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Subject: [PHILLIPS] Phillips Family of Walker County, Alabama
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 12:53:18 -0500

Copied from Walker County, Alabama Heritage Book

The PHILLIPS Family of Walker County

The PHILLIPS family which was among the earliest settlers of the Sumiton
area of Walker county, is of Welsh origin. The earliest American
ancestor of the family was a man by the name of John PHILLIPS, whose
father, also named John, came to the colony of Virginia in 1652 to claim
a land patent in Lancaster County. The younger John was born about 1653
in Lancaster County, Virginia, and was married to a young lady by the
name of Elizabeth BRYANT about 1673. Shortly after their marriage, the
couple settled in what is now Richmond County, Virginia, where they
raised a family of seven children.
Tobias PHILLIPS, John and Elizabeth's sixth child, was born in
1687. He was a successful planter in Richmond County, and was married to
Hannah GOAD, daughter of Abraham and Katherine (WILLIAMS) GOAD in 1714.
Tobias and Hannah had five children, the youngest of whom, George
Phillips, was born about 1728 in Richmond County, Virginia.
George PHILLIPS married his cousin, Hannah GOAD, daughter of
Abraham Jr. and Joanna GOAD, who was born on April 7, 1732, also in
Richmond County. George and Hannah raised a family of five children, the
eldest of whom, Tobias Phillips, George named after his father. Tobias
PHILLIPS was born in Richmond County, Virginia on January 25, 1749. He
married Margaret JENNINGS, daughter of Jonathon and Dinah (BOBBITT)
JENNINGS about 1770. It was Tobias' and Margaret's youngest son, Robert
PHILLIPS, who first came to Walker County, Alabama, in the 1820's.
Robert PHILLIPS was born about 1783 in Montgomery County,
Virginia. He married about 1806 to a girl named Abagail Atkins, and the
couple made their early home in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, where their
children were born. Robert brought his wife and children to Walker
County, Alabama sometime after 1820, where they settled east of Sumiton,
near the forks of the Warrior River, in the Dilworth Community. Robert
PHILLIPS entered land in Section 19, Township 14, Range 5, on July 19,
1833. According to family tradition, Robert PHILLIPS was a Primitive
Baptist Minister and a Mason. He helped in founding the first Primitive
Baptist Church in North Alabama, which was named Hopewell and was located
near Camel's Chapel. It was said that he once walked from his home in
Walker County to Huntsville, Alabama, so that he could attend the opening
of the Grand Masonic Lodge in Madison County. When Robert PHILLIPS and
his family first moved to Walker County, Indians still inhabited areas
near the white settlements. The Indians were driven from the fork of the
Mulberry and Sipsey Rivers (then called "Old Town Creek" and "Big Creek")
to an area near Benoit called "Hatley Bend". The Indian Chief, Black
Warrior, was killed during this skirmish at the site of Dilworth Church.
Robert and Abagail PHILLIPS had six children, five boys and one
girl, their names were:
(1) Jefferson "Jake" PHILLIPS born about 1808 and married Mary HENSON
(2) Abagail PHILLIPS, born about 1810 and went to California with her
husband in the 1849 gold rush
(3) George Washington PHILLIPS born about 1813 and married Elizabeth
(4) Stephen PHILLIPS born about 1815 and married a woman named Lucinda
(5) Charles PHILLIPS born April 15, 1817 and married Cinthia HENSON
(6) Bruton PHILLIPS, born about 1820 and married a woman named Mary.
The children of Jefferson and Mary PHILLIPS were:
(1) Martin Marion PHILLIPS born 1828 married Elizabeth FIELDS
(2) Robert A. PHILLIPS born 1832
(3) Abagail PHILLIPS born 1834
(4) Elizabeth PHILLIPS born 1836
(5) Jefferson PHILLIPS born 1838
(6) John W. PHILLIPS born 1840
(7) charles V. PHILLIPS born 1842
(8) Stephen B. PHILLIPS born 1844
(9) Emily N. PHILLIPS born 1846
(10) Sophilia M. PHILLIPS born 1848
(11) Eli PHILLIPS born 1853.
The children of George W and Elizabeth PHILLIPS were:
(1) John H. PHILLIPS born 1837
(2) Nancy PHILLIPS born 1840
(3) Mary Ann PHILLIPS born 1843
(4) George Washington PHILLIPS, Jr. born 1846 married Millie ROBINS
(5) Solomon PHILLIPS born 1848
(6) Elizabeth PHILLIPS born 1851
(7) Sarah PHILLIPS born 1854
(8) Malissa PHILLIPS born 1859
The children of Stephen and Lucinda PHILLIPS were:
(1) Martha PHILLIPS, born 1847
(2) Thomas M. PHILLIPS born 1848
(3) Lucinda G. PHILLIPS born 1849
(4) Malissa PHILLIPS born 1853
(5) Darlin F. PHILLIPS born 1854
The children of Charles and Cinthia PHILLIPS were:
(1) William PHILLIPS born 1839 married Sarah SULLIVAN
(2) James Madison PHILLIPS born 1842
(3) Jefferson L. PHILLIPS born 1844 married Margaret Ann BARTON
(4) Gabriel PHILLIPS born 1846 married Betty Jean ROBBINS
(5) John Mason PHILLIPS born 1848
(6) Patsey PHILLIPS born 1850
(7) Riley PHILLIPS born 1852
(8) Abraham PHILLIPS born 1854
(9) Martha E PHILLIPS born 1856
(10) Mary Jane PHILLIPS born 1862 married Francis Marion STACKS and
(11) Charles PHILLIPS Jr. born 1867.
The children of Bruton and Mary PHILLIPS were:
(1) Charles PHILLIPS born 1840
(2) William R. PHILLIPS born 1842
(3) James PHILLIPS born 1844
(4) Robert PHILLIPS born 1846
(5) Abagail PHILLIPS born 1853
(6) Hillard PHILLIPS born 1854
(7) Sarah E. PHILLIPS born 1856
Robert and Abagail (ATKINS) PHILLIPS, and their five sons are all
buried in the old PHILLIPS Cemetery at Dilworth. Their descendants are
buried at the PHILLIPS graveyard in Empire, and at PHILLIPS Chappel
Cemetery, near Sumiton.

Submitted by: Mrs. J. Ann Atkins, Jasper Alabama and written by: Steven
L. Atkins

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