b. ca.1550 m. Elizabeth ? b. ca 1550
2 John FISHER b. ca 1580 m. Martha ? b. ca 1580
3 James FISHER b. 1611 m. Marye ? b. ca 1615
4 William FISHER b. ca 1660 m. Hannah ?
5 William FISHER b. 1716 d. 6 Jun 1777 m. 1743 Eleanor ARCHIBALD
5 Samuel FISHER b. 1722 d April 10, 1806 m. 1745 Agnes TAYLOR b. 1726

Based on the above it seems 1.William and his son 2.John were born in
Scotland, the latter probably in Irvine and the former in Stirling.

Does any of this connect with your FISHER research?

Since I am not familiar with Scottish geography, where is Stirling and
Irvine relative to Perthshire. Also do you know of any Stirling or Irvine

The reason I subscribe to the Perthshire List is because I am researching
COBB and HOGG who were from this area.


Fred Powell
Richmond BC Canada.

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, Marjorie Fisher wrote:

> Would appreciate if anyone has heard of "Geasher". This is in a poem
> written by Peter Fisher, who was born in "Killin" in 1825. He writes
> about his ggrandfather who left "Glen Lyon" to fight and die for Royal
> Charlie. Apparently his widow had to leave the home and went to a place
> called "Geasher", "and mother and daughter did stay until they died".
> I believe this place must be in Perthshire, fairly close to Glen Lyon,
> Killin and Kenmore.
> Any help will be appreciated. Marjorie

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