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From: Joe Bissett <>
Subject: [PIGGOTT] PIGOTT of the other Haddenham, in Bucks.
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 06:04:58 -0600

More detailed research from Chris PIGOTT


John PIGOTT; of Haddenham, prob in Bucks; marr 1767, Mary BODINGTON
(bt Cuddington, Bucks, 8 Sep 1746, daur of Thomas BODDINGTON of
Cuddington); issue:
1. John PIGOTT.
2. David PIGOTT; of Haddenham; marr with issue:
a. Solomon PIGOTT; died an infant.
b. David PIGOTT; died an infant.
c. John PIGOTT; died an infant.
d. Rebecca PIGOTT; marr.
e. Rachel PIGOTT; marr.
3. Solomon PIGOTT, b ca 1778; adm St Edmond's Hall, Oxon; M.A.,
1803; Rector of Dunstable, 1824; died Dunstable, 27 Apr 1845; marr
High Wycombe, 11 Jan 1802, Jane ROTTON (daur of Samuel ROTTON of High
Wycombe); she died at Bromley College, & bur Cuxham; issue:
a. Jane Mary PIGOTT, b Nottingham, 1803; died 1884, bur Old
Cemetery, Highgate; marr Dunstable, 2 Oct 1826, Frederick ARNOLD,
Rector of Brimington near Chesterfield; he died 1873 at Brimington;
issue 8 ch'n.
b. Ann PIGOTT.
c. Sarah PIGOTT.
d. Elizabeth PIGOTT.
e. Samuel Rotton PIGOTT; adm St Edmond's Hall, Oxon; B.A., 1833;
Deacon, 1834; Vicar of Bredgar near Sittingbourne, 1849; marr 3 Apr
1837, Catherine Elizabeth DEBAUFER (only daur of James DEBAUFER of
Peckham Rye, Surrey); issue:
i. Samuel James PIGOTT; died young.
ii. Edward PIGOTT; adm Christ Church, Cantab; B.A., Ll.B;
Perpetual Curate of Podymore near Ilchester; marr London, 1871,
Elizabeth Rachel NOTLEY; issue.
iii. Henry PIGOTT; of 19 Addison rd North, London, 1889; marr
1872, Helena GAUDIN; issue.
iv. Elizabeth PIGOTT; marr Francis BASHFORTH, M.A., Vicar of
Minting near Horncastle; issue.
f. John David PIGOTT; adm Merton College, Oxon; B.A., 1837;
Rector of Cuxham, near Tetsworth, 1853; marr Sarah WOODMAN (daur of
John WOODMAN of Rickmansworth, Herts); issue:
i. George PIGOTT; emigrated to N.S.W.; Stock & Station Agent,
Narrabri; marr N.S.W., 1882, Mary Anstley MUSSON.
ii. John PIGOTT; living Bassett rd, Notting Hill, 1883; marr
Catherine Sarah RENWICK.
iii. Robert Samuel PIGOTT, b 4 Mar 1853; adm St Peter's
College, Cantab; B.A.; did not take Holy Orders; emigrated to N.S.W.;
tutor to the KING family, Goonoo Goonoo Station, near Tamworth;
joined his brother's business, opening an office in Tamworth; marr
1893, Lucy Ellen WILLIAMS; issue 4 ch'n.
iv. Walter PIGOTT, b 4 MAy 1855; emigrated to South Africa
before 1889; marr Alice WILMOTT; issue 4 ch'n.
v. Charles Mayo PIGOTT, b 19 MAr 1857; living in Nottingham,
1889, unmarr.
vi. Frederick PIGOTT; died in Australia, unmarr (probably before 1889).
vii. Mary PIGOTT; died unmarr.
viii. Caroline PIGOTT, died unmarr (probably before 1889).
g. George West PIGOTT; adm St Peter's College, Cantab; Fellow;
M.A., M.D.; F.R.C.P.; F.R.S; of Eastbourne, 1889; assumed additional
surname of ROYSTON on his 1st marr, St George's Hanover Sq, London, 1
May 1860, Anne ROYSTON (daur & only surv child of James ROYSTON of
Halifax), the widow of Ward Dyson HITCHIN of Halifax (died 1853); she
died s.p.; George marr 2ndly, Ilkley, 22 Aug 1871, Agnes MITTON
(youngest daur of Rev Joseph MITTON of Baildon, Yorks); issue:
i. Agnes Helen ROYSTON-PIGOTT.
ii. Arthur George ROYSTON-PIGOTT.
iii. Phillip Mytton ROYSTON-PIGOTT.
iv. Margaret ROYSTON-PIGOTT; died aged 3 mos.
vi. Walter Mytton ROYSTON-PIGOTT.

[Much of the above information came in the form of a tabular
pedigree, provided by Pete PIGOTT of Sydney, Toy Dealer, a
descendent, about 1995.]


