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This posting should round off the present series.

To conclude, with Francis PIGOTT, Organist, on whom I have posted some details before, but will repeat them, in full, & in proper sequence here:

[M] Francis PIGOTT, b 1666, probably son of Francis PIGOTT & Elizabeth LAWSON (see earlier posting - his father was probably the Mr PIGOTT named by Samuel PEPYS, in his "Diary," for 15 Sep & 1 Dec 1667, as a member of the Musick Society which met at Old Jewry, London); Chapel Royal chorister under John BLOW, before 1683; warrant of the Lord Chamberlain, dated 28 Nov 1684, for clothes for him, as "...late child of the Chappell whose voice is changed"; Organist, St John's College, Oxon, 1685; Organist, Magdalen College, Cantab, 18 Jan 1686 (succeeding Benjamin ROGERS); appointed first Organist of Temple Church, London, 1688, at a salary of 25 pounds, paid by both Middle & Inner Temples (from which he had to pay his bellowsman); sworn as Organist Extraordinary, the Chapel Royal, 11 Dec 1695 (succeeding Henry PURCELL); sworn Organist-in-ordinary, 24 Mar 1697 (on the death of Dr CHILD); B. Mus, Cantab, 1698; contributed to "A Choice Collection of Ayres for the Harpsichord" in 170!
0, together with his old Choirmaster John BLOW, & Jeremiah CLARKE & William CROFT (both of whom succeeded Francis as Gents of the Chapel Royal in 1704); attended the Queen at Windsor & Hampton Court, 1702-03; died 15 May 1704; marr by License, Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, dated 6 Dec 1688, at St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish St, London, Anne PELLING, of Mark Lane, London (bt All Hallows, Staining, 4 Jun 1663, daur of John & Ann PELLLING, & sister of Rev John PELLING, D.D., Senior Canon of St George's Chapel, Windsor); she was paid 18 pounds 15s. by the Middle Temple, 3 Jul 1704, being "...money due to my late husband, three quarters"; Mrs Ann PIGOTT, of St John's, Westminster, was buried in woollen, 2 Feb 1755, in St George's Chapel, WIndsor; issue:
1. John PIGOTT, b 25 Jun & bt All Hallows, Staining, 9 Jul 1690; succeeded his father as Organist of Temple Church, 1704; appointed Organist, St George's Chapel, Windsor, 3 Dec 1719; severed his connection with Temple Church, 1733; served as Organist at Eton College until 1750, when he inherited a fortune from his uncle, Rev John PELLING, D.D.; resigned his post at Windsor, 11 May 1756; died at Windsor, 16 Nov 1762, & bur, in linen, under brass, St Georges Chapel; marr 1713, Isabella GILLERY (daur of Thomas GILLERY of Newcastle-on-Tyne, a Colonel in King William's Army); she died 23 Nov 1754, & buried St George's Chapel, Windsor, aged 59; issue:
a. John PIGOTT, b 1715; d 1715; an infant.
b. Anne PIGOTT, b 1717; died Bath, Co Somerset, 1776; her will referred to a Dr PIGOTT of Colchester.
c. Isabella PIGOTT, b 1718; marr C. DARKE (? perhaps instead DRAKE).
d. John PIGOTT, bt St George's Chapel, Windsor, 17 Aug 1720; educ Eton, 1733-37; of Bushey, Herts; died 1798; marr Ann JONES; issue:
i. Anne PIGOTT; marr Mr HODGKINS.
ii. John PIGOTT, a natural son, b 1770 (but whether hers or his is unclear).
e. Catherine PIGOTT, bt Windsor, 16 Apr 1723; marr Mr HARDY; issue:
i. Isabella HARDY.
f. Gillery PIGOTT, b Windsor, 1724; prob died an infant.
g. Gillery PIGOTT (II), bt Windsor, 12 Aug 1725; Haberdasher; died 1795; marr St Luke, Old Charlton, Co Kent, 2 Jul 1749, Ann SAVILL; she was buried St George's Chapel, Windsor, 10 MAy 1801; issue:
i. Isabella PIGOTT, b 1751; marr Thomas HAVERFIELD.
ii. John Pelling PIGOTT, bt St Vedast, &c, London, 8 Oct 1754.
iii. Elizabeth PIGOTT, b 1759.
iv. Gillery PIGOTT, bt St Vedast, &C, 7 Dec 1761; died s.p.; marr 1791, Charlotte ARCHER (daur of John ARCHER of Welford, Berks, by Mary FITZWILIAM).
h. Francis PIGOTT, b 2 Jan & bt St George's Chapel, 19 Jan 1732; educ at Eton; adm Middle Temple, 4 Jun 1753 (as 3rd son of John PIGOTT of Windsor Castle, Esq); died at Nassau St, Nov 1790; marr Anne Dolly PAYNTON (only daur & heir of Richard PAYNTON of Banbury House, Co Oxon); issue:
i. Catherine PIGOTT, b 1758.
ii. George PIGOTT, b 1759.
iii. Paynton PIGOTT, b 1770. See next below.
