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From: CyberBev <>
Subject: Let's Discuss Thomas Pittman Jr. d 1730
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 17:06:37 -0500

Let's Set The Record Straight
I would love to hear everyone's reaction to this ... Bev

THOMAS PITMAN Jun'r. ( son or grandson of Capt. Thomas PITTMAN of Surry Co
VA )
b ca 1650 Surry Co VA
d 1730 Isle of Wight Co VA
m1 -who?-
children: Thomas, Robert, Ambrose, Olive, Pratta, Elizabeth, Lucy, Faith ?
m2 ca 1705 Mary CHAMBERS (b ca 1675 d ca 1710)
dau of William CHAMBERS and Margery -?- JARRETT CHAMBERS
children: maybe Arthur and John ?
m3 ca 1710 Elizabeth LANQUISHEAR / LANCASTER (d aft Apr 1720 bef Mch 1728)
dau of Robert LANCASTER (d 1720)
children: Samuel, Sampson, Joseph, Ann, Lettice

Thomas PITMAN Jr. died between 3 Mch 1728 and 28 Sep 1730. He wrote his
will about a year before his death. His wife Elizabeth is not mentioned in
his will, and it is assumed that she had died before March 1728. The will
is recorded in Isle of Wight Co., VA, as follows:

Isle of Wight County this third Day of March 1728--
Whereas I Thomas PITMAN of the County aforesaid do make this my last Will
and Testament in manner and form following. First, my Soul I desire to
return to God who gave it, My Body to be decently Buried, and for my Estate
real and personal to be disposed of as follows (viz) My Son Thomas I
desire may have an entry of Land lying up the Creek containing an hundred
and fifty Acres and he having two thousand Nails to build him a house out
of the Estate. For my Son Samuel I desire may have the Plantation lying on
Dicks Marsh bounded by a line of Mark Trees containing an hundred Acres.
To my Son Robert a piece of Land lying on the upper side of the Long Grand
containing fifty Acres. For my Son Ambrose the upper part of the Survey
lying above the Marsh branch containing forty Acres. For my sons John and
Arthur the place called the hedge pen Neck and containing One Hundred
Acres. My Sons Samson and Joseph my mannour plantation containing an
hundred and Ten Acres. To my six Daughters Five Pounds to each being Ann,
Olive, Pratta, Elizabeth, Lucy, and Faith and for the rest of my Estate
after my debts are paid I desire may be equally shared by my Trustees among
all my children. I do appoint Robert Lancaster, Wm John Dunkley and Robert
Monger jun, Trustees and my son Thomas PITMAN Executor of this my last
Will. I do desire my Trustees may value my Estate and equal share it
without any Cost, Charges and carefully take care of it.
Joseph E. Strickling Thomas tp PITMAN
Thomas Pitman mark
Edw. Hood
At a Court held for Isle of Wight County the 28th day of September, 1730--
The last Will and Testaament of Thomas PITMAN Deceased was presented in
Court by Thomas PITMAN Executor and being proved by the Oaths of the
Witnesses thereunto is admitted to Record. Test.
James Ingles CC

[ NOTE: At present, there are several people contributing to the Pittman
research (most notably Betsy & Billie Pittman of Valdese NC, Forrest King
of Vienna VA, and myself) who have a great many questions about the several
Thomas Pitman's in the Surry / Isle of Wight Counties, VA, records, and who
now feel that Thomas PITMAN d 1730 was most probably a grandson of Capt.
Thomas PITMAN, with another generation in between.... bcw ]

