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From: "terri something" <>
Subject: [POLAND] paid research sites - another option
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1999 21:11:33 GMT

Thanks to all for the advice on paying for research sites. While I was
pondering my way along trying to figure out my next step I stumbled across a
site : www.kindredkonnections.com I started looking thru files and did
indeed find my surnames. When I tried to access the information, of course
you have to sign up and pay fees, BUT ... THERE IS AN OPTION!!!!

When you subscribe instead of paying you can use their EXTRATION service as
payment. All you do is sign up, and then click on extraction instead of
credit card. In the next step they will put a picture of an extracted
census, or whatever kind of record and beside it is a form. You fill in the
boxes with the information that you see (name and age). It is then checked
over compared with another persons copy of the same extraction. But your
part is over, and you get an hour free search. You can bank hours and do a
few extractions. IT took me all of five minutes to do four forms and I have
five hours sitting waiting.

I went back to the site, looked up info and bookmarked it, then i signed on
using my extraction hours and went right to the pages I bookmarked and put
in my id number and the results came up right away. So no time was wasted.

I think for me this is a huge blessing. I can't always get out, and being a
student and a mother, I am...well...poor. I happened upon a record while I
was there belonging to my gggg grandmother. Before I went there all I knew
was her name and dob. There was a pedigree going back for 9 more
generations - and she is the start, born in 1800. What a find, and for
free!!! Well, almost free.

Just thought I would pass it along

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