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Take this for what it is worth. This is a typed copy of what was written in about 1969, I believe by Ruby and George Clay

Phillips Family

It is almost certain that this family immigrated to America from the Scotch Highlands where they were part of the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe. It is possible that they were protestant Scots, who sojourned in Northern Ireland before immigrating to America; however, the name is not recognized as an Irish Surname. They settled in the Carolinas or Georgia in Mid-18th Century, and our branch was located on farmland in Georgia in the early 1800's.

John W. Phillips, 1826-19xx

John was born and reared in Georgia and in all probability didn't wander far from Powder Springs, Campbell Country, until he moved to Texas with part of him family in the late 1870's He married Elizabeth (Weaver?). Who, according to on family story, was the granddaughter of a Cherokee Indian named Cynthia Ann Elizabeth Rebecca Kazar. This Indian maiden marred a Mr. Garrett, according to the story.

John W and Elizabeth had nine children:

Andrew Jacksonb: 1849
Samuelb. 1851
Thomas Db 1853m. Keen
Mary Catherineb: 1855
Nancy Susanb 1858
Sarahb. 1859m. Black
Saphronnieb. 1865m. Tom Wells
Martha b. 1866
Johnb. 1868

It is unknown whether Elizabeth accompanied the family to Texas. We do know, however, that Andrew Jackson remained in Georgia. John is buried somewhere near Hillsboro.

Mary Catherine Curry, 1855-1929

Mary Catherine was born and reared on the family farm near Powder Springs, Georgia, and immigrated to Dallas County with his family in the late 1xx0's it was here that she met and married her former neighbor from Georgia (see Curry Family).

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Notes: on the Philips Family

September 3, 1964 visit with Mrs. Minnie Griffin, Dallas, Texas Prior attempts to obtain direct information on the Philips family had little success; however, information form the Curry Family Bible furnished the start needed.
Mary Catherine Philips was born in Campbell county Georgia, on February 28, 1905 according to the notes in the Curry Bible. Mrs. Griffin believes that he grandparents came to Dallas County in the 1870's and settled on Duck Creek. She said that she remember her grandfather John Philips, whom she visited in Hill County. He is buried in a Hillsboro cemetery.

September 5, 1964 Visit to the Houston Public Library Copied from the microfilmed 1860 Census for Campbell County, Georgia Powder Springs Georgia Campbell ton 333-321

John W. Philips 34 M [1826]
Elizabeth31 M [1829]
Andrew J11 M [1849]
Samuel09 M. [1851]
Thomas D07 M [1853]
Mary C04 F [1856]
Copied from microfilmed 1870 census for Campbell County, Georgia Powder Springs 1556-1851 [1556 = error in typing?? ]

Phillips,John 44 M 3000 200 GA
Eliza41 M
[Andrew] Jackson32 M
Thomas 17 M
Catherine 14 F
[Nancy?] Susan12 F
Saphronnie05 F
Sarah [J.] 11F
Martha [E.]04F
John 02 M

September 19, 1965 Visit with Spray family at funeral of Jake T. Spray Wilburn recalled a family legend about his great-grandfather John Philips: "During the latter days of the Civil War a pillaging group of Union soldiers caught the Philips family unawares seated on the porch. Fearful of being shot they all remained seated, while the soldiers ransacked the house. In the process they overturned a stove. Hopes that the pillagers would leave before the house caught fire were dashed as they paused to taunt the helpless family. They even jerked the homemade hat from John's head and stomped it in to the dirt in an attempt to rile him into some rash action, which would give them feeble excuse to shoot him. John seethed with anger and a wen on his forehead swelled, as it often did when he was perturbed, but he succeeded in controlling his temper, and probably preventing a massacre. The soldiers left but the house burned despite all efforts to control the fire.

