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From: Pamela Schenian <>
Subject: [POLAND] Working with headstones
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 99 00:18:47 Eastern Daylight Time

One of my duties at Fort Knox is to manage over 100 former family or church cemeteries now owned by the
federal government. I've seen first hand the damage that improper cleaning techniques can do to grave markers.
Stone is much more fragile than it seems, and your efforts to read every letter may result in accelerating the
deterioration of the headstone. Many headstone inscriptions have been recorded and are available in BOOKS,
but not yet on the internet. Please look for them before taking chemicals and brushes to stones. Grave markers
should not be cleaned with more than a light spray of water more than once every 5 years or less, depending on
the type of stone. Metal and glass should never be used in cleaning headstones. Many cemeteries also require
permits for cleaning and/or rubbing of the stones, so you might not only be damaging the stone, but also
breaking the law. If you are interested in cemetery preservation issues, please contact me privately at
or and I will send you an article that I wrote
for the local paper, as an attachment, or other references as appropriate to your query.

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