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From: "James P. Harlos" <>
Subject: [POLAND] Shaving cream and tombstones
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 09:30:57 -0700

Regarding the comments about the acidic content of shaving cream and
tombstones: I can make some comments about this since I have a PhD in
chemistry. Shaving cream is pH neutral and not acidic. The effect on the
tombstone would be to clean it off. The most important comment was already
made, use a soft brush to clean off the tomstone - far more damage could be
done by a stiff brush or a wire brush. Acidic rain is caused by the mixing
of acidic factory fumes with the rain. If you want to be sure just test
the back of the stone first. Remeber to wash the stone off with water
after you have finished.



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