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Subject: PITMAN of Oyster River NH
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 23:42:28 -0400

b ca 1631 d 31 Oct 1682 Oyster River, Strafford Co NH “Blacksmith”
m1 29 Nov 1653 Barbara EVANS ( b ca 1634 d ca 1660 ) Boston, Suffolk Co
( she is supposed to be the mother of Abigail, Mary, Ezekiel, Elizabeth
and Sarah )
m2 bef 1661 Ann
( she is supposed to be the mother of Francis, John, Joseph and Anne )
m3 bef 1673 Dorothy
( she is supposed to be the mother of Nathaniel, Zacharias, Hannah and
Judith )

Virginia Severeid of Fillmore CA (1990) sent the following excerpts from
Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hamphire: PITMAN, pages 557-559:
“11 WILLIAM, blacksmith, Oyster River, ( ca 41 in 1672 ), m. in Boston, 29
Nov. 1653 Barbara Evans. His w. was Ann 1661-1668 at least ( when they had
much to do with Philip Chesley ), and Dorothy in 1673 ( the sole rec. of her
as wit. in a Chesley case ). Poss. one w. was related to Zachariah Ayers
(9). In 1657 he liv. on land of Wm. Roberts who deeded to him and s.
Ezekiel in 1664 giving rise to suppos. that the wife Ann was a Roberts, but
Wm. had no such dau. In 1677 at Thos. Wheeler’s ho. he hit Roger Rose with
a pint pot and was ord. to pay the surgeon. Lists 356a, 361a, 363abc, 365,
366, 359a. See also (5) and Leathers (1). Will, 30 Oct - 16 Nov 1682,
gives to w. ( unnamed ) two cows and her thirds, and to all ch. but Mary.
The mothers of the ch. uncert. Surely by 1st w: Abigail, m 1st by 1671
Stephen Willey, m. 2d 6 Oct 1710 Edward de Flecheur in Canada, where she
was sometimes Gabrielle, but bp. Marie Louise; List 99 p 127. Presum:
Mary, m. 16 Apr. 1674 Stephen Otis (3). Ezekiel, b. 1658. Poss:
Elizabeth, m. Stephen Jenkins (12). Sarah, Thrisco in 1682, see Drisco (8).
By w. Ann: Francis, b. ca. 1662, willed Giles’s place bot. by his fa. from
Richard Knight. John, named sole exec., but had gdns. until 1684, Edw.
Leathers and his br. Ezekiel. In 1685 he accus. Philip Chesley, sr., of
threatening him so he would not testify for Burnham; built and liv. on N.
side of Johnson’s Creek until lost at sea; see (7). Lists 57, 94. Joseph,
b. ca. 1669. Ann (presum.), of Wells, m. (Mo. ct. Jan 1698-9) John Sias.
She depos. in 1734, ca age 62, that she liv. with Wm. Follett in 1689. (One
Mary P., adult, was of Wells, 1714-7. Appar. younger ch: Nathaniel.
Zacharias, given L5 by John Knight (18) in 1694. Dover gr. 1694, sold 1697,
then of Dover. See also Hill (22). Hannah. Judith, youngest, m. John Ham
“2 EZEKIEL (11), eldest s 1664, depos. in 1677 ab. Teague Riall’s nunc.
will. His 1693 gr., 30 ac., was ord. laid out to his s. Wm. in 1713 and
order rescinded, as the fa. himself had alienated to Moses Davis. Dead in
1701. Lists 62, 367b. See also Huckins (1), Roberts (4). His 2d w.
Elizabeth, appar. wid. of James Derry, and his br. Francis were cited to
adm., in Feb 1708-9, or adm. to issue to son Wm.’s gdn. Jeremiah Burnham who
was named 4 Apr. 1709. She m. last John Pinder (1). See also Derry (1).
Kn. ch. by unkn. 1st w: William, b. 16 Apr. 1691, chose Jeremiah Burnham
gdn. 7 Jan 1706-7, his master Thos. Edgerly consenting. Wife Joanna. 5
ch., first 3 bp. at O.R. with their parents 6 May 1719-20; Ezekiel, b. at
O.R. and first a sailor, m. at Portsm., 23 May 1717 Elizabeth Shackford
(Samuel). Of Portsmouth, blacksmith, 1751, he q.c. to Moses Davis (jr.) his
fa.’s 1693 gr. Ezekiel, jr., m. there 13 July 1740 Elizabeth Peverly;
Francis, bp. No. Ch. 1722, was presum. another son.”
“3 FRANCIS (11), taxed O.R. 1683, q.c. his int. in his fa.’s lands to Edw.
Wakeham in 1695, and in Apr. 1701 bot. from Nathl. Meader 40 a. on W. side
of Beech Hill sold to Meader by wid. Elizabeth (2). Depos. twice in 1734,
age 72; liv. 1735. Lists 358b, 368ab, 57, 62. See also Derry (1). He m.
bet. 1711 - 1714, prob. not 1st, Elizabeth, wid. of Nathl. Tibbetts; she
was bp. at O.R. 21 July 1717. Only kn. ch. Sarah, m at O.R. 28 Nov. 1728,
Wm. Buzzell (see Bussy 2).”
“5 JOHN , wit. a Chesley fam. deed 1664.”
“7 JOSEPH (11), ag. 30 in Dec. 1699. He had a gr. in Mar. 1693-4, and
with Wm. Jackson was bondsm. for James Jackson (22) in 1699. Wife
Elizabeth. Aft. his br. John was lost, he liv. on his place ‘some years’
until k. by Ind. not far from O.R. meeting-ho. 19 Aug 1704 (8JC28673).
Lists 62, 94, 96. One ‘Barnaba’ (Sanders? Janders?) liv. there with the
wid., reported mar. to her, but on some demur or affront he built himself a
ho. some distance northward; see Amos Pinkham (1). Ch. in deed of the place
to John Allen 1722: John, with sis. Ann a wit. in the Pinkham case 1720,
when, in the argument John was called ‘infamous,’ ‘no one would believe
him.’ His w. was Elizabeth 1722; both liv. 1744, he 1752. Zachariah, b.
ca. 1695 in the house his uncle John built; m. 13 Dec. 1723 Mercy Conner
Timothy ). Will, 3 June 1783 ( d. in Madbury, 1 Feb. 1785, ag. 90 ), names
4 ch. Nehemiah, Scarb. 1728, had w. and 1 ch. in Durham, 1751, when he
ptn. for help. Sarah, m. Zachariah Nock (6). Mary, m. Wm. Downes (6).
Ann, single 1722.”
“9 NATHANIEL (11), m bef. 17 Nov 1697 Deliverance, wid. of John Derry (2).
Highway surv. for O.R. (south) 1699. Grant of 30 a. in Madbury 1701. List
358b. Dead 1728, she liv. Ch. by deed: Tabitha, m. by 1723 Eli Demerrit
(1 jr.). Abigail, bp. 12 Apr. 1724, m. 13 Mar. 1729-30 Wm. Demerrit (1).
Derry, bp. 24 May 1724; his w. Dorothy (Jackson, dau of Dr. Geo. 5 jr.) was
adm. to Dover First. Ch. 14 Nov. 1736. One Nathl., ag. 19, was in Boston
with Sampson Penley, jr., 1694.”