2. Francis PIGOTT, bt St Gabriel's, Fenchurch, London, 3 Jul 1699.
3. Anna Maria PIGOTT, b 1702; marr John SMITH of Bushey, Herts.

Paynton PIGOTT, b 1770; of Archer Lodge, Hants, & after, as Paynton STAINSBY-CONANT, of Banbury, Co Oxon; of Trunewell, Berks, Armiger, 1826; died Sep 1862; marr 1801, Maria Lucy GOUGH (daur of Richard Drope GOUGH of Souldon, Co Oxon); she died 1860; issue:
1. Francis PIGOTT, b 1810; Eton College, 1823; matric Lincoln College, Oxon, 7 Mar 1826; M.P. for Reading, 1846-60; Lieut-Governor, Isle of Man, 1860-63; died 21 Jan 1863; marr Frances Phillips WILDER (daur of Lt-Gen Sir Francis WILDER, K.C.B.); she died 1884; issue:
a. Francis Paynton PIGOTT; of Banbury, Co Oxon; late 16th Lancers; died 7 Apr 1883; assumed the additional sur-name CARLTON when he married, 14 Jun 1864, Henrietta Anne CARLTON (elder daur of Guy CARLTON, 3rd Baron Dorchester), & cr Baroness Dorchester on her uncle's death, 1899; she died 18 Dec 1933, having marr 2ndly, 1887, Maj-Gen Richard Langford LEIR; issue:
i. Guy Francis PIGOTT-CARLTON, b 8 Mar 1875; died 21 Nov 1892.
ii. Dudley Massey PIGOTT-CARLTON, b 28 Feb 1876; Baron DORCHESTER; C.B.E.; Brevet Lt-Col, late 9th Lancers, service in Africa & Japan; W.W.1, France & Macedonia; Staff Officer, Reading Garrison, 1941-42; marr 21 Sep 1911, Kathleen BLAQUIERE; with issue 2 daurs.
iii. Daisy PIGOTT-CARLTON; marr 5 Jul 1904, Brig-Gen Vesey Thomas BUNBURY.
b. Stainsby Henry PIGOTT, b 1 May 1840.
c. John PIGOTT.
2. Richard Paynton PIGOTT, b 1811; of Widmoor, Hants; matric Trinity College, Oxon, 2 Apr 1829; B.A. 1834; Rector of Ellisfield, Hants, 1837-85; died 10 Mar 1885, with memorial in Ellersfield Church, near Basingsoke; marr Emma WILDER (another daur of Sir Francis WILDER, K.C.B.); she died 1883.
3. Shreeve Botry PIGOTT, b 13 Jan 1812; adm Peterhouse, Cantab, 29 Nov 1831, matric Lent 1832; B.A. 1834; Deacon, 1835; Priest, 1836; Curate of Hardingstone, Northants, 1835; Curate of Bramley, Hants, 1837; Rector of Crawley, Co Sussex, 1842; Vicar of Wilbraham, CAmbs, 1848; Rector of Great Bradley, Co Suffolk, 1864; Vicar of Brampford Speke, Co Devon, 1871; died 3 Jan 1877; marr 1839, Eliza McMahon WILDER (another daur of Sir Francis WILDER, K.C.B.); she died 6 Oct 1885; issue:
a. Paynton PIGOTT, b 2 Jan & bt Bramley, Hants, 2 Feb 1840; Chief Constable of Norfolk; Barrister-at-Law; D.L.; died 1915; marr 1868, Eleanor Jane HARTLEY.
b. Eversfield Botry PIGOTT, b 2 May 1848; of Widmore, Hants; matric Magdalen College, Cantab, 5 Oct 1864; Deacon, 1872; Priest, 1877; Curate of Wethampnett, Co Sussex, 1872; Curate of St Mary, Southampton, 1874; Curate of Hollington, Co Sussex, 1875; Curate of Foxley, Wilts, 1878; Rector of Gate Burton, with Knaith, Lincs, 1879; Curate of Ellisfield, 1883-1914; died at Brocas, nar Basingstoke, 25 Apr 1917; marr 14 Jul 1874, Hilda CAMPBELL (daur of James CAMPBELL of Cawley Priory, Sussex); issue:
i. Chetwynd Botry PIGOTT, b 11 Sep 1867; of Wolset Cottage, Swallowfield, Berks; marr 1918, Mary Frdeswide COOPER; she was living, as a widow, 1973.
ii. Dayrell Botry PIGOTT, b 11 Sep 1879; Magdalen College, Cantab, 1897; B.A. 1901; Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple; Private Secretary to the Administrator, Salisbury, Rhodesia, 1904; Colonial Office, 1907; Assistant District Commisiioner, British East Africa Protectorate; drowned in Horina Bay, LAke Victoria, Nyanza, 28 Feb 1911.
iii. Lancelot Botry PIGOTT, b 14 Aug 1888; Eastman's Naval Acadmey; Lieut, Hants Regt; killed-in-action, 6 Aug 1915.
