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From: "H. D." <>
Subject: Re: [PHILBRICK-L] The Ancestors of Thomas1
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:42:36 -0800
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Hello Bev - I did not mean (at any time) to imply that the question of
Thomas' fa might be settled for "all time to come". I stated that with
those who have given the matter considerable research (both over here &
over there) and their findings have been published in most respectable
publications, I am willing to take those findings as the very best
conclusions we now have from which to draw our ancestry.

As I have stated before - there are times (often) in genealogical work,
when we may never know (with an absolute certainty) that which we would
hope to know.

After years & years of research, hiring professionals, dozens of trips
to Salt Lake City, visits to the home areas, a library of books,
hundreds of queries & hundreds of dollars, I still have total block
walls -- I no longer even trouble myself about them. And so it is (with
me) for PHILBRICK (any way one spells it) - I have accepted the sources
I have previously listed on here and I am not a collector of names, for
names sake. My own PHILBRICKS daughtered out so far back they are not
of much concern to me now.

Good luck to any & on this fine list -- Jack does a super job with it
and I'm sure all will post what/if/when they find it possible. I do not
know if my past postings are archived, but if so, they may help some



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