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From: "Edie McArthur" <>
Subject: Re: [PLACE] Sir hugh de plaiz
Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 12:45:40 +1000
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What I have though Dave is that the District later named Plaistow was
actually owned by Phillipas family the Montfitchets. The elsdest son,
brother of Phillipa was Richard and he was he Heir to the Manor once his
father had died. Richard Junior being childless then made his three sisters
Heiresses of the East and West Ham district. It was portioned into three
and Phillipa, wife of Sir Hugh de Plaiz named it Manor of Plaiz. So it was
actually her familys seat not Hughs. As to whether Phillipa made him Heir
to her estate or maybe even her sisters. I do not know, but it was she who
gave Plaistow its name through her married surname, not Hugh. I thought I
sent youthis peice from the paper Dave.
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Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2011 11:50 AM
Subject: Re: [PLACE] Sir hugh de plaiz

> That is correct, so that is why from the information I have it is from his
> line but not Hugh himself. I suspect a brother so we share a grandfather
> or
> father. This is all from the data we talked about maybe three years ago
> when I got all the information from Bedale and Michael. One other thing I
> remember is that the original paper trail was lost when a donkey fell into
> a
> river but the Bishops copies still exist and last I heard, the person
> trying
> to get them took ill and we don't have them. I tried myself but got a run
> around so I gave up and went back to the early 1700's paperwork and as I
> get
> it, I will work towards the 1040 date. Lots to do and lots of fun. As
> you
> know Thomas and I have the 100% match that we are refining with each of us
> getting the 111 tests done as well as Michael. If they prove to be as
> valuable as I hope then I might spring for the Family Finder and see what
> it
> says. I don't want to spend money till I am sure it will lead to
> something
> of value. I am waiting for news from Sue as you know.
> Dave
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> I note by the peice I was able to get out of the English newspaper site
> before it finished its free subscritption. That it was the three sisters
> of
> the last Richard Montfitchet, which was Phillipa the wife of Hughs maiden
> name, they became Heirswhen their brother Richard Montfitchet died
> childless
> and it was Phillipa whose seat it was at East and West Ham. Her portion
> became Manor of Plaiz; and Plaiztow, the seat of de Plaiz, derives from
> them. the sisters shared a third of the manors in the area when they then
> became heirs of the Manors. the Hamlet of Plaistow, therefore, did not
> exist before 1267. hugh was not the LOrd of the Manor.
> Edie
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