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Subject: John Pittman, 1669, Northern Neck of VA
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King George Co, Va Deed Book 2 page 155, 14 Apr 1732
"received from Ann Pitman, the widow and admx of William Pitman, late of
K.G. co, in full, of all, and each our parts of the said William Pitmans
estate belonging to every one of us, the subscribers, his sons and daughter
and do acknowledge to be therewith fully contented, satisfied, paid.
Robert Taliaferro
Isaac Pitman
Thomas Pitman
Moses Pitman

Saw your Pitman query on GenForum. Your notes seem to connect the King
George Co VA, Lancaster Co VA, and Halifax Co NC Pitmans all into one
family. In fact they were two distinct groups, if not three. It has been
shown that Ambrose of Halifax was not a son of Thomas Pitman and Hannah
Fielding. See my notes below.
And there are Pitman/Pittman researchers now who say the King George Co VA
group was not from Lancaster Co VA either.
I hope you will tell us more about your family, so we can sort them all out!
And I hope some of the King George Co people will write to you!
Welcome to Pittman Country!

The above appeared in PITTMAN DIGEST V98 #180. This citation refers to my
PITTMAN line which originated in the Northern Neck of Virginia, the land
between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers.

There were perhaps three different PITTMAN / PITMAN lines who appeared in the
Northern Neck before 1800; so far as I know, they were unrelated. The
Lancaster County group begins with John PITMAN who married Elizabeth WILLIAMS.
He died in 1702 and she died in 1710. One of the confusing Ambrose PITTMANs
of the mid 1700s was a great-grandson of John and Elizabeth.

The second line is (I believe) an extension of the Nicholas PITTMAN who
settled in Frederick County about 1760 (later to become Shenandoah County,
near the town of Strasburg) having come south from Pennsylvania. Nicholas is
thought to be of German Palantine origin, he married Catherine SNAPP. The
Northern Neck extension of this line lived primarily in the Fredericksburg
area beginning in the late 1700s.

The earliest line was my line:

John PITTMAN first appears in the record in the January 25, 1669 will of John
PIPER of Westmoreland County, VA which was proven on April 29, 1674. John
PITTMAN married John PIPER's widow Rebecca PIPER. This was at least Rebecca's
third marriage since she not only had a son, John PIPER, but a daughter from a
previous marriage named Mary EVANS. Rebecca's maiden name is unknown at this

In 1680 John and Rebecca PITTMAN bought 300 acres of land in (Old)
Rappahannock County, VA from Adam WOFENDALL who had acquired it from John
PHILLIPS, the original patentee. This parcel of land remained in the PITTMAN
family until about 1800. As Virginia counties evolved the county the land was
in changed: (Old) Rappahannock until 1692, Richmond County 1692 - 1721, King
George County 1721 to present. This land was located near the present town of
King George where the courthouse is located.

John and Rebecca PITTMAN apparently had at least one son William PITTMAN who
was mentioned in the will of William FFRACK 1684 as one of his two godsons.
The other godson was John BROWNE the son of Edwin BROWNE who lived on land
adjacent to the PITTMAN tract.

There is mention of a William, Thomas and John PITTMAN in 1698 in Richmond
County. They could be sons of John and Rebecca but they could also be the
three sons of John PITMAN of Lancaster County (adjacent to Richmond County)
who died in 1702 (he mentioned sons John, Thomas and William in his will).

John1 PITTMAN died May 1, 1693 in Richmond County. His will was written
April 28, 1693. That there was a will was admitted into the county records,
but the actual will was omitted from the records. His wife Rebecca was the

William2 PITTMAN (John1) died in King George County in 1734 (King George
County, VA, Deed Book 2, page 155, April 14, 1734). His wife was Ann
(?HIPKINS). William and Ann had four children who are mentioned in the Deed
Book entry:

A daughter who married Robert TALIAFERRO (? Ann)

In addition, there was a William PITTMAN who died intestate in King George
County in 1731 (King George County, VA, Inventories, May 7, 1731, Page 145)
who was married to a Margaret. She shared a bond with Jeremiah BRONOUGH, Sr.
to administer the estate. I believe that this William was also a son of
William2 PITTMAN. He had no known children.

