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From: Jason S Colflesh <>
Subject: Re: [PHILLY-ROOTS-L] Wernle in City Directories
Date: 30 Sep 2002 10:11:05 -0400
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On the topic of what Bdg stood for:



Av, for Avenue; al, alley; ass'n, Association; bel, below; Bdg,
Bridesburg; Bln, Bustleton; C H, Chestnut Hill; com mer, commission
merchant; c, corner; ct, court; E, east; Fkd, Frankford; furn'g,
furnishing; gds, goods; Gtn, Germantown; Hville, Hestonville, Hbg,
Holmesburg; Ktn av; Kensington av; la, lane; Ltd, Limited; mkr, maker,;
Montg'y, Montgomery; Moyam'g, Moyamensing; Myk, Manayunk; Mt A, Mount
Airy; Mt Vernon, Mount Vernon; n, near; N Town, Nicetown; N, north; opp,
opposite; Passy'k av, Passyunk avenue; pl, place; pres, president;
Pville, Paschalville; r, rear; R Sun, Rising Sun; rd, Road; Roxb,
Roxborough; RR, railroad; sec, secretary; Schyl, Schuylkill; soc,
society; S, south; Spg Garden, Spring Garden; Susq'ana av, Susqehanna
av; supt, superintendent; sta. station; treas, treasurer; u.s.a., U. S.
Army; u.s.m.c., U. S. Marine Corps; u.s.n., U. S. Navy; Wash'n,
Washington; W, west; whf, wharf; W P, West Philadelphia; W Hall, White
Hall; wid, widow.

On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 08:26, Vincent E. Summers wrote:
> Perhaps this was already looked up, but I picked the year 1885 in the
> PCDs, since it represents a part of a year after the marriage of his
> daughter, and it would be very likely he was still around:
> 1885: Wernle Caroline, widow, h 2329 Thompson
> Wernle Catharine, wid[ow] Frederick, h 922 Percy
> Wernle Charles W., cutter, h 129 Hazel
> Wernle Christiana L., widow, h 1 r 1026 Lemon
> Wernle Emma, liquors, 303 Vine
> Wernle Gottlieb, laborer, h 3314 Garden, Bdg
> Wernle Henry W., inst[rumen]tm[a]k[e]r, h 158 Buckius
> Wernle John J., varnisher, h 931 Kurtz
> Wernley Albert, h 8341 Woodland av[enue]
> Wernley Elizabeth, widow, h 2025 Summer
> Vince
> P.S. Bdg does *not* stand for building...
> John Trout wrote:
> >
> > Hi All,
> > Would SKS check any city directories they have for a Charles Wernle, born in Germany. Not sure when he showed up in Phila., probably between 1865 and 1880, but his daughter Fredricka married Edward Trout on July 24, 1884, by J. F. Crouch of 12th St. Methodist Episcopal Church. Fredricka's death certificate says she was born in Cumberland Md.
> > Heard Charles had died before his wife Christina (Supper). Not sure of his occupation.
> > Thanks for checking.
> > Edna
> >
Jason S Colflesh <>

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