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From: "Tracy L Polyak" <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Ancestry.com@Lycos
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 14:39:14 -0500

It seems that the only person/company that has anything to gain from
"stealing data" is Ancestry.com or perhaps Lycos.com. Based on my
experience alone, I am not prepared to make that accusation yet, since
there was some information on cousins that I did not have. But I do think
it is prudent to be wary.

on 09/20/99 02:33:52 PM

To: Tracy L Polyak/Plainfield/CBI,

Subject: Re: [POLAND]

I have had very much the exact same happening. Someone has taken my data
submitted it to Ancestry.com. This is my data in that certain name
are only in my data base and nowhere else. These are not on either of my
sites. I am actually listed also as "Living" and no dates. I have written
the Submitter and have not received a response. Actually I doubt I will
receive a response. When I tried several reverse name searches using the
email address, they came back as no such person. So it appears my personal
data was submitted by a person that doesn't exist. My opinion is that a
company has stolen the data and submitted it under an false e mail address.
Jack Bowman

> I just saw the article in Eastman's newsletter about the new
> website at http://www.ancestry.lycos.com/ and decided
> take a look. I was very excited when I put my granddmother's name
> (Grzeszak) in and found a match. I have searched many databases and have
> never seen this name before.
> Does anyone know anthing about this new database? Should I be

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