Thomas PIGOTT; of Haddenham, Bucks; marr Mary (-?-); issue:
1. Benjamin PIGOTT, b Haddenham, ca 1813; marr ca 1841, Sarah
EAGLETON (bt Ashendon, Bucks, 11 Apr 1813, daur of Adrian EAGLETON &
Sarah QUARTERMAIN); emigrated to Western Australia on the ship
"Trusty," arr Port Leschenault, 23 May 1844; Farmed at Parkfield,
then Springhill, Australind; received a post card from Samuel PIGOTT
in Albany addressed to "...his dear cousin" (see below); died 24 Jul
1892; she died 26 Jul 1907; issue:
a. Sarah PIGOTT, b Haddenham, 12 Nov 1842; went to W.A. with
parents; died Australind, 1928; marr Bunbury, 1863, William James
CLARKE; issue.
b. Charlotte PIGOTT, b 28 May 1845; stayed at Springfield after
her father's death; died 1912.
c. Mary Caroline PIGOTT, b 26 Aug 1846; likwise stayed on at Springfield.
d. twin daurs, b 1848.
e. Thomas Adrian PIGOTT, b 5 May 1849; Farmer at Burekup; died 4
Nov 1929, unmarr.
f. Elizabeth PIGOTT, b 10 Dec 1852; died 1925; marr Australind, 2
Nov 1872, her cousin, William James READING; issue 8 ch'n.
g. Benjamin PIGOTT, b 8 Nov 1853; stayed on at Springfield with
his sisters; died 1935; unmarr.
2. James PIGOTT; Tanner & Master Shoemaker; went to W.A. with his
brother; Farmed at Ditchingham House, Brunswick River, Australind;
died Bunbury, 16 May 1888; marr Australind, 1 JAn 1852, Johanna
SIMMONDS (b Flushing, Cornwall; she arr W.A. on the ship "Sophia" in
Jul 1850, with Rachel PIGOTT, aged 17, who marr in Perth, 1858,
Charles CONNOLLY); issue:
a. William James PIGOTT, b Bunbury, 1856; took over Ditchingham
House after his father's death; died 1930; marr Picton, 1879, Matilda
MOORE; she died Bunbury, 1884, aged 24; issue:
i. Herbert PIGOTT, b 1879; died 2 Mar 1939; marr Australind, 14
MAy 1902, Bertha Harriett SMITH; issue.
ii. Lewis W. PIGOTT, b 1881; marr Rose OFFER; issue 4 daurs.
iii. Caroline PIGOTT, b 1882; marr Joe RODGERS; issue.
Wiliam James marr 2ndly, 13 Feb 1889, Mercy Rose MARRIOTT; further issue:
iv. Ernest PIGOTT.
v. Daisy B. PIGOTT, b 1890; marr 1stly, C. OFFER; 2ndly Mr
BARTLETT of Bunbury.
vi. Maud H. PIGOTT, b 1893; marr GIDDONS.
vii. Edward J. PIGOTT, b 1895; marr with issue 6 ch'n.
viii. Albert PIGOTT.
ix. Arnold T. PIGOTT, b Wellington, 1903.
x. Celia PIGOTT, ; marr T. BRITTAIN.
xi. Alice PIGOT; marr Stan BOWERS.
b. Joseph Eynr Thomas Shatre PIGOTT, b Wellington, 1861; moved to
Harvey; marr Australind, 1882, Mercy Ann COLTON; issue:
i. Mary PIGOTT, b Didginup Cottage, Australind; marr Arthur VENABLES.
ii. Sarah PIGOTT; marr 1stly, David READING; 2ndly, Harry MYTON.
iii. Nellie PIGOTT; marr COOPER.
iv. Annie PIGOTT; marr WOODLEY.
v. Emily PIGOTT; marr I. BLACK.
vi. Ivy PIGOTT; marr BOWLES.
vii. Joseph PIGOTT; marr JONES.
viii. Edward PIGOTT.
ix. Walter PIGOTT; marr 1stly, MITTEN; 2ndly, SMITH.
c. John PIGOTT; died young.
d. Elizabeth PIGOTT; marr James ALI alias FLYNN, who had jumped
ship at Albany; they went to Adelaide.
3. Thomas PIGOTT; went to Canada.
4. Joseph PIGOTT; went to Canada.

Samuel PIGOTT, b ca 1819; arrived W.A. on the ship "Runnymede" from
Van Diemen's Land, 25 Jun 1840; 51st Regiment, York; transferred to
the 96th Regt, Albany; appointed Police Constable, Albany, 1848; sent
a post card from Albany to "...his dear cousin" at Springhill; Town
Lot, Albany, 1852; Farmer, Hay River, Moolicup, 1864; died 1884; marr
at Albany, 7 Apr 1847, Agnes Foster MUIR (daur of Andrew & Elizabeth
MUIR, arr W.A., 1844, on the "Ganges"); she retired to Albany, & died
there, 1902; issue:
1. Agnes PIGOTT, b 11 Sep 1847; marr James NORMAN.
2. James Muir PIGOTT, b 10 Apr 1849.
3. Elizabeth PIGOTT, b 25 Apr 1851; marr Harry ADAMS
4. Margaret PIGOTT, b 19 Jun 1853; marr Capt BUCKINGHAM.
5. Andrew Muir PIGOTT, b 26 Jul 1855; died 1937; marr Margaret MELVILLE.
6. Frances PIGOTT, b 8 Aug 1860; marr 1stly, Ned BROWN; 2ndly, Tom KNIGHT.
7. Mary Ann PIGOTT, b 1858; marr William Henry HAYWARD.
8. Sarah Eliza PIGOTT, b 1862; marr her cousin Andrew YOUNG.
9. Alice PIGOTT, b 1864; marr Fred WILLIAMS.
10. Anne PIGOTT, b 1869; marr her cousin Robert YOUNG.
11. John Muir PIGOTT, b 1866; marr Sarah KNAPP.

[Much of this information came from Mrs Pat RODGERS, of Springhill,
Australind, in 1989.]


Chris PIGOTT, Potts Point, N.S.W.

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