A case in point: In the preceeding Last Will & Testament of Thomas
PITMAN, there are three adult men named Thomas PITMAN represented. There
is Thomas the testator, Thomas the executor, and Thomas the witness.
Thomas PITTMAN Jr. was at least 21 years old in Sep 1671 when he witnessed
a deed. If this is the same Thomas who died in 1730, as we have been
supposing, he was at least 50 years old at the time of his marriage to Mary
CHAMBERS HOLLIMAN. Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose that she was not
his first wife, and that an unknown first wife must have been the mother of
many of his children.
Thomas Jr.'s second wife, Mary CHAMBERS HOLLIMAN ( b ca 1675 d ca 1710 )
was the only daughter of William CHAMBERS (d ca 1679 Surry Co VA) whose
wife, Margery (maiden name unknown) JARRETT CHAMBERS, was still alive when
he wrote his will. Mary had a brother named William CHAMBERS, and
half-siblings named Charles JARRETT and Elizabeth JARRETT. Her mother's
first husband had been Richard JARRETT who died in 1672 in Surry Co VA.
Mary CHAMBERS was married to William HALLIMAN while she was still under the
guardianship of her brother William, so she was very young at the time of
her first marriage. In 1704, William HALLIMAN's estate was settled in
Surry County. Mary (Marie) was called "widow of William HALLIMAN" in
court on 2 Jan 1704 Surry Co VA. She had at least one son, William HOLLYMAN.
Thomas PITTMAN Jr. had intermarried with Mary widow of William HOLLEMAN by
1706. She was aged 35-43 at that time -- clearly, she was not the mother
of Thomas Jr.'s many children. But she might have had one or two of
them... Which ones?
In Surry County Court, Nov 1706, Mary is described as "the relict and
Adtrix. of William HALLIMAN who married Thomas PITTMAN Jr." It cannot be
determined from presently available records whether or not Mary was the
mother of any of Thomas PITTMAN Jr.'s children, though it appears they
were probably married for about five years.
In his book The Hollyman Family,A Genealogical and Historical Record of
the Descendants of Christopher Hollyman of Isle of Wight County, Va., 1691,
and Related Families, Holleman, Holloman, Holliman, Holoman, Hollomon
(written about 1952), Mr. George A. Holleman attempts to identify the
husband of Mary CHAMBERS. He says that she was married to William HOLLYMAN
(1661-1704), son of Christopher d 1691, and that Mary was the mother of
five children. He gives her a son named Thomas T. HOLLYMAN born about
1675, died about 1761, and says that Thomas was William's second son --
making William 14 years old when his second child was born. Careful
analysis of the dates will reveal that Mr. Holleman has chosen the wrong
William HOLLYMAN as the husband of Mary CHAMBERS. Going back to the
evidence about the family of Mary CHAMBERS HOLLEMAN PITTMAN we find that:
Richard JARRETT, Margery's first husband, was still alive in 1671.
(Margery's maiden name is so far unknown to us.) In 1672, Margery has
already remarried, and is executing her dec'd first husband's estate as
In 1677, William CHAMBERS' nuncupative (oral) last will & testament is
recorded, names "wife" (this was Margery, named administratrix), step-son
Charles JARRETT, and his "two children." Also in 1677, William CHAMBERS
Jr. chooses his own guardian. (I think a boy had to be 14 years of age or
older to do that ... so that means William CHAMBERS Jr. was born at least
14 years before 1677 -- in or before 1663. Margaret LEE in Smithfield
thinks he might have had to be age 18 -- so he might have been born as
early as 1659.)
In 1681, William CHAMBERS Jr. "being of full age" asked the court for his
inheritance and the guardianship of his sister, Mary, still a minor in
1681. If "full age" is 21 years old, then he was born about 1659, and
Margery JARRETT CHAMBERS is his step-mother.
In early 1687, Mary CHAMBERS married William HOLLEMAN. In May 1687, Mr.
HOLLEMAN petitioned the court for her inheritance to be released to him,
which indicates that she was still under-age when she married. If Mary was
Margery's daughter, then she would have been born between 1671 and 1677,
and that makes her a maximum age of 16 years old at the time of her
marriage to William HOLLEMAN. So now it seems probable that Margery is
also Mary's step-mother. Since a girl was of "full age" at age 18 she
could have been born as early as 1663. But no earlier.
In 1704, William HOLLEMAN died. That means he and Mary were married to
each other for 17 years -- plenty of time to have several children, but
Mary could not have HOLLEMAN children older than age 17 at the time of
William's death.
Ten years later, Thomas PITMAN Jr. and his ( third ) wife Elizabeth
LANCASTER deeded 125 acres of land to "step-son" William HOLLYMAN 16 Jan
1714, in Surry Co VA.
Robert LANCASTER, the father of Thomas Jr.'s wife Elizabeth, of Upper
Parish, on the Blackwater, Isle of Wight County, wrote a will dated 28 Apr
1720, which was recorded 23 May 1720. In his will he named his daughter
Elizabeth PITTMAN, his son-in-law Thomas PITTMAN, and his grandchildren
Samuel, Lettis and Ann PITTMAN. This document indicates that Elizabeth was
the mother of these three children of Thomas PITMAN, Jr. Elizabeth's son
Samuel must have been born about 1710, since he seems to have been a legal
adult when his father's will was written in 1730.
A subsequent document indicates two more children of Elizabeth. After the
death of Thomas PITMAN, Jr., Robert LANCASTER, Jr., Elizabeth LANCASTER
PITTMAN's brother, made the following deposition in Isle of Wight County, VA:

These are to inform the Worp. Court that I the Subscriber heard the Thomas
PITMAN say seven Months after his Sickness that he made his Will and told
me that he had given to his Son Thomas PITMAN his Entery of Land lying up
the Creek, To his Son Samuel PITMAN the Plantation whereon his brother
lived, To his Son Robert PITMAN a parcel of Land lying over the ------
Branch, To his Son Ambrose PITMAN a parcel lying between his Son Thomas and
his Son Samuel, To his Son John and his Son Arthur a piece lying up the
Meadow Branch to be divided between them and to his two youngest Sons
Sampson and Joseph he had given a Plantation whereon he lived to be divided
between them when they come of Age, and to his six Daughters he had given
Five Pounds a piece; and that he did believe he should not alter what he
had done.(Sd.) Robt. LANCASTER
At a Court held for the Isle of Wight County the 28 day of September 1730
The above deposition was presented and being duly proved in Court was
Admitted to record.Test. James INGLES, Clk. Court

So, Thomas PITMAN Jr.'s "two youngest sons" were Sampson and Joseph,
according to Robert LANCASTER, Jr. Therefore, they were sons of Elizabeth
LANCASTER PITMAN, and they were born after 1720 but before 1728.
From this document it would also appear that Thomas PITMAN Jr.'s brother
(the elusive William PITMAN) had lived on a piece of property owned by
Thomas PITMAN Jr., which Thomas gave by his will to his son Samuel. But
the language of Robert Lancaster's deposition is not clear enough about the
identity of this brother: whose brother was it -- Thomas's brother, or
Samuel's brother? The wording is very ambiguous.
It is possible that several more of Thomas PITMAN Jr.'s children were born
after Robert LANCASTER's will was written. In the years between 1720 and
1728 more than two children might have been born, so some of the others
could belong to Elizabeth. Since none of the daughters were married when
Thomas's will was written in 1728, it is logical to conclude that they may
have been very young ... therefore may have been daughters of his last
wife. This would have to be concluded from a study of the childrens' ages,
unless more documentation turns up.
Robert LANCASTER's "grandaughter Lettis PITTMAN" was not named in her
father's will, and was apparantly not included in the "six daughters"
mentioned in Robert LANCASTER Jr.'s deposition. It can be inferred that
she died between 1720 and 1730.
One source ( Tennessee Cragon's and Their Kin, undated ), postulates that
Thomas PITMAN d 1730 was a grandson of CAPT. Thomas PITMAN (b ca 1614 d ca
1684-88) , and that his father was Thomas PITMAN b ca 1659 who made a deed
of gift in 1680 to "William PITMAN son of Thomas PITMAN Jr." In that case,
Thomas PITMAN d 1730 would have been born about 1679 (or about 20 years
after the birth of his father), and would have been one year old in 1680...
clearly not old enough to have a son named William! The author of
Tennessee Cragon's seemed unaware that Elizabeth LANCASTER was Thomas
PITMAN Jr.'s last wife, and appears to have based his "time line" on the
assumption that she was his first wife, making him appear much younger than
he was. In fact, Thomas PITMAN Jr. was of legal age to witness a deed in
Sep. 1671, which means he was born closer to 1650.

Pittman Data Bank: Beverly C. Williamson, 55 Oakwood Road, Jacksonville FL


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