October 23, 1964 Visit to Houston Public Library
Copied from microfilmed census for Campbell county Georgia 1850
John W. Philips 26 FarmerGA
Elizabeth (LH)22GA
Andrew Jackson 1GA
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Philips family notes
April 4, 1965 Copied from letter from Mrs. Minnie Griffin
My grandmother Elizabeth wife of John Philips came to Texas with him - - died not fare from Dallas - - them and Uncle Joe Philips the youngest child farmed neighbors to uncle Baud Curry _ William Curry George Curry- my dad's oldest brother and wife grandmother died out there and was buried out there some the Curry's too was buried there- I regret I didn't get to go within Walter Curry Uncle Andre's oldest son and uncle Joe Philips about 9 years ago they rode over the country- say the old house partly standing where uncle Joe and His parents lived - went to old cemetery tried to find grandma Philips grave. - John Philips was buried in city cemetery of Hillsboro - I remember gong to his funeral as a small girl in covered wagon - -a gold gin stood by side of road where we entered went over a hillside -the old gin has been torn down as I ride a bus to Hillsboro when Grover lived I could look across that hillside at all the tombs and recall that day.

October 10, 1967 Copied from Marriage Records Campbell County, Georgia at Atlanta.

Bk A pg 21 Leonard Phillips of Putnam County from Elliot wood, Revolutionary soldier for Capt. Tall's district Newton Count. "All that tract of lot land lying being in the seventh district of Coweta County and known and distinguished in the plan of said district by number one hundred thirty one, 131."

Bk H pg 43 1 Nov. 1872 Andrew Jackson Philips from John W. Philips. John convey's his 1/5 interest in estate of Leonard Phillips, deceased to his children, A.J. Philips L.T. Phillips, T.D. Phillips, Marcy C. Phillips, Nancy L. Phillips, Sarah J. Phillips, Saphrona A. Phillips, Martha El. Phillips, J.W.; Phillips. Jr. Joseph B. Phillips.

Bk J pg 4-5Jas R. and Seaborn Phillips to John Thompson Seventh district originally Coweta now Campbell County, 25 acres off west half of lot 159 bound on the west by original line and on the east by a branch. 4 Apr. 1883
Bk Jpg 173 James R. Phillips and Seabourn J. Phillips duly constituted executors of Leonard Phillips of Campbell County to Levi Ballard 132 Feb 1884 Lot 130 202 ½ acres and north half of lot 127 both lying in seventh district of Coweta County Georgia containing 303 ½ acres. Executors established by act of January session of Court 1883. John W. Philips from Allen Johnson 13 May 1848 Eighth district of the fourth section of Campbell County, Tract 77
John Philips from William Boyd 24 Nov., 1849 Seventh district of the originally Coweta County But now Campbell County consisting of 202 1/ 2 acres of lot 68 originally granted to John Boyd.

Research Trip - - September and October 1969

September 23, 1969 - We drove west of Palmetto, Georgia on S 2357 to search cemeteries and family plots for Philips headstones. We stopped at the home of a Mr. Richardson to inquire as to the location of a cemetery indicated on the county map. He was able not only to show us the location but was also to tell us that none of the Philips family was buried there. Mr. Richardson was familiar with the living relatives of the Philips family still in the area and also direct us to the Sardis cemetery and to possible sources of Philips information. The first informant Mrs. Nell R. Bellyewnee Richardson was in possession of Leonard Philips Bible from which we took the following record:

Leonard Phillips was married to Mary Weaver departed this life
Nancy Weaver daughter of Samuel July 9, 1868 being seventy-five
Weaver in the year of our Lord years old.
Leonard Philips departed this life May
May the eighth at six in
the morning in1868 being seventy
years five months old
Nancy Phillips departed this
life November 18th 1882 being
79 years and 26 days old
James R. Phillips departed this life
April 20gth 1885 being 63
years and 9 months old

Leonard Phillips was born on the 6th day of December 1797
Nancy Weaver was born on the 22nd day of December 1803
James R. Phillips was born on the 31st day of July 1821
Mary Ann Phillips was born on the 12th day of October 1822
John W. Phillips was born on the 15th day of December 1824
Sebon [Seabourn] Joseph Phillips was born the 1st day of September 1826
Thomas D. Phillips was born on the 18th day of October 1828
Leonard S. Phillips was born the 12th day of September 1838
Susan Elizabeth Phillips was born the 13th day of January 1843