Moses3 PITTMAN (John1, William2) owned land in King George and Caroline
Counties (across the Rappahannock from King George). He moved to Westmoreland
County, Washington Parish, and died there in 1770. His will was written March
17, 1770 and mentioned no wife or children. He left everything to his nephews
Isaac (John1, William2, Isaac3) and William (either John1, William2, Isaac3 or
John1, William2, Thomas3).

Isaac3 PITTMAN (John1, William2) died January 1746/7 in Hanover Parish, King
George County, VA. He married Margaret RIDING. The children of Isaac PITTMAN
and Margaret RIDING were:

William PITTMAN,

Thomas3 PITTMAN (John1, William2) died in Caroline County, VA in 1781. He
lived about 12 miles southwest of the land of John1 PITTMAN and across the
Rappahannock River. He married Mary FARGUSON daughter of Joshua FARGUSON of
King George County. She died in 1797. Thomas PITTMAN was a small tobacco
planter, he first appears in the records of Caroline County (Order Books) in
1742. Known (proven) children of Thomas and Mary PITTMAN:

William PITTMAN thought by many to be the infamous "Longhunter",
Hipkins PITTMAN.

In addition, many believe that Thomas PITTMAN and Mary FARGUSON were the
parents of, Thomas, John and William "The Longhunter" all of whom immigrated
to Kentucky by way of Bedford County, VA. I know of no direct evidence for
this, but am in the process of looking into it. The pre-Civil War records of
Caroline County were largely destroyed during the war with the exception of
the Order Books.
This unfortunately leaves the issue of whether or not the Longhunter was
truly the son of Thomas and Mary open to speculation.

James4 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3) died in Caroline County in 1812.
He married Elizabeth. James was arrested in 1772 along with James WARE and
imprisoned for 16 days in Caroline County's jail for "having preaching in
their home". He was a Baptist at the time it was illegal to be a member of
anything but the Anglican Church. This is from the Caroline County, VA, Order
Book, 1772-1776, page 92:

"James PITTMAN by virtue of a warrant from under the hand & seal of Anthony
THORNTON Gent. & pursuant to his Recognizance appeared & confessed that there
was an assembly of people met at his house to the number of ten and endeavored
to teach and preach as in the warrant charged against him which the court
adjudged to be a breach of the act of assembly for prohibiting unlawful
assemblies. Therefore it is ordered that he give security himself in the sum
of ten pounds and two securities in the sum of five pounds each for his good
behavior a year and a daye."

The children of Elizabeth and James PITTMAN were:

James PITTMAN [Jr.], removed to KY in 1808, b. abt. 1783, m. Nancy EVANS,
daughter of Robert and Elizabeth EVANS,
Robert PITTMAN, b. abt. 1784,
Fanny PITTMAN, m. John BALL Dec. 2, 1812,
Mary F. PITTMAN, m. John JONES Jan. 6, 1810.

Hipkins4 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3) was born abt. 1749 in Caroline
County, VA, and died 1828 in Caroline County, VA. He was married to a "Betty"
before 1776-1777, it is unknown when she died. He was married to Phebe ADAMS
of King and Queen County, VA in 1819.

It is recorded that in 1775 Elder Hipkins PITTMAN, a resident of Reed's
Church in Caroline County "was taken up and threatened to be whipped, but was
discharged without any further injury" (Beale's Semple, Page 154). Hipkins
PITTMAN became a Baptist through the preaching of John YOUNG and was baptized
by YOUNG into Reed's Church (Mt. Horeb Church) about 1773. He was a member of
Reed's Church from 1773 - 1801 and was largely an itinerant evangelist until
about 1790 when he was ordained. He supplied Liberty Church during the 1790s
and Fredericksburg Church 1800-1812. He was minister of Massaponax Church
from 1801-1802, of Liberty Church, 1813-1819, and was also minister of White
Oak Church. He served as supply at Massaponax Church from 1806-1812.

Known (proven) children of Hipkins4 PITTMAN were:

Fleming PITTMAN,
John Hipkins PITTMAN.

Fleming5 PITTMAN (John1, William2, thomas3, Hipkins4) married Susannah
EVANS, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth EVANS. They had several daughters,
the only one I know for sure being Ann Elizabeth PITTMAN who died bef. 1856.
She married Samuel SPILLMAN in 1835, and Fielding HART in 1836. Ann and
Fielding had 7 children.

