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Here are some of the sources on the Samuel Pickering line:

2/8/1712 - Samuel Pickering intends to Marry Mary Scarbrough, daughter of
John Scarbrough. being a member of Falls Monthly Meeting & requested a
certificate for that purpose.

Middletown Monthly Meeting, Men's Minutes, as compiled in Bucks County PA,
& Middletown Monthly Meetings, p 253:


SOME QUAKER FAMILIES: Scarborough/Haworth, Volume 1, Collated by Rogers S.
Boone, published 1991.

About 1700, Samuel Pickering sailed off to England with his cousin William
Pickering. On the return voyage, the vessel docked at the Port of
Philadelphia, leaving Samuel and William behind on its departure. (It is
also thought Samuel left Salem on the sloop Mayflower in 1707, his uncle,
William Pickering, having and interest in its cargo bound for Virginia or
Maryland.) That year, 1707, Samuel appeared in Solebury, Bucks County.
Bought 200 acres from John Scarborough for 58 pounds in 1714. Lived
between Upper and Lower York Roads, 2 mi east of Lahaska, Solebury Twp.

Unfortunately, there are no footnotes to give an indication of where the
above information comes from originally. I believe there are Bucks Co
property records supporting the land purchase, but I would love to know
more about the information on the connections to Salem.

Mary's certificate of transfer to Hopewell, VA is noted in the extract of
records contained in Hinshaw, vol IV.

Information about Samuel and Grace I have comes from these same sources, as
Quaker Records: Buckingham MM p 175.

At 5:28 AM 1/9/97, Barbara Petty wrote:
>I was going over my old Prodigy notes from Virginia Kane to see if she
>leaves a clue to her sources for Samuel of Pennsylvania being son of
>Jonathan.. Her id was then HGTX59B so don't know if she might still be
> or not? I was still quite green then as a researcher. I
>have a note dated 1992, and I had begun researching in '89, and I was more
>concerned with only my direct lines then (how soon we learn and rue not
>having kept better docs early on). She cites only a genealogist's name in
>her 1/11/92 note: Paul V. Simmon, but does not give the title. This same
>author (boy was I ever dumb not to be paying attention) indicates that there
>are English records of the family back to about 1300. I guess maybe checking
>Library of Congress catalog might yield a title for this author??? It's been
>a while since I browsed it. Hope I haven't forgotten how!
>I find I have Virginia's then snail address but don't want to publish it
>publicly without her permission. I'll be happy to give to descendants on
>that line in private E-mail though. She lived in Big Flats NY then.
>Samuel was apparently a member at Buckingham Mo. Meeting in Bucks Co. PA
>according to William Lupton on Prodigy (Id: CMPT88A in 1992). There
>apparently are published records on that meeting (a note from William Lupton
>seems to indicate that). See page 28 of the pub. records. They or at least
>their daughter Grace E. Pickering attended the Winchester, Frederick Co. VA
>MM where she m. on 7 Sep 1745, William Lupton, son of Joseph and Mercy
>(Marcy) (Twining) Lupton. He cites "Hopewell Friends History 1734-1934" pub.
>by a Joint committee of Hopewell Friends assisted by John W. Wayland. "It
>has a lot of information on the Pickering and Fawcett lines." That has been
>microfilmed and apparently available from LDS. I lived in Winchester Va for
>a while. It's at the top of the "Valley of Virginia" or Shenandoah Valley
>where so many were poised before either moving further south and west over
>the mountains or going west (like to Ohio)in that era.
>The Ancestral File of the LDS church was showing in 1992 that Samuel
>PICKERING, b. 3 Aug 1684, m. Mary SCARBOROUGH. I don't know what the source
>was though. I just copied the family group sheet and didn't check sources!
>Apparently there has been some extensive research by someone on the Samuel
>For those of you who are new to Quaker information there is a QUAKER-ROOTS
>via MAISER. To sub, just send the note to MAISER like you did for Pickering.
>No subject, and in body SUB QUAKER-ROOTS. Joanne Rabun is the listowner and
>she also has a great Quaker website at: www.innerlight.com/genepool/
>If I find out what Paul V. Simmon wrote I'll come back with it. It may have
>been privately published or a private mss. though. Best of luck to all.
>Barb Petty

Alan Crosman

Haverford College

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