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Subject: Re: [PERTH] Comrie, Stalker, McLaren
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 20:40:24 EDT

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> Looking for descendants of this family
> Peter Comrie b? Married in Comrie 1775 Janet Stalker b 1754 Comrie, eight
> known children
> [1] William b 1776 Dalchonzie Comrie
> [2] Christian b 1779 Dalchonzie Comrie Marr. c 1800 James McLaren b 1786
> Comrie d 1845 Comrie
> Nine known Children
> [A] Janet b 1801 Comrie m 1823 Samuel Campbell
> [B] Christina b 1802 Comrie
> [C] James b 1804 Comrie
> [D] Catherine b 1805 Comrie marr.1828 James McLaren
> [E] Elizabeth b 1807 Comrie
> [F] Peter b 1809 Comrie
> [G] John b 1811 Comrie Marr.1856 Margaret McIntyre
> [H] Margaret b 1813 Comrie marr.? John Stewart
> [I] James b 1816 Comrie
> [3] Jannet b 1781 Dalchonzie
> [4] Catharine b 1784 Dalchonzie
> [5] Margaret b 1786 Dalchonzie
> [6] Annie b 1787 Dalchonzie Marr.1918 John Stewart
> [7] Peter b 1789 Dalchonzie Marr 1815 Elizabeth Morrison
> [8] Mary b 1792 Dalchonzie
> like to hear from anyone who can relate to the above family?


I am coming very close to establishing a relationship with these
people---particularly your William COMRIE, b. 1776 in Dalchonzie, Comrie.

This is all pretty dicey, because of the multiplicity of "same names" in
Comrie at the time, but sooner or later we have to make a leap of faith and just
say "YES", this seems to fit. After all, a small village has only so many

I have a Janet COMRIE, b. 1804 in Comrie, Perthshire. She was my 2nd

Her death certificate, from Lauriaton Gardens, St. Giles Edinburgh, April 11,
1886, shows her to be the widow of James Drummond, farmer,

and the daughter of William COMRIE and Elizabeth DRUMMOND. (Scottish
national registers, GROS 685/04 -- 0361.

I know her to be the one. This Janet COMRIE married James DRUMMOND in 1829
in Muthill, Perthshire. The farm was known as Monkscroft and still exists.

They had eight children:

1. William Drummond, b. 1831
2. Elizabeth Drummond, b. 1833; my great-grandmother; I have photos
3. Catherine Drummond, b. 1836;
4. James Drummond, b. 1837;
5. Peter Drummond, b. 1840;
6. Thomas Drummond, b. 1843;
7. Janet Drummond, b. 1844;
8. Jean Drummond, b. 1848.

I have followed the DRUMMONDS of Monkscroft Farm from the 1851 and 1881
censes. The 1851 census material was sent me by a subscriber to this list! and
I'm still very grateful.

Just last week I posted my GEDCOM (imperfect as it is) to World Family Trees

Another researcher who is linked to these DRUMMONDS is a Mr. Maurice Carrie,
of Canada, whose line comes, I think, from Peter Drummond---you can do a
lookup for Peter Drummond on WFT. I have corresponded with him, and he has
supplied me with valuable information.

I, too, have searched the STALKER name in Comrie---they were PROLIFIC there
in the middle 18th century, and I, too suspect that my Janet COMRIE is
descended from William Comrie, and earlier from Peter Comrie and Janet STALKER. I
just don't have enough proof.

Nevertheless, I am THRILLED that you have posted this--it may have solved a
mystery; ...and to let you know that I am hot on the same trail.


---Bob (Robert Drummond) Robertson
Napa Valley, California

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