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Subject: Entries in the Woodville Republican (Wilkinson Co., MS)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 02:33:12 -0500

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>PHARES (no PHARIS' listed)
>April 27, 1833
>(page 94-5 of book)
>Commissioners appointed for the ELIZABETH DIXON estate: MOSES PHARES, WM. W.
>USHER, and JOHN SCOTT. April 1833 Term
>November f15, 1834
>(page 134 of book)
>Married on the 10th, by DANIEL BASS, Esqr., JOHN E. PHARES, Esqr., of La. to
>Mrs. LUCETTA ADELAIDE PENNYMAN of Pinckneyville. (Wilkinson County Marriage
>Book states that on Nov. 17, 1825, a LUCETTA A. ROBINSON married a CHARLES
>(PERSONAL NOTE FROM TINA: the above in parenthesis was in the book and a
>notation by the compiler, not me.)
>September 12, 1835
>(page 155 of book)
>MOSES M. PHARES offers his plantation on which he now resides for sale. It
>is located three miles west of Laurel Hill, and two miles west of the Rail
>Road route, leading from Woodville to St. Francisville, containing 400
>acres. It contains a good dwelling house, corn house, mill and gin, and all
>necessary out houses, and a never failing spring of execellent[sic] water.
>October 29, 1836
>(page 180 of book)
>MOSES M. PHARES wishes to sell his plantation of 560 acres situated on the
>road leading from Whitesville to St. Francisville, about one quarter of a
>mile from Whitesville and about seven from Woodville. Apply to self or to
>JOHN E. PHARES, Jackson, La. Oct. 29, 1836
>October 21, 1837
>(page 204 of book)
>M. M. PHARES & GEORGE MARTIN have entered into a copartnership in the
>clothing buisness[sic].
>September 1, 1838
>(page 225 of book)
>M. M. PHARES y GEORGE MARTIN have purchased a portion of Mr. WM. H. SCOTT's
>February 23, 1839
>(page 235 of book)
>M. M. PHARES' Boarding House on Commercial Row in Woodville, Mississippi.
>Travellers accommodated.
>April 6, 1839
>(page 238 of book)
>M. M. PHARES & GEO. MARTIN has dissolved their partnership.
>August 24, 1839
>(page 247 of book)
>A. G. FOSTER, M. M. PHARES & GEORGE MARTIN appointed commissioners for
>claims against the estate of WILLIAM BROWN, reported insolvent.
>November 23, 1839
>(page 252 of book)
>MOSES M. PHARES' boarding house is on Commercial Row, Woodville, Miss.

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