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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 10:49:32 -0400

Start your cancellation process now if you are concerned. I believe
cancellation requires using an 800#. When you reach the people request
a "confirmation number" of the cancellation. All the on-line services
operate like the book clubs. You must cancel one month in advance. My
internet service provider uses that method. AOL uses that method. The
one month in advance notice was started by the book of the month clubs
and appears to be an accepted business practice.


Researching S.L.E.P.I.C.K.A. and H.R.U.S.K.A.

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> I sure wish all of this had been talked about a few days ago!! :((
> Unfortunately I just started a 3-month membership to Ancestry.com.
> unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything at ALL in ANY of
> "Millions of names" databases...In fact, I have found MORE on the FREE
> than I did anywhere else! Is there anything I can do, or am I locked
in for
> 3 months?? And as well, can anyone recommend a GOOD pay site, that
has some
> USEFUL info? Or will I get more out of the free sites, such as

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