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From: "Karen T.Ledford" <>
Subject: Re: [PINSON-L] Ga. Militia/Civil War/Berry Burgess
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 19:34:44 -0500

I appreciate your interest in my posting. Gary you must check Walker
co. Militia ENrollement records for your ancestors service. They are on
microfilm on the ADJUTANT GENERAL's Militia Enrollment in the Archives
in Atlanta.

I wanted to make it clear that I have investigated the MILITIA records
of Franklin Co. I am the author of a series of Books entitled "THESE
MEN WORE GREY." I am have of course done indepth research to publishe
these books. Franklin Co. is Volume I of my series and I have included
the complete militia enrollment of which Gary is speaking.
you can view my work at : ""; Each
county volume has a surname list also. I included the complete Salt
Lists as well. These are an excellent source for determining Confederate

Every county during the War Between the States according to the
reenactment of the Ga. Militia kept enrolling lists of every man that
could carry a gun between the ages of 16 and 60. These men were
required to enroll as of a proclamation by Gov. Joe Brown on Dec. 14,
1863. As of that date Berry Burgess did not enroll in District #213 in
which he lived. Franklin Co. also had a unit called Kay's Old Men's
Home Guards. He is not in it either.

However, HIS WIFE, NANCY is listed on THE SALT RATIONS LIST of Franklin
Co., Ga. in 1863 and 1864 list that is titled "WIVES OF SOLDIERS NOW IN
SERVICE." Signing the list together was NANCY and MARTHA BURGESS.
MARTHA was Nancy's daughter-in-law.
Martha's husband John Y. Burgess was in the 52nd Ga. Regt., Inf. out of
Franklin Co.
Unless Berry enlisted in some regiment before the militia was reenacted
I cannot find it. And believe you I am well acquainted with where to
look. It just can't be located, but why would NANCY be on the WIFE's
list if he was not in service. There was another list for women who
were widow's who had sons in service and SHE IS NOT ON IT even though
she had other sons in service.

I plan to check the amnesty Oaths of 1867 to see if Berry signed one,
Their family is not enumerated in 1870 Franklin Co. but in 1880 Berry is
already dead as nancy is a widow.

The Confederate Service IS NOT what I seek.

I am trying to find the ANSWER to WHY BERRY PINSON became BERRY
BURGESS. I am sure that Berry Pinson was somehow related to ISAAC
PINSON who reared him in Laurens Co., S.C.

Am I correct in my asumption that Marmaduke Pinson Sr. is ISAAC's
brother???? If so this is why I am questioning Marmaduke's daughter
SALLY marrying WILLIAM MADDEN. There is some connection between these
Pinson's and the MADDENS as Berry is living between William Madden Jr.
and George Madden in the 1850 Laurens Co. Census.

ISAAC Pinson's daughter married a BURGESS also but Berry is not one of
her children. She did have 5 SONS.

There is some connection also between the BURGESSES of FRANKLIN CO., GA
and the Laurens Co., SC ones because of the naming patterns. The
BURGESSES in FRanklin Co. were migrated in from N.C. They are probably
related to the BURGESSES of Laurens Co. SC also. The reason I say this
is because Berry went right to the area in which they were living in
Franklin Co. His children were ALL already born. He had a son named
Wiley Burgess. Already living in Franklin Co. was a Wiley Burgess who
was of the other set of Burgesses already there. Another Burgess
already living there was REUBEN BURGESS and he is also buried at Clarkes
Ck Cem. where Nancy is buried.

I know this is confusing.

ISAAC reared another boy in his household who was a NEPHEW of his. I
still believe that BERRY PINSON/BURGESS is a nephew of ISAAC or a Great
Nephew because of the MADDEN connection to Marmaduke Pinson.

DOES ANYONE KNOW if Isaac Pinson had a sister who had an illegetimate
child or if MArmaduke Pinsons daughters had an illegetimate child.

DAVID what do you know about this. I would like to hear your comments
on this please.

Karen T. Ledford/Toccoa, Ga.

Gary Pinson wrote:
> Re: Karen Ledfords statement a couple of days ago about Berry Pinson AKA
> Berry Burgess
> "NANCY is listed as Mrs. Nancy Burgess on the FRanklin Co. SALT LIST during
> the WAR BETWEEN THE STATES as "wife of a Soldier now in service." If BERRY
> Went to war he was an older man. I don't find him in a militia unit there
> in Franklin Co... "
> Was the record you site dated 1864 or 65? Late in the war, when Sherman's
> hordes invaded Georgia, old men and young boys (anyone who could crawl) went
> into service in the militia. Virtually no records exist for those men. The
> older Burchs, Pinsons etc. in my Pinson line are shown serving in the state
> troops for 6 month tours (mid 1863-Jan/Feb. 1864) but not after that. My
> own descendents were in Walker Co. Ga. at that time, which was a major site
> of battles during Sherman's march to Atlanta. There is no way they avoided
> serving, but there is no record of it. All I have is a family story (with
> much lost in the passing of time) of two brothers hiding in a corn field,
> with one wounded. One of ours was gone by the next census, and I'll always
> wonder if it was the one lying in that corn field and where that field was
> located.
> I suspect your Berry may have been in the same predicament. He probably was
> serving, and may have even been killed at Atlanta, or somewhere else. But,
> you'll probably never know.
> Good Luck. G.P.
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