Thom Shank of Los Angeles CA (1990) sent the following excerpt from History
of Durham:
“William Pitman, called blacksmith, was born about 1632, as shown by a
deposition. He married (1) in Boston, 29th of 9th month 1653, Barbara
Evans. He was living, 12 May 1657, on a portion of William Roberts’ land
and next to Robert Burnham’s land, although he did not take a deed of said
land till 1664. The inference is that he had married (2) Ann, daughter of
William Roberts. She is repeatedly mentioned between 1661 and 1682, as wife
of William Pitman. He was rated at Oyster River, 1657 - 77. His will shows
that he died in 1682, leaving the heirs named below. He gave three
shillings apiece to the following: Ezekiel Pitman, Ann Pitman, Zachariah
Pitman, Hannah Pitman, and Judith Pitman.
Mary b. 15 Nov. 1657; m 16 April 1674, Stephen Otis. She was
carried captive to Canada and
there bapt. 8 Dec 1693, as dau. of William and Barbara
2. Ezekiel b. 1658; m. Elizabeth ---------
3. John b. 1663; executor of father’s will.
4. Francis b. 1662; m. Widow Elizabeth Tibbetts.
5. Nathaniel m. Widow Deliverance Derry.
6. Joseph b 1669; m Elizabeth ---------
Elizabeth m. Stephen Jenkins.
Abigail m. Stephen Willey bef. 1676.
Sarah m. Jeremiah Drisco.
Ann b. 1672; m. 1698, John Sias.
Zacharias, Hannah.
Judith m. 8 Jan. 1715 John Ham (?).
2. Ezekiel Pitman ( William ), born 1658, as per deposition, made another
deposition, 24 Sept. 1677, saying that ‘about two years since he heard teak
( Teague ) Riall say that if he did not marry he would give his land & all
that he hath to William Durgin.’ [Court Files, No.23738.] Teague Royall
was one of the early settlers at Oyster River, 1657. He removed to Exeter
and died there, unmarried.
Ezekiel Pitman had a grant of thirty acres, which was laid out to his son,
William, in 1713. He had wife, Elizabeth, called widow in 1701. Children
probably were as follows:
Ezekiel m. 23 May 1717, Elizabeth, dau of Samuel Shackford, in
Portsmouth. He is called son of Ezekiel in a
deed. Ezekiel Pitman, Jr., m. in Portsmouth, 13 July 1740,
Elizabeth Peverly.
7. William m. Joanna, perhaps dau. of James Derry.
3. John Pitman ( William ) had for guardians Edward Leathers and Ezekiel
Pitman until 1684, when he became of age and was made executor of his father
’s will. He is mentioned as owning land in 1722. Nothing further is known.

