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I concur with Carrie:
Thomas Pinkard did marry Elizabeth Downman - this was his 2nd marriage and
they had no children; I have the Will abstract for Elizabeth Downman and she
names no children.
Thomas Pinkard m. 1st Margaret Swan d/o Alexander Swan of Lancaster Co VA. -
iMargaret m. 1st John Ball s/o George Ball & Grace Haynie - one child Sarah
m. Presley Cockrell II
m. 2nd David Boyd 3 children
m. 3rd or just a partner - Mildred Pinkard
iiThomas m. Frances Anderson d/o Rev Charles Anderson - one child Thomas
who d. before his father
iiiJohn m. Sarah Anne Gaskins d/o Thomas Gaskins - no children - d. shortly
after the marriage
ivElizabeth m. 1st Charles Leem. 2nd William Brent m. 3rd or just a
partner ?

Peyton Pinkard, James [Judith Smith], John [Jane Jett], James [Elizabeth
Edmonds], John [Mary Flower], Capt John [Mary ?]

Thomas Pinkard [Margaret Swan, Elizabeth Downman], Capt John [Elizabeth

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Hello Pinckard cousins,
I received something in the mail today from one of my Pinkard cousins
that I wanted to share with you. There is a book entitled "The Reason for
Tears, A History of Chambers County, Alabama" , written by Bobby L. Lindsey
published in 1971. On page 287, it states that Peyton Pinckard was the son
James Pinckard and Elizabeth Smith, of Lancaster County, Virgina who
to Greene County, GA in 1783. Elizabeth Smith was the daughter of Peyton
Smith. Then it states that James Pinckard was the son of Thomas Pinckard the
4th of
Lancster County and his wife, Elizabeh Downman. I think this may be the
source of misinformation on this line. I have either had countless Pinckard
researchers contact me personally, or I have seen postings on the internet
identical to this information. I think I can prove to any descendants of
line that this research is incorrect. I don't mean to be disrespectful of
research, but it bothers me that so many other people have taken this
secondary source as verbatim and have been lead astray due to it.
First, the James Pinckard of Lancaster County died there between April
and May of 1751. His will abstract is located on page 177 of Ida Lee's
of Lancaster County, Virginia Wills - 1653-1800. He was married to Elizabeth
Edmonds. He names in his will sons Robert, John, Charles, James, and
Of these sons, John and Charles removed to Henry and Franklin Counties in
Virginia, John purchasing land there in 1778 and Charles in 1788. John
married Jan
e Jett about 1759 and they had 6 children: James, Elizabeth, Charlotte,
Thomas and John. It was John and Jane (Jett) Pinkard's son, James that
JUDITH Smith, (not Elizabeth) and Judith's brother, Charles, married James'
sister, Jane. James and Judith moved to Georiga after September of 1792.
appears on the Tax list for Greene Co. GA in 1797 and the census of 1820 in
Irwin Co. Ga. Their is proof that John Pinckard of Henry and Franklin
was a son of James Pinckard of Lancaster for in his estate papers he
guardians for his younger children and specified they should collect any
"monies" due him from the estate of James Pinckard of Lancaster.
No one that I know of has been able to prove any descendancy from Thomas
Pinckard IV. If any of you are descended from John Pinkard and Jane Jett and
have any questions, I will be happy to try and answer them.

Carrie Newton

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