Joseph W. Phillips was born the 12th day of June 1811

Polly Ann wife of James R. Phillips died 17 April 1850
James H. Phillips born 3 April 1850 died 3 February 1851
William Phillips and Rhonda Phillips died September 1815
James H. Phillips died 1815
Joseph W. Phillips died July 22, 1828
Thomas D. Phillips died 5 January 1854
Leonard S. Phillips died 7 April 1868
Susun Elizabeth Phillips died May 19, 1877

We Located the Sardis Cemetery and recorded the Phillips headstone inscriptions, mostly descendants of Seaborn Joseph Phillips. We also visited with a Mrs. Anderson, a Phillips descendant, who is presently living on the Leonard Phillips property. This property is in the eighth district of Fulton County, Georgia on Rick Road at its juncture with Phillips road. Another Phillips descendant, C.B. Peek, lives across Rico road in a house, which was built by Seaborn Joseph Phillips. This house has living on the Leonard Phillips property. This property is in the eighth district of Fulton County, Georgia on Rick Road at its juncture with Phillips road. Another Phillips descendant, C.B. Peek, lives across Rico road in a house, which was built by Seaborn Joseph Phillips. This house has been the home of five generations of Phillips descendants.

September 24, 1969 - We visited the Fulton County Courthouse at Atlanta, Georgia and through land deed records located the property of John W. Phillips "being in 8th district originally Coweta now Campbell County and distinguished in the plan by the north half of Lot of land # 50 and also 17 acres off lot # 70. This property is located directly north of the Leonard Phillips property and is between the upper Rico road and the Campbell ton Riverton, Redwine Road. After the Civil War this property was sold piecemeal the last being sold February 10, 1870. Soon there after this branch of the Phillips moved to Texas with the exception of one son, Andrew Jackson Phillips, who was supposedly to look after the family's interest in the estate of Leonard Phillips A task at which he failed, for the property went to Seaborn Phillips with the sheriff acting the part of John W. Phillips heirs.

September 25, 1969 Visit to Georgia State Archives Atlanta.

Copied form microfilm- Marriages Putnam County, Georgia
Frances Phillips m William ChathamMay 24 1808
Ruben Phillipsm Fanny MoselyJuly 4 1808
Catherine Phillipsm William DinsonMarch 4, 1809
David Phillipsm. Nancy KellyFebruary 1811
Levi Phillipsm Sally WilkinsOctober 23,1812
Nancy Phillipsm Hiram MushanJune 2, 1813
Wineford Phillipsm Joseph WynnDecember 4, 1815
Nathan H. Phillips m. Polly DillDecember 30, 1816

The following briefs are from two Phillips family scrapbooks put together from the research of Lucille F. Pierson in Newnan, Georgia in 1963:

Book # 2 P 87 Last will and testament of William Philips of Putnam Country, Georgia, dated 25 September, 1815 listed the children, Frances Chapman, Winifred Philips, Leonard Phillips John Beaufort Philips, Joseph Wilkinson Philips Bethia (Bethina?) Philips Andrew Jackson Philips. The executors, Richard Pace, John White (son of Joseph) of Putnam County and my nephew James Phillips,
Book # 2 P 94 Will of Zechariah Phillips, Amherst County, Virginia dated 11 June, 1807 listed wife Frances, and Children,
[End of page 4 ] page 5 below …
John Phillips, Zechariah Phillips, Leonard Phillips,Thomas Phillips Joseph Phillips, Ann Griffen, Johanna Rucker, Conyes Phillips, Joshua Phillips and Frances W. Railey Executors Frances Phillips.
Book # 2 P 98 Wife of David Phillips of Washington, Wilkes County Georgia, dated October 3, 1819, listed children James Philips, James Philips Elizabeth Baber, William Philips, Mildred Shacklefored, Matthew Philips Jonathon Philips Frances Johnson Nancy Henderson, Polly Wooten, Reuben Philips, Nathan Philips. Wife, Mary Philips executrix Thomas Baber and Matthew Philips executors.