4. Francis Pitman ( William ) who deposed 22 Feb. 1734, aged 72, married
Elizabeth, widow of Nathaniel Tibbetts. She was baptised at Oyster River 21
July 1717. He bought of Nathaniel Meader, 7 April 1701, forty acres on the
west side of Beech hill, which had been sold to Meader by Widow Elizabeth
Sarah m. William Buzzell, 28 Nov. 1728.
5. Nathaniel Pitman ( William ) married Deliverance, widow of John Derry,
about 1697. He had a grant of thirty acres in Madbury, 23 June 1701.
Children, so far as are known, were:
Abigail, bapt. 5 April 1723; m. 13 March 1730, William
Tabitha, m. Eli Demerrit, brother of William.
Derry, bapt. 24 May 1724; m. Dorothy Jackson, dau. of Dr.
George and Joanna
(Pepperell) Jackson, b. 21 Nov. 1717. Ch., Andrew Pepperell
and Mary, twins, b. 22
March 1749. Mary m. Timothy Munsey.
6. Joseph Pitman ( William ), born 1669, made a deposition 4 Dec. 1699,
aged 30. He was killed by Indians, ‘not far from Oyster River meeting
house,’ 19 Aug. 1704. A deed in 1722 shows the following children, who sold
to John Allen right in land belonging to their father, Joseph Pitman, twenty
acres, northeast of Johnson’s Creek, next to John Pitman’s land. This had
been granted to Joseph Pitman, 19 March 1693/4.
8. John, m. Elizabeth bef 1722. Both signed a deed in 1744, he
alone in 1752.
9. Zechariah m. Mercy Conner, 13 Dec. 1723.
Nehemiah. He was of Scarboro, Me., in 1728. He had wife and
child in Durham in 1751 and petitioned
court for help.
Sarah m. Zechariah Nock. Sarah Pitman was bapt. at Oyster River
7 May 1727.
Mary m. William Downs, 3 May 1721.
Anne, unm. in 1722; m. perhaps Abraham Mimmey of Somersworth.

Third Generation
7. William Pitman ( Ezekiel, William ) petitioned, 7 Jan. 1706, to have
Jeremy Burnham appointed his guardian. He and wife, Joanna, signed a deed
14 March 1717/8. They sold to John Munsey, 19 April 1722, their right in
the estate of James Derry, deceased.
Abigail, bapt. 6 March 1719/20.
Dorcas, bapt. 6 March 1719/20.
William, bapt. 6 March 1719/20.
Ezekiel, bapt. 22 July 1722.
Stephen, bapt. 18 June 1727.
8. John Pitman ( Joseph, William ) had wife, Elizabeth --------. He is
supposed to have lived in Lee and to have had, perhaps, the following
John b 7 May 1732; m. Susannah -------. He d. in Barnstead 28
Feb. 1834. His wife d. 6 March 1835, aged
95. Had prob. sons John and Josiah.
Susanna b. 17 May 1734; m. 6 Nov. 1751, John Durgin.
Samuel b. 1736; m. Sarah, dau. of Edward Small. He d. in
Barnstead in 1825, aged 89. She also d. in 1825,
aged 89. His will, 1815, names wife, Sarah, and ch., Sarah
Swain, Elizabeth Winkley, Polly Perkins, Harriet
Peavey, Abigail Montgomery, Susanna Young, and sons, Samuel and
Mary m. John Brown, 12 April 1750.
Ebenezer (?) m. Elizabeth, dau. of Azariah Boody. She was a
widow in 1758.
9. Zechariah Pitman ( Joseph, William ) married, 13 Dec. 1723, Mercy, dau.
of Timothy Conner. His will, 3 June 1783 - Feb 1785, names son, Conner
Pitman, daughter, Mercy Pitman, daughter, Abigail, wife of David Muncey, and
daughter Sarah, wife of Benjamin Bickford. He lived in Madbury.
Conner m. Abigail Daniel, dau. of Jonathan (?). His will,
dated 2 May 1794, names wife Abigail, son
Ebenezer who d. 1797, dau. Sarah, wife of John Callomy, daus.,
Abigail, Deborah, Mary and Eunice, and son,

Family Matters: (North Carolina) Bass, Capps, Glover, Jones, Jordan, Lamm,
O'Quinn, Peacock, Raiford, Raines, Wilkins, Williamson, Wilson.
Pittman Data Bank:
NOTE: Pittman Data Bank records have been compiled using data from both
published records and individual researchers. You should carefully verify
all information before using it in your lineage.
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