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Subject: Re: George Washington Cake
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 16:21:47 -0400


George Washington cake is a spice cake with chocolate icing. It was well-known
among the old German population of Germantown in Northwest Philadelphia. As a
child I remember even receiving pieces of this cake while trick or treating at a
local business establishment, not in Germantown but in Crescentville.

Not all areas of Philadelphia 50 years ago had Cheese steaks, hoagies, and
pizza. In my German neighborhood we never had those.

Another interesting question is why the German population of early Philadelphia
had such a tie-in with George Washington, to the point that the US Congess voted
to have the memorial service following his death held in Philadelphia at the old
German church of St. Michael's & Zion at 5th & Cherry?

Thanks for answering - maybe the list will grow.

Elida in SC

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> How many Philadelphians can identify George Washington Cake?
> Elida in SC

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