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From: Debbie Greenlee <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Visit to Poland
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 22:40:54 -0500

Great place to leave from! Milwaukee Avenue has a number of Travel
Agents. We also spotted a "Polish section" on Belmont Ave. and there
were a couple there too.

I found Nowy Troszyn in old woj. Pl~ock. It's south of the city of
Pl~ock near the Wisl~a (Vistula in English) River. It is just off Road

I couldn't find Januschew (doesn't look like it's spelled correctly). I
found 2 Bodaniec; one in old woj. Gorzo~w Wielkopolski and one in

> The two places I know if so far are Januschew and Bogdaniec. Another place
> that I am trying to locate is German Troszyn (now called Nowa Troszyne). I am
> not quite sure where that is located in Poland. I am assuming it is fairly
> close to Januschew. I personally am planning to leave from Chicago along with
> a few cousins. The other 2 will be coming from Canada and Australia.
> Ingrid

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