iv. Christabel Botry PIGOTT; marr 14 Feb 1903, Maurice Pascoe EVERITT.
v. Ivy Botry PIGOTT; marr 14 Jul 1922, George H.F. CANNON, Barrister.
vi. Hilda Sybil Botry PIGOTT; marr 1916, E. IRELAND, of the Transvaal.
vii. Stella Botry PIGOTT; marr 2 Jun 1908, Thomas H. SUTTON.
viii. Eileen Constance Botry PIGOTT; died 10 Dec 1903, unmarr.
c. Francis Bernard PIGOTT, bt Bramely, 17 Feb 1841; marr Cheltenham, Co Gloucester, 9 Oct 1867, Charlotte Octavia Jane CHOLMELEY.
d. Claud PIGOTT, b 1860; marr 1910, Alice, widow of Barclay WATSON; she died 1929.
e. Annie Lucy PIGOTT, b 1842; marr 1868, William CLOSE.
f. Charles Richard PIGOTT, b 1854, 4th son; 17th & 9th Lancers, Indian Army (invalided out); died 1935; marr Jessica BIZLEY; several years in N.S.W., ca 1892-96; issue:
i. Shreeve PIGOTT, b 1883; d 1956.
ii. Mary A.G. PIGOTT, b 1886.
iii. Ralph H. PIGOTT, b 1888; d 1916.
iv. Augusta Claudia PIGOTT, b Picton, N.S.W., 1892; died 1981.
v. Cecilia Maud PIGOTT, b Picton, N.S.W., 1893.
vi. Pouncey Lancelot PIGOTT, b Picton, N.S.W., 1896; died 1959; marr 1924, Ethel Jessy ALLIN; issue 3 daurs, Pamela, Mavis & Pauline.
vii. Richard PIGOTT, b 1898; died 1916.
g. Isabella PIGOTT; marr 1876, Rev J. GILLAN.
h. Augusta PIGOTT; died unmarr.
j. Mary Acton PIGOTT, b 1842; marr 1879, Henry Walter CLOSE of Drumbanagher.
k. Agnes Charlotte PIGOTT.
m. Catherine Margaret; marr 30 Apr 1901, Lt0Col Raymond S. PALEY.
4. Gillery PIGOTT, b Oxford, 1813; of Sherfield Hill, near Basingstoke, Hanys; Middle Temple Barrister, 1839; Oxford Circuit; Counsel to the Inland Revenue Department, 1854; Serjeant-at-Law, 1856; Recorder of Hereford, 1857; M.P. for reading )Liberal), 1860-63; Baron of the Court of Exchequer, 1853; cr Knight, 1 Nov 1863; died at Sherfield Hill, 28 Apr 1875; marr 1836, Frances DRAKE (only child of Thomas DRAKE of Ashday HAll, HAlifax, Yorks); she died 1894; issue:
a. Francis Drake PIGOTT, bt St BArt's, Sydenham, 18 May 1837; died 28 Jan 1901, unmarr.
b. Gillery Paynton PIGOTT, bt Southouram, Yorks, 14 sep 1843.
c. (?) Frederick Thomas PIGOTT, bt Scarborough, Yorks, 31 Mar 1847.
d. Rosalie PIGOTT; marr 1881, Col MORESHEAD, 24th Regt.
e. Alice Isabella PIGOTT, bt St James's, Padington, 7 Jul 1848.
f. Arthur Gough PIGOTT, b 1850; of Sherfield Hill; Exeter College, Oxon, 1867; B.A. 1870; Middle Temple Barrister; died 1875.
g. Mabel Lucy Sarah PIGOTT, bt St James's, Paddington, 9 Jun 1852; died 1894; marr H. TREDCROFT.
h. Edith Caroline PIGOTT, bt St James's, Paddington, 24 MAy 1854.
j. Cecil Ernest PIGOTT, b 1856; Middle Temple Barrister;, died 1893.
k. Beatrice PIGOTT.
5. John Pelling PIGOTT; Major in the Army; Staff Officer, Tower of London; marr 1stly, Alice McNAIR; issue:
a. Charles Archer PIGOTT, b 1863.
b. Mary McNair PIGOTT.
John marr 2ndly, E. McCARTHY, with further isue.
6. Charles Stainsby PIGOTT; died 1868.
7. Frederick William PIGOTT, b 1831; of Bourne Hill, Horsham, Co Sussex; J.P.; died 21 Feb 1899; marr 1871, Elinor Bourne DRINKWATER; she died 1896; issue:
a. Esme Isabel PIGOTT.
8. Anne Dolly PIGOTT; marr Bernard BROCAS of Wokefield PArk, Berks, & Beaurepair, Hants; died s.p.
9. Eliza Mary PIGOTT; died unmarr.
10. Lucy PIGOTT; marr Rev John VAUGHAN, Rector of Gotham, Notts; issue.
11. Charlotte Archer PIGOTT; died 1863, unmarr.
12. Isabella PIGOTT; died 21 Jan 1902; marr 1849, Charles Gilbert EVERSFIELD.



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