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Subject: [PLANT] murder of Jim Plantz by wife who got the death penality in2001
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 01:55:51 EDT

Does anyone know ancestors of these folks. Very sad about Jim Plantz.
May 1 2001 _
Almost 13 years after Jim Plantz was beaten and burned to death in a
murder-for-insurance-money scheme, his wife - Marilyn Kay Plantz - died by lethal
injection Tuesday night for her part in the slaying.
Marilyn Plantz was pronounced dead at 9:11 p.m. after being injected with a
poisonous mix of drugs at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.
Her death sentence came after her plot to kill her husband and collect a
$300,000 life insurance policy unraveled in August 1988.
Jim Plantz, a press supervisor for The Oklahoman, was ambushed by William
Clifford Bryson and Clinton Eugene McKimble as he came home from work. Marilyn
Plantz recruited the pair to carry out the killing.
They waited for him inside his Midwest City home and attacked him with his
son's baseball bats. During the attack, he cried out "Marilyn!" to no avail.
She was in another room, waiting for the assault to end.
"For the past 13 years, she's been able to live, breathe and hope," Clovis
Plantz, the victim's brother, said Tuesday afternoon. "His last hope was when
he was being beaten, when he called out to her for help."
After the beating, Bryson and McKimble took Jim Plantz and his pickup to a
rural road in eastern Oklahoma County, put him inside the truck and set it on
fire. They tried to make the killing look like a traffic accident.
Evidence showed that Jim Plantz was still alive when the fire started. He
tried to get out of the pickup, but quickly succumbed to the flames and smoke.
Marilyn Plantz stayed at the house and tried to clean blood stains from her
Relatives said they initially believed the accident story she concocted. They
offered to help her, even after her arrest.
"That's how unbelieving we were," said Karen Lowery, Jim Plantz's sister. "We
even tried to get a lawyer for her. Then the detectives started telling us
what they found.
"She hid it well. She acted like she always had."
The investigation and trial changed their minds.
"The day they picked her up ... and when they started finding things out
about her, that's when she died as far as I'm concerned," said Earl Plantz, her
former father-in-law.
Marilyn Plantz and Bryson were convicted of 1st-degree murder and sentenced
to die. Bryson was executed June 15.
The 3rd co-defendant, McKimble, testified against the other 2 in exchange for
a life sentence.
Jim Plantz's insurance policy eventually was awarded to his 2 children, Trina
Plantz Wells and Chris Plantz.
Hanging over the execution were continuing questions over Joyce Gilchrist,
the Oklahoma City crime lab manager who is being investigated by the FBI amid
allegations that she misidentified evidence and gave improper testimony.
Gilchrist testified at Plantz's trial, but her testimony was limited and had
little impact on the case, Attorney General Drew Edmondson said.
Her death ends a long vigil for Jim Plantz's family. 12 family members and 3
other supporters were scheduled to witness the execution.
Forgiveness, Lowery said, is unlikely.
Earl Plantz agrees, but he does have lingering questions.
He said that Marilyn Plantz was readily accepted by the family when she
married his son and that his son's death was like "a stab in the back." He still
is puzzled how a seemingly healthy marriage ended so violently.
"All I want to know is why."
Plantz becomes the 11th condemned inmate, and the 2nd female, to be put to
death this yearin Oklahoma, and the 41st overall since the state resumed
capital punishment in 1990.
Plantz becomes the 28th condemned inmate to be put to death this year in the
USA and the 711th overall since America resumed executions on January 17,
(sources: The Oklahoman & Rick Halperin)

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