John Hipkins5 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3, Hipkins4) was born about
1784 and died in Caroline County, VA 1854. He married Dorothea S. EVANS in
1808, a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth EVANS. They were married by the
Reverend Hipkins PITTMAN, father of John Hipkins PITTMAN. John Hipkins
PITTMAN was a veteran of the War of 1812 (Bounty Land Warrant 8953-55-160).
He enlisted at Port Royal, VA July 1813 and was discharged Dec., 1814. At the
time of his death, John Hipkins PITTMAN owned a large plantation with 27

Known children of John Hipkins and Dorothea S. PITTMAN:

Thomas Hipkins PITTMAN,
William W. PITTMAN,
Jane PITTMAN born about 1829,

John F.6 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3, Hipkins4, John Hipkins5) was born
about 1824 in Caroline County and married Caroline MUSE, born about 1822 on
June 13, 1850 in Fredericksburg, VA. She was the daughter of Alexander A.
MUSE. The children of John f. and Caroline PITTMAN were:

Mary PITTMAN born about 1851,
Virginia PITTMAN born about 1855,
Sarah PITTMAN born about 1857,
Willie PITTMAN born about 1859.

William W.6 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3, Hipkins4, John Hipkins5) was
born about 1830 in Caroline County and died July 1858 in Caroline County. He
was married to Henrietta Amelia unknown. They had no known children.

Agnes I.6 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3, Hipkins4, John Hipkins5) married
Abraham P. WILSON Jan. 1852 in Caroline County, VA.

Thomas Hipkins6 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3, Hipkins4, John Hipkins5)
was born in Caroline County, VA and died there April 11, 1858. He married
Mary Coleman WHARTON the daughter of Sally and Coleman WHARTON on Feb. 10,
1841. The children of Thomas and Mary PITTMAN were:

William Coleman PITTMAN,
Mary F. PITTMAN, born Oct. 30, 1841[?2] in Caroline County, VA and died there
July 10, 1862,
John L. B. PITTMAN born May 1846, died Dec. 12, 1863,
Robert L. PITTMAN born Jan. 1851, died Jan. 25, 1875.

William Coleman7 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3, Hipkins4, John Hipkins5,
Thomas Hipkins6) was born Dec. 18, 1841 in Caroline County, VA and died there
June 23, 1894. He married Lucy Ellen ARNALL Aug. 10, 1873, daughter of
Richard ARNALL and Catharine S. BUTLER. William Coleman7 PITTMAN served in
the Confederate Army in the 30'th Infantry Regiment of VA, Company F, known as
the "Bowling Green Guards". He was paroled at Lee's surrender at Appomatox,
VA. The children of William Coleman PITTMAN and Lucy Ellen ARNALL were:

Eudora Lee PITTMAN,
Kate Washington PITTMAN, born Feb. 1, 1877,
Thomas Hipkins PITTMAN [II], born Sept. 13, 1878,
Charles Coleman PITTMAN, born Oct. 12, 1880,
Mary L. PITTMAN, born Feb. 1, 1882.

Eudora Lee8 PITTMAN (John1, William2, Thomas3, Hipkins4, John Hipkins5,
Thomas Hipkins6, William Coleman7) was born Oct. 5, 1874 in Caroline County,
VA and died September 28, 1930 in Richmond, VA. She married Cheatham William
ANDREWS of Chesterfield County, VA March 24, 1892 in Richmond, VA. The
children of Eudora Lee PITTMAN and Cheatham William ANDREWS were:

Edgar Lewis ANDREWS, born Jan. 1897,
Thomas Coleman ANDREWS, born Feb. 19, 1899,
Raymond Washington ANDREWS, born March 27, 1903,
Lucy Ellen ANDREWS, born June 10, 1913.

Thomas Coleman9 ANDREWS was my grandfather.

I have more information for anyone interested. I am interested in speaking
with anyone who is connected with this line or with collateral lines. The
John PITTMAN who married Elizabeth McCRAW and lived in Buckingham County, VA
was probably an offshoot of this line given that the name Hipkins was also
used in that line as well. Of the other two PITTMAN lines mentioned in the
Northern Neck above, I have a little information.

Regards, Andy

Wilson Pittman Andrews, Jr.
155 Trail Point
Atlanta, GA 30350

(770) 640-7803

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