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From: "Robin" <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Considering Canadian Arrivals for U.S.-Bound Immigrants
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 16:33:20 -0400

I also had made the assumption some years ago that my people came into
this country directly. I had the passenger list when my great aunts arrived
in Philadelphia, PA, May 29, 1910 and my ggrandmother and the rest of their
kids arrived Sept. 1910, also in Philadelphia. Couldn't find when Georg
Sommerfeld , my ggrandfather had arrived. Finally discovered he had made
his way from around Lublin to Rotterdam and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia
in July 1910, took a train to Benton Harbor, Michigan. Not yet found out why
he took a different route for sure, but feel it probably was because of
tensions in Europe prior to WWI. Germany and Russia were not allies. My
great uncle told me the family could not get an exit visa from the Russian
government, particularly not one that would put them in Germany. I believe
Georg might have been able to get a visa to go to Rotterdam, not one of the
German ports on the Baltic.
By the way, the Canadian passenger lists are available for
interlibrary loan from the archives through your local library. You may want
to check with them. If the library would like information, have them
contact me.

Robin D. Dombrowsky
Adult Services Librarian

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