Book #2 P 100 Information from Mrs. H.B. Phillips, executors, is a descendant of Mathew Henry Phillips below: David Phillips 1758-1819 of Surry County Virginia and wife, Mary (Davis?) Phillips, Their children:
Matthew Henry Phillips m Martha Barnes
James Phillipsm Lucy (Johnson or Barnes)
William Phillips
Reuben Phillips
Nathan Phillips
Elizabeth Phillips m Thomas Baber
Mildred Phillipsm Edmud Shackleford
Polly Phillipsm Jesse Wooten
Frances Phillipsm_____ Johnston
Nancy Phillips m Elisha Henderson
Book # 2 P 94 Information from James W. Phillips "my earliest ancestor, of whom there was proof is Zachariah Phillips. He received a land grand in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1758. He was probably the son of Leonard and Joanna Davis Phillips. Zachariah had a son Leonard and a daughter Joanna. Leonard died of interstate in Amherst County, Virginia in 1797 Lucy Bailey was made executor, and his bondsmen were Zachariah Phillips and William Harris.
[ End page 5]
I 1Leonard Phillips 1797m Joanna Davis
II.1Zachariah1807m. Frances White
III1 John
2 Zachariah
3 Leonard
5Annm._____ Griffen
6Johannahm _____ Rucker
7 Conyers
8 Joshua
9 Francesm.______ Bailey
II2 David 1819m Mary (Davis?)
III10 James
11 ElizabethM Thomas BABER
12 Williamm Lucy (Johnson or Barnes)
13 Mildredm Edmund Shackle ford
14.Matthew Henrym. Lucy Phillips
15.Johnathonm.____ Johnson
16.Fracesm. Elisha Hnderson
17.Nancy m. Jesse Wooten
18.Pollym. Fanny Mosely
19.Reubanm. Polly ______
20.Nathanm. Rhonda_______
II03 William-1815m. Rhonda_______
III21 Francesm. ._____Chapman
22 Winifredm Joseph Wynn
23 John Beaufort
24 Joseph Wilkinson -1828
25 Bethinia
26 Andrew Jackson
GGGR father 27. Leonard 1797-1868m Nancy Weaver
IV1.James R1821-m. Polly Ann________
2.Seaborn Joseph 1826-1897 m 1. Emily ________
2. Mary M. Smith
V.1.Leonard A. 1854-1940m. Emma N. Gullatt
2. Samuel
3. Seaborn
4. Roxym_______ Gullatt
5. Annym_______ Hearn
6. Jenniem_________ Reaves
7. Emily 1865-1899m_________ Allen
8. Nancy
09. Francesm_______Smith
IV.3.Mary Ann 1822-
4.Thomas D. 1828-1854
5. Leonard S 1838-1854
6.Susan Elizabeth 1843-1877
ggr Father7. John W. 1824-m Elizabeth ________
V.1.Andrew Jacksonm Marietta Dennis
2. Samuel Lynnm. Masoura Curry
3. Thomas D.
4. Nancy Susanm. _________Black
5. Sarahm. Andrew Curry
6. Saphonniem. Tom Wells
7. Martha
8 John
x, mother9. Mary Catherinem. George W. Curry
[fa?]ther IV1. Annie May Currym Jake Thomas Spray
self VII2.Ruby May Spraym. George Rubin Clay

X indicates missing data, numbers or letters, 1xx0's is where Ruby left out 2 digits.

"x, mother" is where "mother" is preceded by one or more letters, then a comma "g" in ggr etc may in fact be incorrect since they start on the left edge of the paper. In any case it may be necessary to double check these. - John

[ ] square brackets indicate my notes - dates that were calculated by me.

Self, mother and father are probably refer to Ruby as the author, but definitely not to John.

NOTE: The above information is typed from old spirit copies and parts are impossible to read. As far as I know, all of this is the content written and collected by Ruby and George Clay (the last entries in the table above).

I would like to copyright this material in Memory of them.
John H. Griffin
October, 25, 2002

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